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Those men who carry a beard know how important it is to shape your entire look and personality. A patch of hair on your face, a beard is a style statement for many men out there. And choosing the right one for you can turn to be a difficult task. Especially, when you think that your options are limited. But, that's not the case! Thadi style.

Beard can be worn in various shapes, lengths and styles. You just have to find the one that looks good on you. While choosing a beard style you need to consider various factors such as the shape of your face, your hairstyle, your dressing style and the time required to grow the beard of your choice (although this factor isn't applicable for every style). The length of the beard is another factor that you need to consider. A long and thick beard will need proper attention and grooming!

With that being said, in this article today we've curated a list of best 20 beard styles, based on different face shapes, that you can give a try. Read on to find out what these are!

1. Circle Beard

A moustache and a chin strap joined together in a circle give you a circle beard. Also known as French beard, it is a quite popular beard style across men of all ages. You will find teenage boys to middle-aged men sporting this beard style. You will need to grow a full beard and a moustache to shape your beard in this particular style.

2. Bandholz Beard

A beard style that was started by Eric Bandholz, Bandholz beard is fierce. This is a beard style that would need a lot of patience as you need to grow out the beard for a few months. It won't look so great in the beginning, but you need to give it time and we assure you it is worth the wait.

3. Goatee

A goatee is a beard style that gives you a lot of room to play with, which we will discuss in the section below. It includes a patch on the chin and a moustache. You can choose the length and style of the mustache as per your preference or you can ignore the mustache and just go for the chin patch.

Fun fact: It is called goatee because it is quite similar to that of a goat's facial hair.

4. Extended Goatee

This beard style is an extension of the usual goatee beard. You just let the chin patch and moustache to grow a bit and remove the hair around the sideburns.

New beard style 2016

5. Petite Goatee

A petite goatee involves a small patch of hair on your chin. It is a small beard without any moustache. You will usually see this style of beard on teenage boys and college-going lads.

6. Van Dyke Beard

A gentleman's beard, Van Dyke beard style was popularised by a Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke. This beard style has a moustache and a separate chin beard in a pointy triangular shape. You must have seen famous celebs like Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. rocking this beard style.

7. Stubble

A very basic beard style but a charming one if done right. A slight stubble can add an element of adventure to your look. But you need a lot of efforts to maintain a perfect stubble that looks manly and not untidy. You need to well-equipped with the trimming methods to maintain your stubble.

8. Medium Stubble

When you let your beard grow out more than a light stubble, it gives you a medium stubble. You probably will need to cut the hair to the required length, instead of trimming it, to get a uniform medium stubble. This beard style will give you a macho look.

9. Boxed Beard

If you don't want to experiment much with your beard and just need a clean, crisp and manageable beard, choose beard. It is a fully grown beard with a moustache that is trimmed to perfection.

10. Anchor Beard

An anchor beard consists of moustache coupled with a chin beard that trails along your jawline. You need precision and skill to get a proper anchor beard and it gives you a distinguished look.

11. Horseshoe Beard

As the name suggests, this beard style is shaped just like a horseshoe. It is a thick moustache that extends downward from the corner of your lips till the end of your chin. Also known as biker moustache, it makes your face look fuller.

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12. Chevron Moustache

Not a fan of those huge and thick beards but still want to add some definition to your face? Try the chevron moustache. It is a quite common moustache style that you will see all around you. A chevron moustache covers all of your upper lip area with a thick moustache with clean-shaven chin area. The mustache doesn't curl and reaches up to the corner of your lips.

13. Royale Beard

Royale beard is a bit similar to the goatee beard. It consists of a thick moustache that is paired up with a detached chin strip in an anchor shape.

14. Gunslinger Beard

A gunslinger beard style is a style that has a horseshoe moustache that is connected with an extended and flashy sideburn. This beard style was quite popularised by the brave pilot Abhinandan Varthaman.

15. Chin Strip

This is a very simple style of braid that features a vertical strip of hair going down your chin. Placed under the middle of your lips, this style gives you a youthful look.

16. Chin Strap Style Beard

Chin strap beard is a thin beard that trails along your jawline and reaches till your ears. This beard is not coupled with a moustache. It doesn't cover much area, just the edges of your chin and jaw.

17. Mutton Chops Beard

A thin horseshoe moustache that is connected to thick and long sideburns, mutton chops is a classic style of beard. It is called such as the shape of the beard looks like chopped mutton.

18. Long Beard

A long bread is a style of beard that has a thick and long beard that is allowed to grow on its own pace. The sideburns are kept small and faded to give the beard the attention that it needs. It is paired with a fuller moustache that binds the whole look together. You can adjust the length of the beard as per your comfort.

Beard patterns

19. Handlebar Beard

A classic beard that is a must for those who carry beards. It is a moustache that is curled upwards at the ends. (Remember people twisting their moustaches?) You can either go for just the moustache or pair it up with a fuller but trimmed beard. Nonetheless, this gives you the hipster look.

20. Extended Triangle Beard

A long beard this is trimmed properly to give you a triangle-shaped beard. This style of beard needs to be styled by a skilled person for it to form the proper shape. Although, it does require a lot of patience and maintenance.
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