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Do you ever wonder what is the first thing people notice about your appearance when they see you? Can we control it? Yes, we can! Anything about you that is intriguing enough that it captures people’s attention will be the first thing that they notice about you. The way we carry ourselves says a lot about us. A fine and articulate physical appearance reflects confidence and attracts people’s attention. Our hairstyle, beard style, posture and dressing style are one of the main aspects under physical appearance. In this article we will focus upon different beard styles. Beard styles for round face.

There are numerous types of beard styles that one can keep but it’s difficult to understand how much it compliments you. A beard style will look best on you when you can identify which particular beard style will suit you the most. The most common way is to know which beard style looks best on your face shapes and for that you need to know the your face shapes. When you know your face structure, you can very easily know which beard will suit you the most.

There are seven basic face shapes:

These were the seven basic face shapes. Now that you have figured out your face shape, let’s move on to figuring out which beard style suits you the most.


Close beard styles

As someone who has a diamond face you would want to keep beard on your chin to offset the cheekbones since you have wide cheekbones. Do have facial hair over your chin. A moustache is optional. Keeping really fine or thick beard around your chin will suit your look. Having sideburns look (beard only on sides) should be avoided as it would give an uneven tone to your features.

People with heart shaped face, your chin is a part that is a little weak so, opt for designer stubble on the sides that will provide you the chiseled and rough look without disturbing your natural bone structure. Keep very finely trimmed beard that compliments your face shape. Meanwhile, avoid having long beard on your chin. A decent coating of Stubble can work like a magic in adding a layer of texture to the jawline.

People with oblong or rectangular face have a long face and having a long beard might not be a very good idea. You should go for a wide and dense beard that can take the attention off of the long face and give you a more attractive look. Keep the edges clean and the borders neat. Since you already have a long face, you should go for the width rather than length. The width will give your face an even look.

People with oval shaped face can go for various styles as they have features of both square shaped face and round shaped face. You can go for any style you wish to go for. Still it is advised not to keep experimenting. Try a couple of looks that you like and then go for the best one. You can go for a timeless and classic look that never goes out of style or you can go with the new trends that are ever changing. A good look would be a beard squared at the jaw, with clean lines on the cheeks, short on the sides and cut underneath.

Beard styles 2016

People with round shaped face have a benefit as they cannot go wrong with the triangular-shaped style. You can go for a beard that is shorter on the cheeks and longer towards the chin for a look that’s truly flattering. This is in order to give your face a longer look so that it balances the round face. A full beard with length, a goatee with fine stubble on cheeks, an inverted t-beard are some of the styles you can opt.

People with square shaped face have a wide jaw and with the wide jawline you would not want a square beard with sharp lines and right angles as it will not be flattering. With a square face, you should keep a beard that makes your chin area rounded or triangular. You need something that can shift the focus from your wide jawline. Lengthening the chin with a goatee-style beard helps softens thick, wide jawbones, while still creating a chiselled look.

People with triangle shaped face should know that a triangle shaped face is essentially the opposite of a heart shaped face. The aim is to take the attention away from a more prominent chin. The easiest way to do this is with a beardstache (a moustache with a short beard or stubble). This will give you a copol, timeless and classic look that’ll draw attention higher up the face. Avoid anything too full and thick on the cheeks, which will give the unwanted impression of an even wider jawline. Keep hair off the cheeks which will allow you to bring some well-established sideburns further down your face.
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