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”Tips that you will find below will help you grow that beard faster, so if this is your first time to grow a long beard, keep on reading up to the end. On the other hand, I have also suggested essential facial hair growth products you can use to grow a thick beard.” Thick beard styles.


I clearly know you’re here for steps on how to grow a beard, but either you follow them or not, your beard will grow long and thick, but the speed of growth will vary from person to person, so don’t compare yourself to others, simply eat foods with natural fats and proteins, for example, eggs, milk, fish, white meat, g-nuts, peas, green vegetables and so much more, also take enough water so that the beard stays moist, water plays a big role in our bodies, at least drink 8 glasses of water in a day. I guess you have seen Muslim men with long beards, trust me, they don’t use anything to have those beards, they just let them grow naturally, however, the natural process takes a while but its more effective. But always remember to eat a balanced diet, your hair and beards feed on what you eat.

The Itching Part: When you decide to grow a beard, it will be a new experience to you and your facial skin, so there is that itching stage which every man complains about. To tell you the fact, there is nothing much you can do about this stage, just let it be, the itching will go by its self in a few weeks time.

Example of a Man With a Natural Thick Beard:

”If you can’t be patient enough to grow your beard naturally, follow steps below and get it faster.


Planning:- Draw a plan of when you can start growing your beard, you will not wake up in the next morning and say you want to have a beard, there should certainly be a time plan of when you should start growing your beard. It is best if you choose a time that you know will let you go unshaven for quite a while, you will definitely look shabby during the first weeks of growing your beard so you need to choose that time when you know you have enough time to stay away from work.

No Shaving Tools:- The second step in your beard growth process is that you should do away with trimmers, razors and shavers and be very patient with your beard. If you are not patient you will find yourself getting frustrated with how slow your beard might be growing which turns into stress this in turn makes your beard grow even slower that it should have. So you should give yourself enough time because this will obviously take a while.

Do away with all skin problems; before you actually start thinking about growing the beard we know from the past you might have been experiencing different kinds of skin problems for example acne, dryness of the skin, rosacea and many others so you need to have all these skin problems treated. When you are still carrying out your daily shaving, go and visit a dermatologist for a thorough skin check up, get medical treatment and follow the prescribed treatment for about four weeks before you start growing the beard. This will be enough time for any skin problems that you had to heal.

”To treat any skin problems you will need oil that contains natural ingredients just like this oil, it is amazingly great at effectively treating all problems associated with the skin. The oil keeps your skin well hydrated, smooth and silky so that when you hair actually starts to grow it can grow really fast. If by any chance you use the oil and it doesn’t work you will have to see a doctor for thorough check up so that they can give proper treatment.”

Find out which beard type matches you face shape and fits your personality; much as you may see some type of beard on someone else and feel like it’s what you also want, this particular beard type may not look good on your face shape. So take time off a search through the different beard types compare them with your face shape and see which one will make you the most attractive man out there.

Go and get a close fresh shave; ( This will help you get a fresh start, I know your aim is to grow a thick beard, but getting a fresh start from a new canvas is better ) it is most likely that when you shave by yourself at home you will not achieve the kind of close shave that I am telling to have but when you go the barber you will definitely get better results. Shave the entire face starting from the side burns, down to the jaws and then to the neck.

Moisturize the skin every single day; for people who have really sensitive skins it might not be very easy for to find the best moisturizer for your skin type so I suggest you try many different moisturizers until you get one that works well for you. I emphasize the point that you must moisturize the skin on a daily basis this is when you will achieve the best results, you will never experience things like your skin becoming dry.

”A good moisturizer will always keep your skin healthy and in good condition hence creating the perfect environment for your hair to grow. The moisturizer above is dermatologist tested to remove any wrinkles any lines on your skin while providing your skin with moisture that keeps it smooth and soft. You will never experience itchiness as caused by dry skin. It feels really good on the skin, makes your hair grow strong and have that amazing feel better yet it does not feel oily on your face.”


