How to shave different beard styles. Best Men s Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

It’s true that certain face shape are best suited to certain hairstyles (with the exception of that straight across 4 Best men's facial hair styles.

grade bowl cut courtesy of mom which never did anyone any favors). While there are Pinterest boards galore, blog posts, and articles by most every major fashion/style magazine covering women’s hairstyles; the same information on men’s hairstyles is far less extensive.

To help find a style best suited for your facial structure, we’ve broken down the basic characteristics of each face shape and provided some helpful styling suggestions, including how facial hair factors into styling.

Characteristics: Face is almost as wide as it is tall, with a rounded jawline and cheekbones.

For a round face, the goal is to find balance. Opt for a style with some volume or height to lengthen the face rather than accentuate roundness. An off-center part can also help lengthen the face. Generally, styles that are more full on top, and shorter and trimmed at the ears work best.

Facial hair: A well-trimmed beard designed to slim the face works best with round faces. Hard lines along the cheekbones and a more squared off neck help to create a more elongated face.

Characteristics: Touted as the ideal face shape, an oval face is balanced, with no overly-prominent features. It suits most any hairstyle. Foreheads that are slightly wider than the cheekbones and a rounded jaw typify the oval face shape.

Goatee designs

For an oval face, most styles aren’t off limits. Avoid being heavy bangs or full fringe, however, as styles that feature these components may make a face seem rounder.

Facial hair: Most any facial hair suits an oval face, so feel free to experiment.

Characteristics: Similar to an oval face in proportion, but more angular on the jawline and forehead.

Also like an oval face, square faces can sport a lot of different styles. The critical choice is whether to go for a style that softens the angles of the face or a short, tight style that accentuates them.

Facial hair: A short beard with distinct lines or a bit of scruff will help to accentuate the jawline on square faces.

Characteristics: A triangle face has a narrow forehead and wide jawline, with a pointed chin.

Best long beard styles

This face shape lends itself well to a style that adds width to the forehead and temple area, with volume on top. Slightly longer styles can work well for a triangle face shape.

Facial hair: To achieve balance, opt for a style that fills out the pointed chin, helping it to match the width of the forehead.

Characteristics: Diamond faces are wide at the cheekbones and narrow at the forehead and jawline.

Texture and volume are both great for diamond face shapes as they help soften cheekbones. Fringe or longer layers can also add width at the forehead and soften cheekbones

Facial hair: Much like a triangle face, try a style that fills out the jawline to balance the strength of your cheekbones. Avoid wide beards as they tend to over-emphasize a narrow forehead.

This is a great time for men looking to experiment with their personal style. Many of the current trends work well with a variety of face shapes and can play up your best features. The pompadour style is something we are seeing pop up everywhere. Not only does this trend provide the volume many face shapes need, its tight fade on the sides also serves as a good compliment to facial hair. Below are two examples of the pompadour style.

Mens goatee styles 2016

The fantastic, talented stylists at RZ & Company are trained to help you choose a style that best suits your personality and face shape.

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