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Beard is a man’s assets and most women are easily attracted to bearded men. That’s why many men are growing beard like never before. There are different types of a smart and healthy beard. Choose the one that will reflect your personality. Here are some trendy top 10 beard style for men to sport. Different men's beard styles.

1) Anchor Style

This is one of the most trendy beard styles for men after Robert Downey Jr rocked this look in Iron Man. This is also one of the toughest ones to master. It takes quite a time and some effort but it is worth spending.

Its name is Anchor because it looks like the nautical ship equipment; the one that holds the ship stable at sea.

The pencil mustache and a chin strap beard are mandatory to complete the anchor shape. This makes it the most stylish which most of the men do not even give a try.

Do not opt for this beard style if you are not used to trimming and styling your facial hair but if you have already tried on other beard styles like a circle beard or a chin strip then this won’t be of that much difficult to maintain.

Men with a square or oval facial structure should try this style. It makes your chin looks sharp and angular giving it a narrow and pointy look.

Start giving yourself a nice trim. Do a basic pencil mustache i.e thin pencil-like a line over your upper lip. It should be closer to the nose than to the lips. For the beard, start with side burn.

Define the beard style by carefully shaving the whiskers from the corner of your lips down to your chin hairs with a mini foil shaver. Keep both your cheeks and neck cleanly shaved.

2) Manly Beard

Manly beard is far different than simply just beard. There are different ways to pull it off and not everyone can do it.

Chris Evans beard style in Infinity war has been a trendy beard style for men. To grow a manly beard, it just doesn’t come itself.

It requires proper maintenance with certain products. Without certain products, it is tough to grow the manly beard so picking up the right product plays a vital role.

For the manly beard to pull off, you must focus on overall appearance from right clothes, accessories to the right hairstyle. The look is only accomplished when the full picture comes together.

3) Simple beard style

Chris Hemsworth looks jaw-dropping in Infinity war with this simple beard style. It has been a trending beard style in men after that. This style looks smart and distinct if you know how to properly grow them.

Different types of beards

If you cannot fly grow a beard then go for this look. One of the benefits of this simple beard style is its easy maintenance. You wouldn’t have to spend more time in the bathroom in grooming your beard.

4) Stubble Style

From the name only, stubble beard style I men look stubbly and scruffy. It can be of medium or off short length depending upon the trimming.

If you want to grow a beard like stubble style then start exfoliating your skin because it helps to open the hair follicles allowing faster growth of the hair.

After it is grown, style according to your preference whether you want to have a thicker stubble beard or traditional stubble beard or the four-day stubble beard.

5) Long Manly Beard

Long manly beard style never goes out of the trend but this year there is a huge popularity of this long manly beard because of its numerous styles available. One should have confidence and style to pull it off this beard style.

Else you would end up looking messy and homeless. It takes a lot to grow a beard. You must follow some of the rules like applying beard oil regularly, combing and brushing the beard. Read our article on

After it grows till your desired length, start trimming slowly and carefully. Use a good-beard trimmer and beard scissors. Set the clipper of the bed trimmer to a long guard length and start trimming from the sides, right above the jawline.

6) Hipster Beard

Hipster beard is a unique beard style in men. If you are looking for some unique beard style then, without a doubt go for this hipster beard style.

It offers a lot of versatility and attractive options for those who want to have a stunning beard style to show off their personality.

There are different types of hipster beard styles out there which have been getting a lot of attention recently. That’s why it is one of the trendiest styles of beard in men in 2019.

The hipster beard style provides a sexy look that offers a sense of duality; look of disheveled with sleep hairstyles.

Allow the facial hair to have decent growth before getting started for grooming. It takes around 6 weeks but usually, it depends from individual to individual.

Beard styles for men with long hair

You wouldn’t have to bother much about trimming it because this hipster beard is kind gives rugged look. The use of only scissors makes it look like a hipster.

7) Goatee Style

This is one of the most popular beard styles of men in 2019 usually carried by business professionals, college students and guys in general.

There are many varieties of goatee but regardless of all the varieties, goatee beard style looks great in all.

A classic goatee doesn’t require a mustache. This style is more idea for men who are in their 20’s and also for those who cannot grow a full beard. This style is pretty easy to pull off.

If your facial hair grows in a patchy or uneven manner then go for this style. A goatee style can cover up an undershot jawline by giving an illusion of fullness with shape.

Men with a thinner face tend to choose this style since it hides their problem giving them a fuller look.

If you want to try some facial hair but can commit for a full beard growth then goatee style would be perfect for you.

8) Beardstache Style

Beardstache, as the name suggests means a combination of beard and mustache. A combo of heavy stubble and a full mustache.

This beard style in men has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. A beardstache style reflects confident a good sense of style and taste.

Sporting a beardstache says that you don’t want to get trapped in the conventional style. People with a square or rectangle face should go for this style because it suits them most.

9) Faded beard style

Faded beard style has become one of the modern beard styles in men these days.

Faded beard style means blending long hair on the top and short hair on the back and the sides. With a good faded beard style, it gives an intense look.

Cool goatee designs

The fading starts from the chin hair to the cheek hair and the sideburns. It gives a very sharp facial look. But to maintain this style, it requires a lot of money and time.

You need to have a regular trimming routine to maintain a fresh faded beard look. Do not go for this beard style if your beard grows in a patchy manner.

To get it started, first clean the beard properly and use your clippers with no grade. Start trimming under your chin to decide the length and create the perimeter parallel to your jawline. Read our article on

10) Rugged beard style

Rugged beard style is one of trendy one in youngsters these days. People opt for this one because it doesn’t need regular trimming. But it starts looking messy if you don’t maintain it properly.

This style should be carried cleanly with a hint of maintenance. Both the cheek and neckline should be faded rather than just going for an even trim across the board.

A shorter version of the rugged beard should be trimmed and faded at the one or two guard every once or two weeks whereas longer version can do so at a three-guard two or three weeks.

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