Beard styles for less hair. You Can Now Decorate Your Beard With Christmas Fairy Lights This Holiday Season

Christmas is still a long time away but do we really need a reason to feel festive? With various bizarre Christmas trends all over social media, one can't help but notice how creative people have started becoming over the years. Chin goatee styles.

You have people doing all sorts of stuff in order to get that fifteen seconds of fame. But we do not blame them -- hey if you are feeling Christmassy, you do everything to feel that way.

And in a rather bizarre trend, many people have started adorning their facial hair with glittery Christmas lights. Yes, as weird as it sounds, social media users started using #Beardlights after an online gift shop called Firebox started offering men the chance to have a fun Christmas lighting up their beards with this unique battery-powered gift. As reported by Fox News.

This festive decoration comes in colored lights, white, twinkle, and no twinkle. However, it is not as safe as it looks. The online retailer has warned men not use the heatless lights if their beard is wet or if they are outside and it's raining.

Amazing beard styles

Last year, Firebox had also launched 'Beardo Baubles', with men becoming the light of the party as they hung Christmas decorations on their face. The users clipped the $14 set of 18 multi-colored nano LED bulbs on their beard for their Christmas party and you can, too!

Although it was Firebox that reportedly started this trend, the website is not currently selling the product on their website right now. It was also widely popular thanks to the East Village London which 'offered the bearded gentleman the chance to have the look created for them by an expert beard stylist who is also on hand to offer tips and tricks to recreate the look throughout the festive season at the ‘Pimp My Beard’ stand.'

There are many sellers on Amazon who are still selling this bizarre festive product for your next Christmas party.

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"16 Pcs Colorful Jingle bells - Amazing jingle bells are made of copper can make very nice sound. You will enjoy putting on these beard ornaments as they will entertain you, as they can give you a fantastic Christmas themed look. Beautiful and vibrantly Colors - Every Bells in these beads have 8 colors, red, gold, silver, blue or green and so on. These you will not find in elsewhere except DecoTiny bead ornaments," reads the product description on Amazon.

While another seller on Amazon, who is selling the same Christmas beard lights, wrote on the product description: "Fun Novelty Ornaments – Wear this jewelry for beards on Christmas or New Year’s Day, at an ugly sweater party, to office or social events, or just to bring smiles to all. Versatile, Unisex Wear – These beard ornaments can be worn by those with short or long facial hair, as well as women who want to wear them in pigtails or hairstyles."

Check out more photos of men sporting Christmas beards:

Different mens beard styles

Disclaimer: This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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