Stubble beard styles. Top 8 Different Types of Beards

If the face is beauty to women, it is probably the beard for men! Let’s admit how much men love their beard and how much women want men to carry them. Needless to say, the necessity of having different types of beards is like changing hairstyles for women. Different kinds of beards.

There are countless types of beards that lets you experiment with your style, but there are many factors to determine. For example, your face shape, your growth, your personality, are all reasons that differ your style.

Some might want small beard styles while some might want full beard styles. Some want exotic French beard styles while some just want to scroll through the beard styles pictures for best motivation. Here, we will give you the basic idea of how you can style your beard.

Choosing the beard style that suits you

Find out the things you need to consider when styling your beard:

1. Hair growth

The foremost thing you rely on when you want different types of beard is hair growth. When you don’t have enough growth, you have limited options.

If you have thick and fast growth, you can change styles pretty often or have to trim it every now-and-then. If you take time to grow the beard or you don’t have much thickness, your options can be limited. You might also have to wait for a long time to have the style you want.

2. Face shape

The type of face is the next most important factor when choosing beard styles. You can have a square face, round face, oval face, or anything else. There are different types of beards meant of each of these styles. Below we have the best styles suited for each one of you.

3. Density

Density is the thickness of the facial hair. If you don’t have a lot of beard density, you might want to consider patchy beard styles. However, if the hair grows close and thick, choose the style that compliments you the most.

New beard hair style

4. Trends

If you belong to a particular place or religion, you might have a way you style your beard according to your community. Many people don’t want to look like the odd one out and would rather stick to their own style.

5. Style

What you wear, how you carry yourself, and what you prefer are all other factors that come under style. From wanting clean cuts to having a long and bushy beard, it all boils down to your preference.

What are the different types of beards?

Check out the different types of beard styles to see what suits you best or what you’d love to experiment:

1. Short

Short beard is ideal for men who have slow growth or for the ones who don’t have enough time for beard upkeep. You can be comfortable with clean cuts and short is your style then. Look out for the best short beard styles to have the best and trending options.

2. Medium

If you want your beard to be noticeable enough and show off your manly mane, you can try this style. Medium beards give you enough hair to run your finger through and you don’t end up tangling them. Medium styles can range from ruggers to sophisticated look, and it all depends on what you like.

From a hipster beard to a lumberjack, you just name it and have it! You can replicate the old and wise look carried by Professor Dumbledore – we’d definitely recommend older men to try this once!

If you have enough patience to grow and maintain a lengthy beard, you can give it a try. You can even style it by trimming them from the sides and maintain a perfect ‘V’.

Mustache and beard

4. Patchy

If your beard has a patchy growth you shouldn’t be upset. Patchy beards have much more to do than you think. Women find these styles irresistible and there are plenty of ways you can trim the beard. Have a look at the pictures below!

5. Bushy

If your hair grows thick and unrulily, you definitely have a bushy beard. If you think that your beard is high on maintenance, it is sadly true. You must embrace the natural gift of a thick beard and try bushy beard styles to make it look good. There are plenty of sexy beard styles that you can try and looks good on a well-built man.

6. Yeard

The yeard beard style is one of the biggest trends right now. It refers to growing your beard for one year without touching it. You cannot trim it, groom it, or style it.

You need to see how nature changes the course of your facial hair and grow it for the next 365 days! There are many incredible results of yeard challenges and experiments. You could simply try yours and see how it shapes up.

7. Circle

If you want a circle style, there are many options for you in this too. For example, the famous goatee is a part of the circle beard. These are great when way complement your mustaches because together it makes the circle you see!

8. No mustache

We don’t want to stereotype but the Muslim community often prefer to have long beards and no mustaches. This is an example of how your community or religion makes you want to stick to a certain style.

This style is pretty common with people who like this or prefer to style themselves like that. It can be itchy and uncomfortable when you grow it long, so you need to manage it and clean it well.

Sideburns and goatee

Final thoughts

There are innumerable types of beards that you can try depending upon your preference and growth. You just need to trim your unruly beard in the right way and make a statement.

Choosing one style over another can often be tricky, and once you cut it you might not be able to get back or change it further. It is important to analyze how it will look to be sure of what you’re in for.

We also recommend you to try to go clean-shaven once in a while, to let fresh hair grow. It allows you to work on your styles in a new way, clean the area well, and also use the right kind of beard products.
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