Men's facial hair styles. 7 Best Stubble Trimmers For The Perfect Beard 2020

What is best for everyone varies, but I prefer a short, trimmed stubble that compliments my style, growing stubble is easy, but cropping it to the right length so that it does not become a full beard can be a challenge if you do not have the best stubble trimmer. Men's stubble styles.

I’m sure you agree with me that stubble is everywhere nowadays. Let’s be honest.

Facial hair now becomes an accessory because it gives extra points for attractiveness, stubble trimmers are now essential tools for maintaining facial hair.

If you are not inclined to grow a full beard or do not like the way you look in one, consider stubble. the stubble is hot after all. Studies have proven it: women love stubble, and according to one study, the 10-day heavy stubble was the most attractive for the ladies and even surpassed the clean-shaven and full-bodied look.

That said, women will not just fall at your feet if you do not keep your stubble at its best.

Like everything else when it comes to taking care of men, you need the right tools. Specifically, you need the best stubble trimmer.

A beard trimmer maintains beards or longer facial hair, while a stubble pruning shears short facial hair.

It is essential to know the differences between the two to achieve the desired style. Fortunately, some big stubble teams will do the job.

In this article, I will discuss the difference between a stubble trimmer and other facial hair devices such as beard trimmers, electric shavers or hair clippers. I will give you tips on what to look for in your stubble trimmer and view three of the best to help you make a final decision.

We will also take a brief look at what distinguishes between stubble trimmers and other types of trimmers (and razors and hair trimmers).

Let’s start by providing information that can help you make an intelligent decision when it comes to picking best stubble trimmer.

Make Sure You Get The Best Stubble Trimmer:

There are dozens of functions that you can search for while shopping, but the best stubble trimmers have these characteristics as part of their design.

There are a few things to remember before you start looking for a high-quality stubble trimmers machine:

What Is A Stubble Trimmer?

First, a stubble pick works best with lengths between 0.5 and 5 mm. It usually has a stubble background or has the word stubble to its name. A beard trimmer now works best at 5 – 15 mm, while razor blades for the super seam (0 mm) shave. And hair clippers are hair clippers. It is not intended that they do the detailed work that trimmers can handle.

The real difference is how you want to look in public. A full beard looks great with many men, but may not be suitable for others. If the stubble look suits you, you need a trimmer that leaves just the right amount of hair when used correctly. Stubble beard trimmers are designed to do precisely that while a beard trimmer, as mentioned, works best at longer lengths.

What does a stubble trimmer do?

Stubble is short facial hair, trimmed between 0.4 and 5 mm (1/64 ” and 13/64 ”).

It is currently a popular style with many reasons, mainly because women find men with light to heavy stubble the most attractive.

With a high-quality stubble trimmer, you can grow for five to ten days without shaving and start new every two weeks.

Beard trimmers and stubble teams have a lot in common. They work in similar ways and deliver the same results, but there is an essential difference between the two.

Stubble trimmers have settings that allow them to achieve an even cut with shorter lengths up to 5 mm, while beard trimmers work better in the range of 5-15 mm. (At least most of them).

Clippers may seem like another option to maintain your stubble, but because of their large and bulky designs, they do not do great to provide precision, and it can be challenging to give a clean, even line and shape to your style.

Moreover, most hair trimmers have a limited number of guards, which means that they are usually too long or too short. I hated it when I had to cut short and wait for my beard to grow to the length I like.

What to look for when buying a stubble trimmer?

To get your look right, everything is about technology.

You want to choose a design that fits well in your hand, is easy to handle and does not require advanced mathematics to use. Look for options that are easy to configure to the desired length, have ergonomic designs and a simple on/off switch.

Do you use your stubble trimmer as a dry shaver or do you also need it to be compatible with water?

Short length beard styles

If you are someone who shaves in the shower, you prefer the feeling of a wet shave or want the convenience of a waterproofing device to make cleaning easy, then choose it to withstand your needs.

There are a few things to remember before you start looking for a high-quality stubble trimmer machine:

Designed and type of trimmer

When shopping for a new trimming tool, look for a trimmer that offers a head specially designed for stubble. A shaver for an electric shaver or a hair clipper cannot cut your hair to the right length. An electric shaver will shave your facial hair, allowing you to grow your beard again, while full clippers don’t give you the control you want.

Settings and functions of your trimmer

Make sure that the shortest position of the trimmer is low enough to give you the desired cut that makes you most comfortable. This setting is suitable for hair of less than 1 mm (ideally 0.5 mm trim) – and it can even shape and trim your 5-hour shade. If it has a contoured head, trimming around the curves of your face will be a breeze and prevent cuts!

Is the mobility or portability of A Trimmer essential for you too?