Mark a time frame of about six weeks in which you should not be shaving; from the day you start shaving start a routine of not shaving and much as you may feel the desire to shave, you should try as much as you can to do away with shaving.

Understand the changes your skin is going through; because you skin is not used having hair growing to the length it will have grown you will experience things like itching but you should bear with it because it occur up to around the forth of beard growth. So do not let this frustrate you, just get used to it.

You can try to treat the itchiness; a product like beard lube will help you out on this because it contains oils that will give calm down the itching for some time. Remember that this will only work if you are not attached to a special moisturizer or you are not the type with an extra sensitive skin.

”When you shave and spend more than a week without shaving again there is a high possibility that your skin will start to itch because of the changes it is going through so a good beard lube will be a perfect solution to the itching. This is because it holds moisture in the skin and kills the dead skin cells that might be causing all the itching”

Keep away from shaving or seeing the barber until four weeks; much as you may have the argue to start shaping or styling your beard it is best to wait until the beard has grown a bit and at the fourth week it will be okay for you to go and visit your barber.

Style your beard according to your face shape; out of the many beard styles out there, you will definitely not fail to find at least one style that look great with your face shape. if you have a round face shape that means you have fuller cheeks you should go in for a type that is shorter on the sides otherwise you face will appear even wider than it already is which. Then for those that have long or oval face shapes, styles that are fuller on the sides will definitely look great on you.

Shape your beard; after choosing a beard style, you have to visit the barber more often to ensure that you beard is always looking good. The barber should show how to go over the style so you can start working on it even when at home.

Best men beard style


Now that we know how anyone can grow a beard, yes your beard will be growing but then you might want it to grow a little faster than it is already growing. Or better yet it might be growing but not a thick and full as you would want have preferred it to be, below I will provide for you some simple tips you can opt for to make your beard exactly like you want it to be.

Once in a week you should exfoliate your skin; most men actually think it is only women that take part in things like this but I can assure that even men especially those who grow their beards should take time off and exfoliate their skin. They are different things that you can use to exfoliate for example and exfoliate/ scrub made specifically for men or an exfoliating mask whereby you apply the product leave it on for some minutes and then rinse it off. Always follow the instructions on such products so that you do not suffer any side effects of using the product wrongly.

”Exfoliating helps to remove any excess oils and toxins from the skin and also contains powder that soothingly removes dead skin plus ingrown hairs that may clog your skin pores and prevent your hair from growing properly. This also helps to balance the natural oils in your body and keep your skin well moisturized.”

Always keep your skin clean; every morning when you wake up make sure you wash your skin with warm water and a gentle or mild cleanser, this will keep your skin well protected from any bacteria and make the all those small hairs grow much faster. Repeat this also in the evening and you will sure get your beard growing faster and safer.

Try using cream and moisturizers that contain eucalyptus; eucalyptus helps to remove all that dry and flaky skin which may be a hindrance to your beard growth. It also keeps your skin well moisturized hence creating a really convenient environment for hair growth, the product is also said to help facial hair grow much faster.

”Now this facial moisturizer is best way to keep your skin from becoming flaky or becoming totally dry, remember whenever your skin becomes dry, hair will grow at a very slow rate or even not grow at all because the condition are not so favorable for it to grow. At this stage you need a product that is free from chemicals and contains only natural and organic products because it is only such ingredients that will take good care of your sensitive skin and at the same time improve the condition of your skin pores. When you apply this cream it will not leave any residue on your skin but thorough dissolve into your skin gently and smoothly, this way it will not clog your skin pores.”

Ensure to treat ingrown hairs; ingrown hair are very painful and will not let the beard grow well this is the reason you see some people with beard growing in different areas, they have more of a scattered beard.

