Trendy beard styles 2016. Goatee Styles-20 Attractive and Classy Goatee Beard Styles for Men

Goatee beard is quite popular among men and it looks quite cool as well, provided that the goatee is according to the face type and shape, else it could get horribly wrong. To prevent you from destroying your look, we have some goatee styles for every face shape and type, you can try these goatee beard styles to get a new look. Mustache goatee styles.

You don’t need to be an expert to style your beard, for that purpose you can use a safety razor or electric shaver with a trimmer (trimmer is a must).

Since goatee is mostly around on chin and lips, so it is easier to give it a shape by yourself.

We will cover other important parts at the end of this article, for example, how you can grow a perfect goatee beard, what things you should take care of while moving on to goatee style beard.

Let’s first have a look at some of the most trendy, cool and classy goatee styles that will help you get a completely new look without sacrificing the whole of your beard.

Popular Goatee Styles for Men

Yeah, yeah obviously beard styles are for men. A goatee is a perfect blend of clean-shaven look and a bearded look.

For those who don’t want to keep the full facial hair anymore and don’t want the clean-shaven look either, a goatee beard is a perfect thing to choose.

Time to begin with the list of popular and best goatee styles for your beard with images.

1. Robert Downey Junior Goatee Style

How one can forget about the Iron man. This goatee has become one of his identity and it really suits him. For a medium length and wide face, this goatee should fit perfectly.

It looks ultra stylish and classy at the same time, for those who need a gentle look while maintaining some beard, this is a great goatee style to choose from.

2. Goatee without Mustache

In actual, a goatee is supposed to be without mustache but this is fashion, definitions keep changing with time. We would not suggest you go for this look if you have proclined teeth as you have to give up on your mustache and it would look a little weird.

3. Johnny Depp Goatee Beard

Take some inspiration from Captain Jack Sparrow (not literally). Johnny Depp has a sharp jawline and this goatee style is again trendy and classy.

Cool beard styles

If you have similar face shape, then this goatee beard is something you must try.

4. Full Goatee

There is another name for this type of goatee and it’s called French Beard, sported by Amitabh Bachchan, an Indian Bollywood legend.

Unlike the previously mentioned goatees, this style has no cuts in between, just the extra part from outside is removed, no gap between the mustache and beard.

You can give it some style by trimming the inner portion, but that totally depends on the style you prefer and your face shape.

5. The Pretty Boy Goatee

The only difference between this and the full goatee is the inner part, the one we mentioned earlier.

It depends on you whether you want to keep the beard just below the lips or not.

There’s a thin line of beard trimmed properly to maintain the edges, else it won’t look good. Use a trimmer to give it sharp edges, you may use the pop built-in trimmers that comes with most of the best electric shavers.

6. The Landing Strip Goatee

No mustache, no extra beard, just a thin strip of beard within the center of your chin, that’s one of the soul patch beard styles for you.

It suits almost face types, you can change the length of this strip as per your need, but don’t make it awkward. Either keep it long, or just keep it under the lips.

It’s not like that you have to keep it in the vertical rectangle shape, you may make a triangular strip, narrow under the lips and wider around the chin.

7. Van Dyke Goatee

It’s quite a famous goatee style and loved by many. This facial hair beard style is named after 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck.

Best beard style for me

It’s definitely a classy goatee beard, if maintained properly.

You may find a lot of similarity between this one and the Johnny Depp’s beard style, it’s somewhat same, just mustache is not erect for Johnny Depp’s beard.

8. Pretty Boy Goatee with Pencil Chinstrap Beard

You can make your own bard style, all you need is some imaginative skills. You already know about the pretty boy goatee (check out the goatee style at number 5 on this list).

The only difference is, we have added a pencil chinstrap beard with the pretty boy goatee.

If you are not sure about the thickness of chinstrap beard, then keep it thick in the beginning and reduce its thickness until you are satisfied and feel that this suits you.

9. Soul Patch

It’s almost equal to no beard because there is only one little part of beard just beneath your lower lip but it looks quite good and adds up a lot to your style despite being quite short.

It suits almost every face shape, be it rectangular, oval, diamond, heart or V-shape.

How to Grow a Goatee

You can’t grow a goatee alone (obviously), it’s just making a shape out of your full beard.

For those, who can’t grow a full beard and have empty spots, a goatee is a great alternative.

Grow your full beard, let it grow naturally.

Once you have a long enough beard, trim it to your preferred goatee style.

Beard styles

Make sure your beard and face it dry before trimming.

How to Get the Perfect Goatee Style at Home

You can surely do it at home, you would need a beard trimmer and shaping tool. Don’t even think of making sharp edges with a safety razor or electric shaver.

You can use the electric shaver or a safety razor to clear off the extra part which is away from your mouth, but for shaping and sharp edges, it’s recommended to use a beard trimmer.

Dry your skin and beard before giving it a shape.

Clear off the extra hair on your cheeks with the help of an electric shaver.

Use a trimmer (we recommend this trimmer for best trimming) to cut your left behind beard according to the goatee style you want.

Beard shaping tool is nothing but a comb that helps you give a nice shape of beard according to the jawline. You can get one for as low as $10.


These are the best and most popular goatee styles that you can try right now. See your face shape and what would look good on you and start trimming. Let us know which goatee beard style suits you perfectly.
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