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Here comes the time when you officially get the chance of having a beard to kill for. Yes, it is the No Shave November yet again which calls for some tips to have that perfect beard for your face-cut. Beards look classy, they look spectacular, they make you look macho but one wrong style can ruin the whole fun. This is Delhiites Exclusive where we help you out in having the best beard this November Trending beard styles 2016.

1. Balbo

Amongst the most popular beard, the Balbo beard style is being sported by Robert Downey Jr these days and he is killing it.

2. Bandholz

This stands for the big, huge-guilted guys who love that ruff & tough look. Popularised by Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand, he fell in love with beards and was faced with several criticism. But, he was a man of his words and he went ahead forming the Beardbrand to take his love forward.

WHO CAN SPORT IT: Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oblong, Oval or Diamond face shapes

Good looking short beards

3. Friendly Mutton Chops

The friendly mutton chops is also referred to as the sideburns, sideburns or side whiskers. The term “sideburns” was derived by a renowned American Civil War general.

4. Full Beard

The manliest and much preferred by men among all the beard styles, the full beard is certainly something you must not miss this 2016! Well-groomed full beard is more attractive as it accentuates your features better. The hunky Tom Hardy sports this look and makes it look so lust worthy.

WHO CAN SPORT IT: Diamond, Triangle or Inverted Triangle face shape

Show me beard styles

5. Van Dyke

Derived by a stylish painter from the 17th century, Anthony Van Dyke, this signature look has everything; a goatee, moustache and some delicate precision. You need to trim your babies well to achieve this look.

6. Stubble (Short)

This is one the most preferred beard style which is something that you can easily maintain as there will be no “special” method just to achieve the look. It looks manly yet does not make you look untidy.


Cool beards
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