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These 30 quiff hairstyles will show you just how versatile this cut can be. From stylish short quiffs to daring curly quiffs, and all the way to edgy long quiffs with top knots, there are plenty of versions to this hairstyle to suit any tastes. Short beard ideas.

1. The Classic Quiff

The classic 50s quiff hairstyle remains an all-time favorite look for men. The shorter sides and the perfectly styled front area are the definition of bold elegance.

2. The Stylish Long Quiff

This is one of the most popular versions of the quiff hairstyle. Notice how the sides are significantly shorter than the front area. This creates a very powerful contrast and makes this look undeniably bold.

3. The Short Quiff with Side Part

This is one of the most elegant versions of the quiff hairstyle. With a slick side part and a dashing comb-over, you can get an excellent look.

4. The Elegant Shot Quiff

This is a very neat quiff hairstyle that looks absolutely fantastic on men with round faces. The short quiff is easy to style and the results are always impressive.

5. The Rugged Quiff with Faded Sides

The extra short faded sides create the best possible contrast in this rugged quiff hairstyle. Use your hand to style the front area to maintain that messy bold look.

6. The Edgy Long Quiff and Messy Manbun

This is yet another modern adaptation of the quiff hairstyle. The short faded sides contrast with the extra-long front area and the messy bun makes this a signature look for this season.

7. The Messy Long Side Quiff

This dashing long side quiff is one of the best quiff looks out there. The imperfect side comb gives this look the edge it needs to be a true fashion statement.

8. The Edgy Short Quiff with Undercut and Side Part

This is one of the boldest short quiff looks out there. The extra short faded sides and the hard side part make it an edgy look that is bound to make heads turn.

9. The Long Quiff and Top Knot

Complete your long quiff hairstyle with a top knot to take it to an entirely new level. This hairstyle will make you look daring and virtually unstoppable.

10. The Slick Side Quiff

Add a touch of elegance to your quiff look by using a bit of hair styling gel for your side comb routine. The final look will look absolutely amazing.

11. The Elegant Long Wavy Quiff

This elegant quiff hairstyle is perfect for special events where you want to look your best. In just a few moves, you can get the perfect dashing look.

12. The Curly Long Quiff

If you have naturally curly hair, the long quiff will look absolutely amazing on you. Grow out your front area and keep your sides short to get a rebellious retro look.

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13. The Subtle Quiff

Try out this amazing subtle quiff to add some edge to your short hairstyle. In fact, this is the easiest way to try out a quiff hairstyle. This is a very classy work-friendly look that will get you quite a bit of attention.

14. The Short Curly Quiff

Short curly hair can easily be adapted to a quiff hairstyle. Keep your sides shotr and let your curls roam free in the front to get a bold new look. To complete the look, comb your hair to your side and you will look fantastic.

15. The Extra-Long Side Quiff

This extra-long side quiff is simply impossible to ignore. The messy side comb and the extra short faded sides give this look an amazing edge.

16. The Pseudo Quiff Hairstyle

Try out the quiff hairstyle on your long locks before making any drastic changes. Pull back the hair on your sides and tie it up in a ponytail to create a quiff-like contrast with the long hair in the front.

17. The Black and White Quiff

Take the quiff contrast to an entirely new level by adding a color contrast. Dye the hair in your front are and keep your sides natural to get a very cool look.

18. The Modern Quiff

This is the best example of the modern quiff. The hard fading is in line with the latest trends in men hairstyling and it looks extremely bold and edgy.

19. The Messy Side Quiff

This messy side quiff is undeniably rugged. Use just a bit of hair styling gel to comb your hair back, but instead of making it perfect, let a few streaks roam free.

20. The Modern Urban Quiff

This is one of the best short quiff hairstyles because the contrast between the sides and front area is perfect. Use strong hair styling gel to keep your upward comb in place.

21. The Elegant Upward Quiff

The upward quiff hairstyle is perfect for evening events because it looks elegant, yet daring and rugged. In just a few minutes, you can style your hair to perfection with this amazing look.