Always get enough sleep and manage stress in healthy ways; sleep makes your entire body stay healthy because when you rest you give chance to damaged cells to repair themselves thus making your hair beard grow faster. You should also work out more often, go to the gym this will improve on the blood circulation and keep you away from stress hence making your facial hair grow.

Try out some vitamins and supplements; these vary according to types and the way they work so I will break them down for you see to know how exactly they work and how important they are to your beard growth. A dietary supplement such as biotin will be of great help to your beard growth, it is specifically made to make hair and nails grow faster therefore adding to your diet will be of great help. this type of supplement give extra strength to your cell growth that is why when you take them your beard will start to grow stronger and faster.

Add different types of vitamin B to your meals, these include vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are all well known for making facial hair grow faster and they will sure be of great help to you as well.

Take enough proteins, you can actually find this food supplement in lots of different food such as eggs, meat, milk, and fish. The proteins you get from these foods will make your beard grow faster and healthy.

Take enough fruits and vegetables, your entire body needs these nutrients to grow and stay healthy, it does not only apply to facial hair growth but taking such staff will make your hair grow faster because they contain natural vitamins and do not cause any side effects.

Try as much as you can to leave your hair alone; there is a belief that the more you shave or trim your hair, the more it grows but this actually not the case for every sometimes you need to leave your hair alone for it to grow faster.


Just growing the beard is not enough because that beard could actually become an ugly one if you are not taking good care of it. These are some of the thing that you need to do in order to have a healthy beard and the best products to try out.

Always shampoo the beard; it is actually true that most of the men use bar soap on their face and after that they complain about the beard becoming itchy and dry but this totally your fault. There is shampoo meant to wash that beard and it does not only cleanse the beard but also keeps it moisturized, prevents the skin from becoming dry and also prevents hair from brittling. You do not have to actually wash your beard with shampoo every single day because some of these shampoos are not gentle enough on the beard but at least three times in a week take trouble and wash your beard with a mild shampoo.

”It is not advisable to wash your beard with just any soap that you use because some these are way too strong and wash out all the oils that your beard needs to remain looking good, smooth and soft. That is why I recommend the blue original beards wash reason being it is sulfate free and made with extra conditioning agents such and pro vitamin B and vitamin E that gently cleanse your beard leave it feeling fresh and prevents it from frizz. No one wants to have a wiry beard and with this your beard even maintains its natural shine.”

Condition your beard; sometimes all beard needs is some extra care to make it feel smooth and soft and one of the best ways to do that is to use a good condition. This also prevents your beard from becoming hard and wiry. they are two ways of conditioning your beard, the first one is to apply the conditioner let it stay for some minutes and then rinse it off completely and the other way is to purchase a leave in conditioner that you just apply to the beard and your are good to go. Either way works well.

”There is absolutely no reason as to why your beard should be a frustration to you and your partner when you can make it look really attractive by just applying leave in conditioner. You leaving the beard to grow is not enough taking good care of it and maintaining it is also part of what you have to do for it to keeping growing and in a healthy way. Since it is a leave in beard conditioner it is made scentless for those who are allergic to strong scents. After shampooing your beard you just have to apply the balm and it will help to keep your beard soft and prevent it from becoming wild.”

Shaving style

Be careful with the products you apply on your beard; definitely whatever you apply to your skin also spreads to your skin, so the moment you use the wrong product on your beard the effect will also spread to the skin. Some products will clog your pores that is why your skin starts to itch therefore do not use just any product.

Always trim the beard; whether you want to grow an extra long and thick beard you must always trim it so that it can remain in good shape. Otherwise you will look like you have a pack of rubbish on your face, this helps you to also get rid of those split ends on your beard hence making your beard look really great.

Make sure you have the right equipment; the right tool to use on your beard will depend on the type of beard that you have. For those who prefer the shorter beard a good trimmer will be great for keeping those edges well shapes but when it comes to the longer and huge beard you will need a good pair of scissors and a comb as you put your beard into the right shape.