The most popular beard trimmers are wireless for ease of use and easy manoeuvring. However, some battery-operated models do not have devices with a plug. Fortunately, we have only selected the most powerful units on the market, so you shouldn’t have any problems with this.

Battery power

Battery power and runtime can be limiting and extremely frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of a trim. View the battery life while browsing through your new trimming tool and how long it takes to charge the trimmer fully. Checking a fast charge function can also save you a lot of time and frustration!

Here is the list of the best stubble trimmer of 2020.

10 Best Stubble Trimmers On The Market 2020

As we said earlier, stubble suddenly represented a wow for men, and growing stubble can turn your social life into something entertaining. Actors and other celebrities ride on the stubble wave, and there is no reason why you should not. Here are some tools to help you get that neat, yet irresistible stubble look.

Making your stubble look better requires more than an ordinary trimmer and blade, and the Conair Super I-Stubble blade is not ordinary.

It has everything you need for a precision fit, among which is its advanced technology of electrochemically shaped blades that are incredibly sharp and made to last.

While the blades are among the best on the market, there is much more to please about the Super I-Stubble Trimmer.

It has a wide range of lengths, from 0.4 mm to 5.0 mm, with ultra-precise motorised configurations for maximum length control. There is also a length memory function that remembers the length configuration you used last.

It also comes with an “ultra-flexible” shaving head that comfortably tracks the curves and crevices of your face, while providing the clean shave expected from a quality trimmer.

Also, it is versatile, since you can use it to cut your moustache, sideburns, and neck.

The Super I-Trimmer is ergonomically designed for comfortable use and comes in a long, smooth body that is easy to grasp and manoeuvre. And here’s another advantage: it comes with adjustable speed levels, which is unusual for trimmers in this price range.

While the Philips Norelco Series 5100 trimmer is not a specific stubble model, it has the tools to do the job. This wet and dry razor works with a lithium-ion battery that takes an hour to charge and lasts up to 70 minutes.

Use self-sharpening steel blades to shape your style to 17 pre-set lengths ranging from 0.4 mm to 13 mm (1/64 ” – 1/2 ”). You can set the cut length with a dial.

It comes with a 5-year warranty and is completely washable. Included with the trimmer are a beard comb, body comb, two hair cutting combs, a travel bag, and cleaning brush.

This powerful manual shaver is extremely easy to use. The shape is comfortable in your hand, and although it is of plastic construction, it feels bulky. It is easy to manoeuvre to obtain perfect lines. It works quickly and does a good job of cutting thick facial hair.

As its name implies, the I-Stubble trimmer comes from the same family tree as the Super I-Stubble trimmer. As he also suggests, Conair knows clearly what he does when it comes to trimmers.

There are not many differences between the two Conair trimmers, and you really can not go wrong with either one.

They share the same blades in an electrochemical way that are precise, sharp and durable, and both have a unique floating head to contour with precision, both have an ergonomic design that feels good in the hand and is easy to manoeuvre.

However, the I-Stubble is not water-resistant and, therefore, cannot be rinsed under the tap.

Apart from that, these trimmers are very similar and very effective. One has some things, but we believe that both will serve you well. Here is another view of the I-Stubble trimmer:

Side beard style

This Philips Norelco beard trimmer is intended for dry use only and comes with a lithium-ion battery that works for up to 120 minutes after 1 hour of charging.

It uses skin-friendly, self-sharpening titanium blades to deliver a stubble strip to one of the 20 built-in settings without having to change the comb. You can choose between 0.5 mm and 10 mm length with increments of 0.5 mm.

Although the device itself is not waterproof, the individual heads are washable. It comes with the trimmer, comb and cleaning brush. You receive a 45-day risk-free trial and a two-year warranty on this purchase.

The setting function with one click is extremely user-friendly because you do not need to replace combs if you want a longer or shorter length. The ergonomic handle fits great in your hand, but you want to slow down and take time with this shaver.

With this stubble beard trimmer, you can select your favourite setting to get the right style you are looking for. The Ax Philips Norelco XA4003 / 42 is very simple and easy to use. It also contains 20 settings for locking so that you can cut from short hair length to long hair length.

The head is removable so that you can clean it effortlessly. This product only takes 35 minutes to recharge. The package also includes a cleaning brush, a length-adjustable comb and a plug that allows you to walk around for relaxed trimming.

In contrast to other comparable products on the market, the Ax Philips Norelco XA4003 / 42 does not have multiple attachments. It has a single enclosure that can easily be adapted to your preference to get a perfect cut.

Also, the unique design of the stubble trimmer makes it possible to achieve a completely different effect, depending on how the appliance is angled during trimming.

The performance is as promised, and the device is relatively easy to use.

