Types of short beards. Beard Styles For Long Beard Hair, Top Beard Styles For A Long Beard

Beard Styles for Long Beard Hair – After a lot of efforts to get a longer beard, now you may be searching for the best beard style for long beard hair. It is really difficult to get a long and thick beard. But in addition to this, we are not denying the effectiveness of efforts for a long beard. If you are yourself willing to achieve the target, no external force can stop you from this. Therefore, it is not impossible, you just need to work on it. Proper beard washing, oiling, and conditioning will give you better results. And now that you have got the long beard of your choice, you may be confused about suitable beard style for long beard hairs. Beard styles for long beards.

If you are concerning about the best beard style for your long beard, let it go right now. We are here to depict some of the best beard styles for men with a long beard. You have successfully grown a long beard which is not as easy as it appears to be. A lot of time and care is added to the process. Most of the concern ends at the point where you are able to grow a long beard without any beard problems. Because there are some me who find it difficult to grow it to the desired length. And consequently, end into shaving the beard. Therefore, you are the lucky one, now the only thing you must go for is to select a perfect beard style for long beard according to your face type.

Perfect Beard Styles for Long Beard

There are different beard styles available for different face types and beard length. You can go online and see what can suit your face best. In addition, you can look for other platforms to look for a beard style. After doing hard work for about 3-4 months, you cannot let your hard work go in vain. The efforts for getting long beard will only pay back when you choose best beard style for a long beard. Here are some of the top beard styles for the long beard. If you find them interesting and attractive, you can go for the one.


One of the best beard styles for a long beard is Bandholz. It gives you the most attractive, hot and sexy look. You will be able to impress a large lot of girls. Bandholz beard style needs a lot more patience and you will have to wait for about 8-9 months in order to get a perfect long beard. Till then avoid the usage of razors and scissors. Higher patience is needed in achieving that beard style.

Moustache and goatee styles

Then comes the yeard beard style for a long beard. It will take a lot more time to grow this beard style. Yeard needs a time period of about 1 year or more. After that, you will be having a perfect fully grown beard and can trim the beard as you want to or can also avoid trimming. You will be having the best attractive beard style.


It needs the same time as Bandholz i.e., 3-4 months. In addition to it, it is a bit shorter in length from Bandholz beard style. In order to get this beard style, grow a full long beard and don’t trim it. Thereafter, start trimming it from the bottom of the beard. Try to give it a round shape. This beard style suits almost all face types.

All Natural

All natural is a long beard style and will suit you better. Let your beard grow naturally with proper care. Don’t trim it until it reaches up to its full length and then starts trimming it at its full growth. Try to avoid neckline trimming this beard style and trim very few beard hairs from the sides and front to give a stylish look.

Beard and mustache designs

Van Dyke

Another best beard style for long beard hair is Van Dyke. The manly look this beard style gives you is very attractive. In order to get this beard style, grow a beard to its fullest length then trim the cheeks area and sides of the beard. Also, trim the neckline and leave the chin area to the longer length.


There may be many more beard styles for a long beard but we have mentioned the top one only. These long beard styles are the one which suits on every face. Therefore choose the one out of these top beard styles for a long beard. With having a long beard, you need to do the beard care also to maintain these beard styles.

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