Beard and facial hair styles. How to Care for and Style Your Beard

The beard trend continues – unsurprisingly! There are so many benefits to the beard. It makes boyish men look more grown-up, angular and stronger. On older men, it radiates wisdom and experience. Even if there’s not a hair left on your head, your beard can still be full. The beard trend inspires young and older men alike and enriches men’s styling with its different variations and lengths. Beard options.

The right beard for every man

From well-groomed three-day stubble to the magnificent full beard, there is a suitable beard for every man, and for every face shape. Discover here which types of beard are in particularly high demand, their different characteristics, and how to style them.

Its likeness to the facial hair of former US President Abraham Lincoln earned this beard the name “Lincoln”.

The three-day beard – aka the scruff look – is hot. So say both men and women! Why? It looks attractive, casual and still well-groomed. For three-day stubble, hair should be between half- to four millimeters long, so that the skin still shows through. The stubble is distributed over the chin, mouth, lower cheeks and upper neck area. Whether it really takes three, six or ten days to achieve this popular beard style depends on your natural beard growth.

Here, beard care is simple: Use a trimmer once it starts to get beyond your desired length. This will take stubble back to the length you want quickly and easily. Meanwhile a wet shave can keep the contours of your face clean and well profiled. The result: Striking, masculine and yet groomed! It’s ideal for men with a more square or rectangular face, as hard contours appear softer and the face more rounded.

The Shenandoah is a beard known by several other monikers: The Lincoln (think Abraham Lincoln), chinstrap or chin curtain or whaler’s beard – to name a few. This beard runs along the jaw line, connects to the sideburns and thus essentially frames the entire face. This ear-to-ear beard exudes self-confidence, is expressive and hip. For the well-groomed Shenandoah, grow a full beard, minus the moustache – keep a clean, smooth upper lip and cheek area – and trim the beard to a moderate length.

Beard styles for work

A fuller version of this beard is best suited to narrow face shapes, as it will lend fullness and contour through dense hair growth on the lower cheeks and chin. Fuller faces appear slimmer thanks to longer whiskers on the jaw line and the lower cheeks.

Model David Gandy is magnetically sexy with his Henriquatre beard.

The Henriquatre is named after French King Henri the IV – aka Henry the Great, or Good King Henry. This beard grows around the mouth and suits men with large, angular faces. The chin area and mustache are connected, while the cheeks and neck area are clean shaven. This beard makes angles appear softer and narrower, and lets the wearer look very masculine. Care depends on the length of the beard. If you want a denser result, you’ll need to grow it a while. Important: Regularly shave cheeks and neck clean with a wet shaver. Famous wearers of this beard: Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jan Josef Liefers.

The Anchor beard is a gentleman among beards. This modern style is made up of a vertical strip in the middle of the chin, which merges into a pointed beard. Together, it looks like a down arrow or an anchor. This beard style is often combined with a fine mustache. The easiest way to get the look is by growing a full beard for a few weeks, and then shaving the cheeks down to the jaw line. Your beard care kit will definitely need to include a shaving brush, shaving cream and wet razor – wet shaving will keep hairless areas the smoothest. Use a trimmer to fine-tune contours. To round off this smart beard, shape it (especially the mustache and chin tip) with a little bit of beard pomade.

A true nature boy knows his beard care. Healthy, dense growth is crucial for a masculine full beard.

Beard shapes

A full beard can visually elongate a face, making it appear slimmer – so it’s particularly well suited to men with round faces and fuller cheeks. Those with narrow faces shouldn’t wear their full beard too long. Even if you’re going for the wild nature boy look, daily beard care is still a must. That means: Regular washing, trimming and styling. Especially important for this, the beard of all beards: Use a beard wash and conditioner. This makes facial hair soft and supple. Wet shave cheeks to achieve a clean contour line at the upper edges of the beard – this looks confident and elegant. Tip: Beard care oil relieves itching and brings a full beard nicely into shape. A beard comb and pomade will help with the finishing touches.

Beard care: Tips and tricks

For the office and in more conservative professions, beards shouldn’t be worn too long. But generally speaking, a well-groomed beard easily suits everyday working life. That’s why we’ve pulled together the best tips and tricks for proper beard care. Washing, trimming, styling – with the right products and a good beard care kit, your beard will be sorted and women’s heads will be turning.

The right beard care is essential to keep facial hair and the man beneath it looking well groomed. Just as you do with the hair on your head, you should wash your beard regularly. A special beard shampoo is ideal, but a mild hair shampoo works fine. You can also try a special beard soap. Shower gel is less suitable because it has a degreasing effect which strips moisture from beard hair.

Every beard wearer needs a good beard care kit. Depending on whether you prefer to shave wet or dry, this should include an electric trimmer, a wet razor for contouring and a brush for applying beard soap or shaving cream.

Treat your skin and whiskers occasionally to a facial scrub. Regular use will help reduce ingrown hairs.

Different beard styles and names

Beard growth can sometimes irritate the skin. But despite itchiness, you should avoid scratching, as this only increases the problem. Use a light moisturizer to calm and soothe.

From wiry to velvety: Special beard care products such as beard care oil soften whiskers and skin, and help you achieve a well-balanced complexion. Tip: Apply one to three drops (depending on the length of the beard) between your palms and gently distribute oil through your beard. Style downwards with your fingertips.

Beard care is twice as fun with cool products. A beard pomade can define your look and provide a stylish shine. Use it to accentuate and cultivate retro styles such as a mustache or a full beard. Tip: Rub a small amount between your palms and work into dry beard hair.
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