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To manscape like a pro this year, catch up on the latest goatee styles. Today’s goatees are much sexier than those disheveled rockstar patches from the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Metrosexuality and the lumbersexual are raising the bar when it comes to tweaking facial hair. In 2017, it’s not enough to trim your edges and leave an unkempt patch of hair on your chin. People expect a full-on, proper shave. If you’re freaking out about your lack of expertise when it comes to goatee styles, relax. Richard Magazine has a goatee style guide to help you keep track. Here are the top chin beard styles every man should know. Mustache goatee styles.


This sculpted goatee beard was named after Anthony van Dyke. The 17th-century Flemish painter lived in England for most of his professional life and sported the classic “Shakespearean” chin beard. If you fancy a bard-like beard, combine a French mustache with a bushy soul patch connected to a round, slightly wide goatee. You could also shave your cheeks to help the chin patch stand out.


Basically, a short beard. When you trim this goatee, leave the tuft around your chin to grow out and only tidy the hairs along your jawline. If you’re the soul patch type, let it grow out until it disappears into your lower beard. Of all modern goatee styles, this one is the most academic.


Full goatees are like a bush that covers your mouth and chin. This well-known chin beard is simple and square, incorporating a broad mustache and filled-out goatee into one solid mass of bearded bliss. It’s very sophisticated and sexy if properly groomed. Just look at Hugh Jackman there.


It’s great when a name outlines precisely what it’s describing. This goatee beard is literally shaped like an anchor. Your mustache should form a horizontal line above your upper lip while your little soul patch grows out down into a slightly curved goatee. Let your chin beard follow your jawline a bit to form a slight arrow around your chin. If that’s confusing, just reference Christian Bale. He knows how it’s done.

Short beard with mustache


A chin goatee is all about the tuft. It’s the one chin beard you can still grow a bit scraggly. If you want to lengthen your round, chubby face, this goatee style will do the trick. Grow out your chin hair and comb it so it hangs down in a long, extended clump. To emphasize your chin area even further, shave your cheeks and jawbone.


This small tuft is the minimalist of goatee styles. It’s just a simple soul patch grown out and groomed to look like a small tassel. Let it hang from your lip like a hipster, but only to the edge of your chin. The Landing Strip is an especially effective if you have long, straight locks like this guy.


A full goatee trimmed back until it looks like five-o’clock shadow. If you need a chin beard that’s tame enough for the office, this is the goatee you’ve been looking for. It’s one of the most sophisticated options in the goatee style guide. Try it with mustache stubble for an added punch.


If you have a square head, you should try a straight-edge beard to match. It’s all in how you trim your goatee. You can add straight contours to any grown-out chin beard with a few quick swipes of the razor. Few goatee styles are this easy to whip up.

Hairstyle for men with beard


If you prefer a rounded goatee to complement your round face, sculpt it a little differently. It may surprise you how much a little contouring can change your appearance. This trim will take you a little longer than the straight-edge beard, but you won’t need much more time. Focus your attention on the four corners, two at the edge of your mustache and two down by your chin.


If your goatee is barely visible, you can still wear it with pride. Skimpy chin beards are the latest thing in 2017 hipster style. Pair your minuscule scruff with a pencil-thin mustache for a light, airy goatee. For some extra variety, add a wisp of soul patch right beneath your lip.

The goatee should be your beard of choice for 2017. Pick your favorite chin beard from this list and show the world you’re a trendy fellow. Time to master the manscape!
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