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Beards are more popular than ever and show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Not only are they more socially acceptable than ever, with employers and potential partners much more open to beards, they are starting to become an important and indispensable part of men’s fashion. However, there is far more to having a beard than simply forgetting to shave one morning. The type and style of a man’s beard should be something well thought out, with the individual’s style and vibe in mind. While the right type of beard can elevate and even define a man’s personal look, the wrong type of beard can send the wrong message entirely. So, let’s discuss some different beard styles, and some of the considerations one should have when choosing to become the newest member of the world of the bearded. Types of beards 2016.

Before considering different beard styles it is important to consider one’s own personal style first. Different styles of beard can either greatly compliment, or greatly conflict with, certain style types. So, take a moment and consider what sort of clothing you wear, what type of environment you work in, the type of leisure activities you enjoy doing, all of these things will factor into the type of beard that makes the most sense for you.

If you're in an outdoor or labor field of work you can consider a more natural and less groomed look. The general laid-back nature, casual clothing, and blue-collar environment of a factory or the woods will allow those adorned with a longer and more unkempt beard to still look appropriate for the workplace. It can also help project masculinity and maturity, qualities that are looked upon highly in such lines of work. The full face covering of a natural beard can also be hugely beneficial in the outdoor environment, or in an unheated warehouse, where cooler temperatures can be protected against by a prodigious beard.

There are drawbacks to the full beard however that should be considered. In hotter climates, it can work to the disadvantage of the laborer to have their face covered in lengthy facial hair. Also, when needing to attend a more formal event or function a full, natural, a beard can be seen be unruly when surrounded by more well-groomed and neatly trimmed beards. If you happen to have a more preppy style out of work, it may also conflict with the natural beard look as well. Therefore, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each beard type.

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The businessman or white-collar worker may want to consider a more groomed and styled option. Beards such as the chin strap or roman are good options for men who want to have a beard but would like to keep it on the conservative side. In today’s modern work environment, a neatly trimmed and well-groomed beard is barely noticed anymore, and in fact has become an acceptable part of the workplace in many places of employment.

A shorter beard also allows you to attend events like weddings, art shows, plays, and other more cultured performances without feeling like you standout too much. This is especially important if your personal style is more on the side of business casual, or you wear higher end tailored clothing.

A drawback of the shorter beard is it can sometimes come off as overly styled and pretentious if one is not careful about their overall look and style. You want to have a balance of a well-groomed and maintain style without projecting to the world that you are stuck up or overly fussy about your look. A shorter beard is also not as functional as a longer beard, and in the winter time will provide little protection against the elements.

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Finally, one the most important considerations when choosing the style of beard for you is the type of facial hair you personally have. The thickness, density, color, and texture of your facial hair will play a very large role in the type of beard that looks best on you. No one looks good with a patchy, sparse, or overgrown beard. You may really like a beard style, but ultimately if your facial hair can support it, it will not look good on you.

Before deciding on the style of beard that is best for you, make sure you consider what was talked about here. You should also do research on the internet and various beard sites to view the different styles and the type of looks they go best with. A great looking beard that compliments and accentuates a man’s personal style can be one of the greatest fashion accessories that there is.

So, take the time to decide exactly what type of beard style may be right for you. Remember you want to consider your personal style, the type of employment you are in, the type of leisure activities you enjoy, and the social circles that you belong to. Most importantly, make sure that you the right type of facial hair to support that beards style demands. Finding a close confidant that will give you honest feedback on your beard and how it compliments your look can be a great way to ensure you are always projecting the right look with your new beard. And remember, if the type of beard you currently have just isn’t working for you, you can always shave it off and grow a new one back.

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