The rounded blades do not pull on the skin or pull Ax Philips Norelco XA4003 / 42 stubble Trimmerhet hair, making it a better choice than other expensive trimmers on the market.

One load can take about a week. Users can, therefore, enjoy many shaves via one charge.

Easy to clean the device. Although intended for the beard, it can also be used to shave the head.

Also, extra attachments can be useful. For example, the adjustable comb works perfectly and does not bend or break.

Online customer reviews suggest that the product works best when fully charged. At full load, it is given enough energy to carry out the work efficiently.

One of the problems with this product is that the length guide seems a little fragile due to the built-in plastic. When it is pressed against the face, it tends to bend. This makes it possible for someone to shave better than expected.

The Panasonic all-in-one trimmer from Panasonic is a prize-winning model and thanks to its defining functions, and it is better than the rest. These stubble costs more than the rest and costs about $ 50, but this care tool is just too effective, powerful and accurate to ignore.

This Panasonic trimmer has 45-degree stainless steel sharp blades that can trim and shape any hair texture or length. With 19 precise settings (in increments of 0.5 mm) for hair and beard trimming, men can each time precisely cut the amount of facial hair they want for a perfect, clean stubble beard. In the end, this trim aid gives your facial hair an important definition within a few moments.

Lightweight, durable and with 50 minutes of continuous power, this wireless trimmer can even be showered for quick trim everywhere.

This also means that you can use this machine to brush your hair or manscape below easily. Use the cleaning brush or rinse under water to clean things up effortlessly.

If you are looking for a multifunctional trimmer for your beard, hair, and body, this model offers the total package.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom is a model that meets all your healthcare needs. With 13 attachments, this effective stubble trimmer is hard to beat. For less than $ 20 you get a full-size steelhead, a head for precise cuts, and a nose and ear trimmer. The benefits do not end here – this stubble also includes three trimmers for trimming the hair, three beard trim guards and a stubble beard for extra skin protection.

Moreover, this first-class trimmer has steel blades that sharpen during shaving, so that the quality of your cut always lasts for years after purchase. Also, the Philips Norelco Multigroom unit comes with DualCut technology, a proprietary concept that includes two self-sharpening blades, so that trimmer is satisfied.

This trimmer does not even require the use of oil – remove the blades and guards, rinse them and re-attach them. All these tools are supplied in a travel bag, so you can take this tool with you wherever you go.

Finally, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery of the trimmer offers a 60-minute runtime. And thanks to the quick charging function of the cell, you can always resume your shave within a few minutes of the device dying.

Men's goatee styles

Ultimately, it is no surprise that this trimmer has become a favourite for fans – Philips Norelco is known as one of the best trimmer brands on the market. The value of this trimming shoe speaks for itself, and it can effortlessly make your stubble look stylish.

How To Use A Stubble Trimmer

Just like any other trimmer. However, here are some things to take into account:

Find The Right Model

With the reviews and all the advantages and disadvantages of specific stubble trimmers below, there is no doubt that you will find the model that suits you best.

If you are a traveller, choose a model with better battery capacity. Or maybe you prefer the one with many different combs and length settings.

Variations in height settings are especially useful for men who experiment with different stubble styles from time to time.

If you want to cut your beard in the shower, find a watertight model. Waterproof trimmers are also easy to clean with water and removing the implanted hair is natural.

Find The Correct Stubble Length

Not every stubble-like style looks good just because it seems kind to other boys.

Your face shape will tell you which style to convince, but you have to experiment with a few before you find the one you’re happy with.

Follow The Pattern

Make sure that every movement you make with your trimmer matches the pattern of the style you have chosen.

Some styles require longer sideburns and shorter hairs in the neck. For other methods, the moustache is shorter, and the beard is longer.

Be sure to cut your stubble according to the pattern, regardless of the situation.

Clean Your Trimmer

Stubble trimmer, like any other beard trimmer, must be cleaned after each use. This will double its lifespan.

It is already mentioned that watertight models can be cleaned with water, while the non-water-resistant model should be cleaned with a small brush instead.

Lubricate The Blades Of Your Trimmer

From time to time, oiling the blades of your trimmer will ensure that it works for a long time without defects.

You are not required to do this every time you use the trimmer, but it does not hurt if you do this.

Before applying the oil, clean all extra hairs between the blades. Run the edges after 20-30 seconds, switch them off and wipe them away.

The Final Words

Our method for choosing the best stubble trimmer is based on personal experience, trimmers who have the most positive reviews and research, research, and more research.

We do not have the resources or the enormous amount of time it would take to view all the stubble on the market. But we have spent time and attention to give you a list of best stubble trimmers.

What are your experiences with stubble trimmers? We would like to hear from you.

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