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Many people forget that one of the most masculine features of men is a beard. They will be weapons to help you make a strong impression on women in your first meeting. So, learn right away the most popular beard styles from Hollywood stars. All types of beard styles.

Let’s start with the shortest type of beard which fits into the round face shape. That’s Stubble beard. In other words, this type of beard is like a test for you before you intend to keep the beard any longer. The beard goes from sideburns to the mouth, extending down to about 1/2 neck and is shaved close to the face. This is also an option for those who have a natural or jagged beard and do not follow the pattern.

This is the term used to describe beards with a thick mustache, but the whiskers around are sparse. This stylish fad will be the choice for you to have a square face and angular shape as the right coverage of the jaw helps soften the bony aspect of your face.

The style is extremely simple. Compactly close to the whiskers on both sides of the cheekbone frame as well as the chin but keeping the dense mustache in front is the highlight of this style.

People with oval or square faces can own Van Dyke’s elegant beard. Characteristics are defined as a mustache that is styled differently, shaved short or long to the lips, a small beard is located on the lower lip and the part of the surrounding beard is trimmed.

Similar to Van Dyke, Balbo beards have a mustache and beard under the neatly cut lips. The only difference is that in the beard under the chin, instead of just focusing on the chin, you will let it stay close to the sideburns.

Goatee styles 2016

One thing every guy agrees is that the beard and mustache are powerful tools to assert his masculinity as well as his style. However, like any outfit, not all styles of beard or mustache can give you the look you want. To help make your selection easier, here are the top 5 most popular whiskeys you can choose from and rest assured that they are never outdated.

In fact, if you put a hunched, thick beard you will not be evaluated in a good way. However, if you put a short, clean round beard, they are a very effective way to create masculinity as well as to cover up the defects on your face.

If you have not imagined this is a short beard and looks like a small circle around the mouth. In fact, you need to spend enough time to care for this beard because you need to cut, trim, shave and then shape your beard. So, this is definitely not the beard for lazy boys.

If you feel the care of a beard is a bit time consuming, a mustache is a good choice because they can help you to create masculinity as well as for yourself. However, you should also note the type of mustache you choose because not all types bring good results for you.

In fact, the mustache of a straight line and just the right upper lip is the best option if you are just starting to take care of your mustache.

Different long beard styles

Whether in one form or another, the goatee has always been popular for centuries as a proof that time has no impact on it. Usually, one only has a goatee in the lower portion of the chin. However, one popular variation nowadays is to combine it with a mustache.

Besides, when you choose this style you can let your beard grow completely natural or pruned them continuously to make them perfect.

Five o’clock shadow is a great fit for guys who develop their beard so fast after shaving in the early morning they start to regrow.

Clearly this is a short shave and leaves two dewlap on the side of the jaw. This beard is very suitable for guys who want to have a masculine beard but do not like them to grow too thick, causing a lack of neatness.

This is a short shaved beard that feels natural and offers a masculine, dusty look for gentlemen. They can help you avoid the feeling of flat, not care for yourself that a thick beard brings both keep the manliness that this kind of “accessories” can bring.

New beard hair style
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