Cool mustache and beard styles. 23 BEST DIFFERENT BEARD STYLES PICTURES FOR MEN


There are BEARD STYLES small segments of society that still recognize the value of a perfectly trimmed mustache and the strength and power of a thick, full beard, however, society at large has turned away. Why, why has it turned away? Because the essence of facial hair has been compromised. What beard style.

Rarely do we see facial hair that is an asset to a man anymore. Not only is there a certain manliness or ruggedness associated with the ability to grow a beard, but pairing your haircut with a cool beard brings a new level of sophistication and sexiness to your look. But what beard styles work with your haircut and face shape?

Our goal with this article is to introduce you to some beard styles other enthusiasts and celebs are growing. So whether you can grow Jim Carey’s Yeard or just classic stubble, we have got you covered. Celebrities and their stylists have a huge influence when it comes to culture and fashion, and their grooming is no exception. Can certain celebrities get away with rocking styles that most of us couldn’t pull off, or is a strong beard the great equalizer?

Men's facial hair style

Guys with square or round faces should grow fuller beards on the chin and keep it short on the sides in order to lengthen their faces. It’s all about keeping your facial features in balance. But the great thing about facial hair is that it’s yours to adapt, and groom to not just change your look, but change the signals you give off. A quick trim here and there, and different types of beards will transform the perception of the kind of man you are.
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