”Knowing what the right equipment is will depend on the type of beard you have and that is why I am providing two different tools on this part. For those who have stubble and any other shorter types of beards the best equipment to have around is a high quality trimmer just the Panasonic ER-GB40. This is a trimmer that will give a really good trim in both wet and dry situations so it all depends on what you want as an individual. A shaver is not a good option because they tend to come too close and if you are growing your beard you just need something to cut the tips off and leave room for the beard to grow.”

When it comes to those with a full beard then a trimmer will not be the best option to keep your big beard in shape. A well made and sharp pair of scissors like the utopia care professional scissors will be great enough to help you keep your beard in shape. The scissors are made of high quality, they are very flexible in the hands and made of stainless steel to give high quality performance and remain in good shape even after along time of use.


I find it really weird to give you different reasons as to why you should grow beard yet some people might even be thinking “now what do I gain from letting my beard grow” but I will not definitely not leave you in the suspense, I will go on and give the many different reasons as to why you should be growing your beard, these include both health reasons and social reasons. By the way did you that this has gone as far as scientists are concerned? Many of the researchers have gone ahead to search about this particular topic and below are the benefits they found to be experienced by people who grow beards as compared to those who cut their beards off.

It reduces on the risk of you getting skin cancer; now many of you are actually wondering how true can this be but researchers have revealed that leaving your beard to grow protects it from the sun and as you know it is not healthy for these rays of the sun to heat directly to your skin. The rays from the sun are way too strong that they could cause skin cancer. Now this is where your beard becomes of great help, your skin will stay under there and well protected. In fact the thicker your beard is the better.

It is perfect for people who suffer from different allergies and other breathing diseases; the beard that grows on the upper lip which many people call the mustache block dust and dirt from entering into your nose. As other people only have their nose hair to help them when filter that dust, you have something extra to protect you.

Beards keep you warm; the beard that grows around your will keep you really warm during those unbearable cold seasons unlike those with their skins exposed, you will definitely have a bigger advantage.

This is a quick way of earning yourself respect; even from our communities, I think this has been evidenced by the way people with no beards at all are considered boys and not given as much respect as those with a grown beard. Have you noticed that people in the higher authorities have beards this is simply because beards make you look more mature. Even women tend to pay more attention to men with a beard more than those without beards at all, reason being men with a grown beard are seen as more attractive and serious.

Beards prevent your skin from running dry; during the hot season you sweat a lot and lose a lot of water which in turns makes your skin dry and brittle but with that skin covered under a beard, the beard helps your skin to generate moisture that prevents your skin from running completely dry.

It is a lot cheaper than shaving; you will have to agree with me that shaving is a lot more expensive because you have to spend a lot of money buying a quality trimmer, buying shaving creams, replacing blades and you do not stop at that you go ahead and buy after shave lotions this is just way too much. Why not just save all that many for something better and grow your beard?

Relieves you a lot of stresses; as people who shave, wax, or use other hair removal methods go through a lot of pain such nicks, cuts, razor burns, ingrown hairs and other effects of hair removal you will not have to go through any of that.


The biggest percentage of men have beards and every one of them has a particular beard type that looks best on their face shape and one that will nicely fit a person’s personality so it all depends on what you want as an individual. Some people are naturally gifted with beards that grow really fast and for those people it is very easy to choose which type of beard to have at any particular however there is that small percentage that would want to have beards but cannot have them. this is why I have provided two types of products in the post, one that will help those who want their beards to grown faster and the other type is to help those who already have the beard keep it looking great and in perfect condition. They are very many types of beards and the beard that you cut will say a lot about, people will be able to tell your kind of personality from the type of beard that you cut. Below is a whole list of different styles and types of beards that you should put into consideration, I hope you find one that really suits your kind of style.

Full Beard:

This type of beard is what you can also refer to as the older man’s beard because it was usually done by the older man back in the day. Calling it a beard is more of a general term because they are many different beards. The full beard is one which grows in no particular direction, it just grows all over the face.

