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We all know that Dulhans start working on their looks a month before their wedding. But what about our desi Dulhas? Apart from choosing an awesome attire and hairstyle, one more thing than makes modern men more dashing is the beard. Designer beard styles.

For the desi boys, Eventswedo brings a long list of beard styles that will make you look dashing on your wedding day. Indian grooms, behold the impact of a sexy beard! Here is the list of top 10 beard styles for men getting ready for their wedding:

Handlebar Mustache

“Mooche ho toh nathulal jaisi warna na ho!” Handlebar mustaches are a currently famous beard style amongst Indian men. A lengthy mustache with the twisted ends and styled mainly around the outer edges of the lips. Famous for its resemblance of cycle’s handlebars, it can take 3 months to grow this style.

Compliment your handlebar mustache with light beard for extra dapper wedding look!

Full and styled beard

Full beard refers to the beard that fully covers the cheeks, jaw, lip, and chin. You must be thinking that what kind of style is this? Is it going to look awesome or make you look like an old Indian groom? Well, it is going to give you a sexy look only if you style it properly!

Trimming your beard shorter and thinner from the sides and growing your beard longer right off your chin can help you to grow a full and styled beard for your wedding.

Long Beard

There is only one simple rule if you want to grow a long beard for your wedding: stay away from trimmers and scissors! Growing a long beard is the coolest beard style for modern Indian Dulhas. Patience is what you need while growing a perfect long beard.

Different goatee shapes

Depending on your testosterone levels, It can usually take 3 to 6 months for a growing a long beard. Use beard oil to promote the growth of your beard.

Long Beard with Styled Moustache

Now we are going to talk about the hottest beard style for an Indian Groom. Yes, it’s the famous long beard with the styled mustache! With the fusion of both handlebar mustache and long beard, this beard style is going to slay a lot of girls even at your wedding (just make sure that your bride won’t notice).

Wash your beard twice a week as it is prone to dust. Style your beard to the desired direction and don’t forget to look after your mustache. With this beard style, you are surely going to kill on the wedding aisle, young groom.

Chin Strap

Chin Strap beard is a unique beard style for to-be grooms in India. As the name suggests, it is a very thin, short line of hair that follows the outer edges of face and jawline. There are no moustache in this beard style. Those men who have an oval shaped face can emphasize their features with chin strap beard.

Remember that chin strap beard requires most constant maintenance and also most precise trimming. This style will suit those who have chocolatey face.

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Stubble beard

If you don’t want to maintain heavy vandyke, then stubble beard is going to be perfect for you. This style will keep you up with the latest beard trend among men in India. Stubble beard works well for those who have round and heart shaped face. Unlike 5 o’clock style, you will look dashing and smart with this style.

Types of mens beards

Pick the best trimmer that suits your sensitive skin. Trimming your beard thrice a week will help you maintain a perfect stubble beard. If your girl doesn’t like too much facial hair, this is the perfect wedding beard style for you!

Circle Beard

We bet all of you know about the circle beard! Famous by the name of Goatee, this beard style has become a popular style among business professionals as well as youth in India. Circle Beard is ideal for those who can’t grow a full beard but want some facial hair on their face.

Just like other beard styles, growing a perfect goatee needs patience. Let it grow and shape it along the way to look the classiest on your wedding.

Gunslinger beard

Do you all remember Abhinandan? He is the famous wing commander of Indian Air Force. We are going to be honest, that legend started the gunslinger beard trend among men of India. A great combination of flare sideburns and horseshoe mustache will give you a unique look on your wedding day.

Grow your beard properly and then trim it to define the Gunslinger Beard and Mustache shape. Short hair on your neck and cheeks can give you the best looks. A perfect wedding beard for grooms with flamboyant personality!

Chin Strip

Unlike chin strap, chin strip is a vertical line of hair at the center of your chin. It is also famous with the name of ‘makhi’ among the men of India. Chin strip is the most simple way to look stylish at your wedding. It is considered as the most easiest type of beard to grow but it’s quite hard to take care of the strip on your chin.

New goatee styles

Just make sure that your face is completely shaved otherwise the chin strip will get lost in the stubble background. A cool wedding beard style for grooms we must say.

Van dyke beard

Van dyke beard style is another unique style introduced by famous Bollywood actors such as Ranbir Singh and Aamir Khan in India. It is the combination of chin beard and mustache which gets separated from the corners. This beard style will give a sharp and distinguished look to the Indian groom in wedding.

Above are the best beard style for Indian men one can choose for his wedding. Look handsome with these beard styles and among surprise your guests with those glammed-up facial hair.

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