Different beard cuts. 7 Trending Beard Styles To Groom Your Personality

Beard signifies a heroic and chivalrous image for all men. It brings a remarkable change in looks, so everyone should try taking one step ahead and make their change count on classy and a trend. Trending beard styles 2016.

7 trending beard styles for all men is here:

1. Short Boxed Beard

It is acceptable in all type of workplace and you may need to groom it very often, for not allowing it to grow uncontrolled. Trimming below and around the beard area will make the maintenance more easier.

2. Balbo Beard

It resembles an inverted T. Balbo is a beard combined with moustache. It is one of the sexiest form of facial hair and goes perfect for those who prefer covering the narrow chin.

Beard styles for little facial hair

3. Klingon Beard

It is named after a popularized Klingon race. It connects your beard with moustache but, here the upper lip is shaved. Go with it if you want a badass look like Wolverine’s.

4.Thick Beard

Often called Fulller beard, is a complete densed beard giving the roughest and extra ordinary look so far. Just let your facial hair grow uncontrolled, it might take some time, but soon brushes and combs will be your friend.

5.Smart Business Beard

Clean shave is no more a part of business profession. Smart business beard is one of the best style for a modern man. You only need to trim the neck line, ever so often.

Good beard styles

6. Winter Beard

An effortless seasonal beard is perfect for getting compliments in winters, when you are covered with layers of clothing. Let it grow once and but keep the length is check.

Perfect time to style it now and kick off the new year with a badass look.

7. Medium Hair Beard

Instead of moustache, combine your hair with beard. Choose wisely a medium length haircut, depending upon the shape of your face and add up nice thick beard and you will get a complete makeover. Make sure you don’t make it too long, else it would look shabby.

Different beard styles and names

The only reason to shave your beard is for the joy of growing it again.

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