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Laws regarding haircut or beard do not exist in various parts of the world, but, some countries have these laws, generally, involving the haircut style of male adults. The reasons are the Ultranationalism existent in some countries and gender roles Beard style guide.

North Korea [ edit ]

In North Korea, there are only fifteen hair styles that can be used by men and women.

Not only are the haircuts regulated, but also there are prohibitions regarding hair coloring ; Korean men cannot wear long hair in the country. Laws regulating the hair style of women are less strict; all the hair styles allowed, apparently excluding hair styles generally used by black people, like dreadlocks or curly hairstyle.

In an attempt to preserve the culture of the country and combat cultural imperialism the government of Iran has banned "Western hair styles" for men, including ponytails, mullets and spikes.

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Tajikistan [ edit ]

Beards are discouraged by the government for most men in Tajikistan in an effort to battle radicalism. Only shaved men can apply for a passport. Beards are often forcibly shaven by police officers.

Uzbekistan [ edit ]

Beards are considered a sign of extremist political and religious views in Uzbekistan with the head of state security suggesting they post a threat to national security.

Past laws [ edit ]

Albania [ edit ]

During his regime, Enver Hoxha banned all hair longer than 4cm for men, as well as all beards. No man could enter the country while wearing one of the banned hair styles.

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Russia [ edit ]

Singapore [ edit ]

There was a national ban of long hair for male people in Singapore; the reason, was the growing of the hippie sub-culture worldwide. The law changed and now, men can use any kind of hairstyle.

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