Great looking beards. 8 Bearded Celebs We Hope Will Be The Next To Break Their Beards After Jadeja And The Gang

So, a while ago, our beloved cricketers Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya went on a spree to break their beards. And in that, not only have they come out looking better than ever but also inspired the rest of us to do something more inspirational with our faces. But, not just us, there are a few perfectly good looking celebs who we'd love to see follow suit because simply put, their faces are too well crafted by God for them to hide under a boring beard. Besides, we all know a unique beard style is something that can make a man stand out in a crowd. Unique beard styles.

And on that note, here are beard styles we think they should go for instead.

Fawad Khan

Oh, c'mon, now! Fawad Khan is too good looking to be walking around with that Dad beard. Perhaps something that highlights his cheekbones will do more justice!

Our verdict: The anchor beard!

Rannvijay Singh

Rannvijay has been a youth icon of the country for a long while now. But over the years his boyish looks have transformed to have a more manly appeal. Plus, he's bulked up like anything. That stubble is still quite boyish though.

Our verdict: Mutton Chops!

Great beard designs

Ayushmann Khurrana

Now, Ayushmann has been a chocolate boy hero of Bollywood ever since he arrived. And granted there's nothing wrong with his look or chocolate boy appeal but don't you agree he needs to finally do something a bit more bold with his beard style?

Our verdict: The Chin Curtain!

Anil Kapoor

Okay, before you start sending us death threats for putting this great man on the list, just hear us out. Anil Kapoor is a man who has played the relatable protagonist or the relatable Dad character for the greater part of his career. But now that he's taking on contemporary action guy roles like that of Jai Singh Rathod in 24, the idea of Mr. Kapoor turning in this old stubble into something sharper actually works. Agree?

Harshvardhan Kapoor

Okay, so, here's a perfectly good looking young man with a chiseled face and sharp features. What sense does it make for him to hide most of it?

Our verdict: Go clean shaven!

Facial hair styles

Yuvraj Singh

Now, credit where credit is due: We've seen Yuvi experiment quite a bit with his hair and beard styles in recent times and the results were not always entirely bad. But given that over the years, the man's looks have gotten sharper and jawline has gotten better defined, we think it's only fair that he flaunts all that with a beard style that's a bit more minimal.

Our verdict: A light french beard!

Sooraj Pancholi

Now, here's a man who would probably look young no matter what he does to his face or hair but no one can deny the fact that this current light stubble of his is simply too vanilla. The man definitely needs to do something that will make him stand out - even more.

Our verdict: A handlebar mustache!

Smaran Sahu

And, once again, ladies and gentlemen, another classic case of being blessed with Greek-God-like features and wasting them completely by hiding them under boring facial hair. I mean, how lucky do you have to be to have a jawline like that? And how wrong is it to hide it the way he's hiding it?

How to style facial hair

Our verdict: Go clean shaven!

So... how many of our verdicts do you agree with? All of them or all of them?
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