Chin curtain beard:

Just like you see that guy in the image, the chin curtain is where you only leave facial hair to grow on the jaws and just hangs there, no hair on the on the upper lip (the mustache)

Chin strap beard:

Now this one is usually done by the guys who love attention, the type of guys who want everyone to notice they had a new shave. This is the type of beard where a thin line of hair hangs on the jaws joining the side burns.

Clean shaven:

Some people just want their face baby smooth without the feel of hair at all that is why they in for the clean shave, however with this type of beard you will have to shave almost every day depending on how fast your hair grows. Those who want more of a professional look will opt for the clean shaven style.

Mustache and goatee styles

Friendly mutton chop:

This is also an interesting type of beard and it will make stand out in more unique way because not many men go in for this type of beard. There is hair on the side burns and it connects to form the mustache but there is no hair on the chin at all.

Fu Manchu:

I think many of you have seen this type of beard in movies with many of those movie stars, this one looks more like the horseshoe moustache just because the this type leaves no hair on the chin and the cheeks. It is a mustache that grows really long passed the jaws and is more of pointed on the ends.

Goat patch:

For those of you who hate leaving hair on your cheeks this is the perfect beard style for you to try out, for this type you grow hair on the chin as shave away all the rest, it is a stylish one also.


This is one many of the teenage boys are used to, it used to be treasured by many of the guys in the 1990’s but it has now started fading out because of the new different styles that have come back. In this style there is hair that grows form the mustache and on the chin.

Handle bar moustache

Making your mustache curve out on the sides like that will need something like gel to make it stay that way the whole day. For this type hair grows from the upper lip spreading out much longer to the sides and the chin.

Horse shoe moustache

I bet you have commonly seen this type with the wrestlers it suits their personality perfectly or the bikers, some people even referred to it as the Hulk Hogan style because he had this style many times. This type has hair growing from the mustache and going down to the jaws in straight lines but with now hair on the cheeks and the chin.


The mustache is where a guy has most of the hair on the upper lip, mustaches are of different types but any type of mustache always has hair on the below the nose on the upper lip.

Mutton chops

These are also called the burn side, from the image above we can see that hair grown out bigger as you approach the chin though there is no hair let on the chin. They look more like over grown side burns, I doubt there is still any man that does this style though it wouldn’t hurt to try out the vintage look.

Side whiskers

Just like the whiskers of a cat spread out unevenly this style also look more like side burns with whiskers spreading out and there is still no hair on the chin. Facial hair in this style stops around the jaws.

Neck beard

Just like the name of the style, in this style hair is only left on the neck area below the jaws or hair could come from the cheeks but still ends below the jaws. There is however no hair on the upper lip.


This is like the most common type of beard lately because with the style you can take a couple of days without having to shave again and still have your beard looking great. This type is where hair has been shaved and left at a certain length where someone can easily see the hair but then it is not too long.


You will find many people confusing this one with the chin strap but it is quite different because it combines both the chin strap and neck beard. Hair grows wild from the cheeks, down to the jaws and below the jaws.

Side burns

For this type hair is only left on the sides, from the ears and moves down in straight lines to the cheeks but does not exceed the jaws. And if it does that on the sides will be a little longer than the rest of the hair on the other parts of the face.

Soul patch:

For those men who do not want hair all over the face and at the same time can’t go in for the clean shaven, the soul patch will be ideal. It leaves just a small patch of hair below the lower lip, it is just a simple kind of hair style.


If you have managed to read this post up to this stage, I’m sure you have mastered the techniques of growing a long / thick beard faster. On the other hand, if you want to use a dietary supplement such as biotin / Hair37 Formula Vitamins Tablets, you need to consult with your physician, because some of these supplements have side effects. Talk to your physician about your needs to grow a beard faster and tell them about these two beard growth supplements, if they recommend them, go ahead and buy them, if they don’t ask them for a better option.
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