Men's facial hair designs. 2016 Trendy Beard Styles for Men, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

When a man wants to have a cool beard style he should forget about his razors and trimmer for some period of time. You should grow out a bit so that you can style the way you want. Some styles are quite easy to achieve and some require quite a long time. Everything depends on the style you choose for your face shape. First of all any men must know the best way of styling his beard. There is a lot to learn before opting for any beard style. The trendiest beard styles for 2016 are represented below with all their shapes and reflections. If you are looking for a stunning and masculine beard then keep on reading. Short Beard Style for Men Trending beard styles 2016.

Short beards are generally low-maintenance and clean styles that allow you to look elegant as well as to keep your facial features more attractive. They don’t hide or cover face features and therefore give you the chance to show off your handsomeness. All that a short beard requires is everyday care so that it can always be in its perfect look. Anchor Beard Style for Men

One of the most impressive beards that we see among Hollywood stars is the anchor beard. It is a very eye-catching style and has just the shape of anchor. Go for a trendy anchor beard if you seek for more attention. This beard may take you some time to be styled properly and ideally. Goatee Beard Style for Men

Men's goatee

Goatee is rather neat and short beard style that works with particular face shapes. It best goes with long and oval face shapes with narrow jaws. Goatee beards best work with elegant short haircuts. They can make your look seductive and flashy. Balbo Beard Style for Men

With its fashionable shape balbo beard is closer to anchor beard styles. The difference is that anchor beard are shorter in their forms and unlike balbo beards they are connected with haircuts. It goes with short, spiky, messy and wavy hairstyles. Verdi Beard Style for Men

Types of short beards

Verdi beards are astounding full beard styles with mustaches. They are engaging beard styles for the majority of men. Verdi beards work well with a variety of haircuts and hairstyles. They are ideal both with undercuts, short hairstyles and a bit shaggy, high-volume haircuts. You can combine them with slicked back, wet-looking or side combed hairstyles. Full Beard Styles for Men There are millions of full beard styles among which the trendiest options are the styles connected with high-volume haircuts, undercuts, medium and long hairstyles as well as fade haircuts.


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