Nice beard designs. What Are The Best Hairstyles Beards For Men With Heart Face Shapes?

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Heart shaped faces realise their potential through restoring balance to their top heavy proportions. This requires offsetting the top and lower halves by building volume below and concealing it above. The following sections will assess the face shape’s styling objectives and then propose suitable styling recommendations.

The following guide provides a detailed overview for men on how to style their heart face shape. You’ll be able to discover and explore the best hair, beard and moustache styles as well as glasses.

Scroll down to check out each individual section or jump directly to what interests you the most:

You will be shown stylised graphics for each of the styles that we recommend, which are links that lead to full guides on how to achieve this look for your face shape.

As a Heart face shape, you may fit the following description:

Your forehead width is larger than your cheekbones and jawline. Your chin is likely pointed with a cheek line the side of the face that taper together into your jawline.

Short beard designs

If this seems right, scroll on down! However, if you’re still not convinced, you will find that we detail 7 unique face shapes. You can discover your face shape with our dedicated guide.

Bear in mind that although we feature 7 face shapes, there may be individual differences between people. You may share traits from one or two other face shapes to your own.

Nevertheless, try to associate yourself with the most appropriate face shape as this will improve your styling approach.

Heart Face Shape Specifications

The above diagram breaks down a Heart face shape’s unique traits. Take note of the sloping sides starting at the forehead and meet at the chin. The eyes find themselves at the focal point of the face’s composition. The cheekbones and chin decrease in a gradient from the wide forehead, which create an impression of relatively smooth features. The mouth and chin can appear comparatively small to the upper half of the face.

The idea of having a dainty and sweet face might not sound appealing to some men but don’t take what you have for granted. Styled right, the heart-shape can make for a very attractive facial structure, which exudes charm and sophistication through its boyish good looks.

Best Heart Face Shape Hairstyles

With wide and rounded forehead set against a small chin, the objective is to redistribute these proportions. Mid-length and windswept styles help frame the forehead, which give it a narrower quality. Styling is best achieved with blow-drying or naturally rather than relying on product to make sure that texture remains soft rather than angular.

Short hairstyle with beard

Light, volume-controlled sides can either be created with letting the hair grow out on the sides or a front fringe that falls across the forehead. A side part with a fringe can soften the wide forehead and can add a light offset aspect. It’s best to avoid tight cuts on the sides as they risk only increasing the width of the forehead and leaving the jawline bare.

Increase length on top, which falls naturally with gravity

Let hair grow out on back and sides

Avoid shaved sides and aggressive fades

Add too much height without filling sides

Recommended Hairstyles

Best Glasses For Heart Face Shapes

Defined by a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and a sloping jawline, heart face shapes have certain features to remember when styling glasses. Due to the imbalance between the small chin and forehead, it’s best to avoid wide glasses. This may make the discrepancy between the two features even larger.

Different types of men's beards

Furthermore, angular frames can help bring out and harden their features. The result is a more angular and balanced facial structure. Usually, we would discourage heart face shapes to opt for either trapezoid or round frames. These may respectively emphasise or soften their features even further.

However, there are exceptions to many rules. For instance, well-fitted wayfarers can wrap the broad forehead and make it appear narrower. In turn, the flat base and trapezoid wide will harden the chin and complement the jawline’s natural slope.

Another exception would be pince-nez glasses. As these are quite small, they don’t throw off the face’s own harmony but complement its soft features instead.

Recommended Glasses For A Heart Face Shape
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