22. The Wavy Side Quiff

This subtle side quiff hairstyle looks amazing if you have wavy hair. Instead of adding extra hair gel to keep everything in its place, use just enough to orient it to the side and let your waves do the rest.

23. The Short Quiff with Faded Sides

This is one of our favorite quiff hairstyles for men with short hair because it is textured to perfection. Complete the look with a stubble or a short beard and you will look fantastic.

24. The Elegant Side Quiff

This long side quiff hairstyle will make you look neat and elegant. You will have to use an extra bit of hairstyling gel to keep your hair from falling in front.

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25. The Neat Quiff with Faded Sides and Textured Beard

This is a perfect modern quiff look because every inch of hair has been textured and styled to look spotless. The harsh fade continued with the beard makes this hairstyle look stunning, so consider adding that effect to your look.

26. The Dashing Quiff

This is one of the most elegant quiff hairstyles that you can wear to virtually any formal event. Use enough hair gel to make the side comb as strong as you want it.

27. The Long Blonde Quiff

Get a Draco Malfoy effect with this daring long blonde quiff. The extra short faded sides and the long hair in the front create a strong contrast that you will absolutely love.

28. The Charming Short Side Quiff

Get all eyes on you with this cool quiff hairstyle. The simple side comb in the back and the daring curl-like comb-over in the front give this look a very special buzz.

29. The Straight Up Quiff

If you want to make your quiff more noticeable, comb your hair upwards and use strong hair gel to keep it straight up. This will make your hair look longer and it will intensify the contrast with the short sides.

30. The Side Straight Quiff

Comb your hair ever so slightly to the side to give your quiff a very special touch. Your straight hair will make this subtle angle look fantastic.

31. Red Hair Is Back In

Red hair has never been so fashionable than in these past few years. Moreover, if you want to be even more on trend, you can sport a quiff hairstyle, as it will make your fiery locks look even better.

32. The Hipster Quiff Hairstyle

Hipsters are known for taking trends and making them their own. We are surely glad to see they did the same with the quiff hairstyle. Take a look at this handsome man and his lovely example on how to style a quiff.

33. The Elvis Presley

The King was a style icon, as we all know. Therefore, if you’re in love with the quiff hairstyle, you can go back to the roots, listen to his music for inspiration and borrow his hairdo.

34. The Spiky Quiff Hairstyle

Here is a lovely variation on the classic quiff. This runway model has large spikes instead of a combover, and he looks as dashing as they come. Add a pair of retro sunglasses, and you can strut as if you were on the catwalk.

35. The Natural Quiff

In order to get a natural-looking quiff hairstyle, you will need a considerable amount of hair product. Ask your hair stylist for some advice on what are the best products for your type of hair.

36. The Edgy Quiff Hairstyle

This is a quiff with an attitude. Take a look at how architectural and linear it is, having been combed into perfection. Watch some tutorials on how to construct it at home and start practicing.

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37. The Curly Quiff

Here is a long and curly quiff that will make look dandy and elegant. Make sure to wear appropriate attire, just like the young man in the picture is. The pocket square is not mandatory, but we highly advise you to buy a beautiful one.

38. The Alex Turner Quiff

Alex Turner, lead singer, main lyric writer, and guitarist of the famous band Arctic Monkeys looks amazing in a quiff. He has perfected the 50s rock’n’roll look with a modern twist and now you can too.

39. The Ombre Quiff Hairstyle

If you want to add some depth and dimension to your perfect quiff, you can always add some highlights or peekaboos to your hair. The ombre style will work as well, for the same results.

40. The Messy Quiff Hairstyle

Here is the Monday morning quiff, as we like to call it. You can use some of your favorite hair product to construct it by simply running your hands through your hair a few times. Use a comb if you want it to look more elegant.

Similar to the, the quiff hairstyle is one of the most versatile looks for men. It is quite impressive just how much you can do with this daring hairstyle. From short side quiffs and long quiffs looks with top knots, this haircut is simply impossible to ignore. So take your look to the next level with the quiff look!

August 2019: We updated the styles in this article.

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