Beard styles for men with less facial hair. New Trends in Beard Styles for 2018

2018 is right around the corner, and you might be wondering about the new beard styles for the coming year. Beard styles come and go (like clothing fashion does), but now it seems it’s not so much about the size of your beard as it is the way your beard looks. So, let’s talk about some of the trendy beard styles and you can pick what you’d like to use for your new look! We’ll also talk about how to get these looks on your own. Trending beard styles 2016.

Stubble Look

This style will let you look younger and is perfect for men who have a clearly defined bone structure in their face. Since it’s intended to look like the morning after not shaving, it’s a style you’ll probably have to keep up with every day. You can use a trimmer without a guard to trim the stubble down. Make sure to edge your face at the sideburns.

Paint Brush

The paint brush mustache is short and rounded, and makes a bold statement! You’ll have to first grow your hair to a medium length while keeping your face and jaw trimmed. Once your mustache has grown out, you can trim and shape it. But, you’ll want to keep it trimmed; mustache hair should never grow over the lip.

Circle Beard

This contains a mustache plus a goatee to give it a round shape. This can help add length to a naturally round face, but will also add weight if you don’t properly maintain it. You’ll need to smooth shave your cheeks, neck, and jaw and use a trimmer to maintain the edges of the beard. A Circle Beard should end at the junction of the chin and neck. And again, keep the mustache hairs off your lip.


This beard takes its name from a region in south Berlin and is perfect for the young and stylish man. It’s a medium-stubble style often seen on the covers of popular romance novels. You’ll have to start with beard growth of about an inch all over your face. Then, trim the beard down to around 3-5mm and blend out the beard and keep the upper cheeks and neck clean.

Best beard types


This is a huge, bushy beard that will require patience on your part, as it takes a while to grow it out. You need to start with your beard grown out to its natural length. When you start trimming, remember that the chin should be the longest part of your beard, as it should match the shape of your face. You should shampoo and condition the beard daily and you can use beard oil to add some shine.


The Jawline beard runs from your sideburns to your chin, following the edge of your jaw. You can grow it from short to medium length depending on your preference. Make sure to keep your neck and cheeks smooth. You can also add a mustache to the Jawline if you’d like one.


This is a combination mustache and chin beard in a medium length. Keep the edges clean with the edger on your trimmer, and thin out the beard under your lip on each side, giving it the look of a sideways 8. Keep your cheeks and neck smooth with a bladed razor.


The Ducktail beard combines a mustache with a thin, medium-length beard. The hair is longer on the chin than at the sideburns, and concave at the cheeks. Instead of sharp edges, the Ducktail blends into the smooth part of the cheeks.

Types of beards and facial hair

This beard features a downturned mustache that doesn’t connect to the rest of the beard and a small goatee climbing the center of the chin to the bottom lip. The rest of the beard follows the jawline and the cheeks and neck are kept smooth with a bladed razor.

Chin Beard Gashion

This is a medium-length beard covering the chin in the shape of a W. The beard climbs the center of the chin to the bottom lip, but offers a gentle curvature on either side. The neck and cheeks can be either smooth or left with a ‘5 o’clock shadow’.

Getting the right look for any of these beard trends will require the use of a shaver (with or without a trimmer) and a bladed razor. You can check out Manly Matters for detailed reviews on shavers and trimmers. You’ll want to find one that’s easy to use, offers replacement blades, and will give you years of use. A shaver will also require some minor maintenance like regular cleaning and oiling.

Beard trends change with the times, and it looks like 2018 is going to be an excellent year to wear a beard! There are so many styles that are coming in vogue and you can easily find one that suits your facial structure and lifestyle. Make next year the year you stand out from the crowd!

Latest mustache and beard styles
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