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Enjoy!! So happy to be featured with NYLON and to be able to spread our message of inclusivity! Beard cut design.

Hairrari is changing the narrative around barbershops, one haircut at a time. The NYC-based barbershop is making inclusive strides in the industry by promoting a positive, gender-neutral space that all can experience. We recently caught up with some of the barbers in the shop to discuss what makes Hairrari different. Watch the video, above, to hear what they had to say.

Check out Magda teaching the host of NBC’S 1st Look Ashley Roberts of the Pussycatdolls haircutting.

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Thank you Corinne for taking the time to interview us and spread the word about our shops! It was a pleasure and thank you to Go Magazine for publishing this awesome piece!!

Magda Ryczko, owner of Hairrari Barber Salon’s,became a barber out of the blue with no concrete plans of where it would take her. Now she owns three thriving barbershops in NYC and Brooklyn with plans to expand nationally in the near future. Hairrari Barber Salon’s aren’t like typical hyper-masculine shops that often have a stiff and inaccessible vibe, especially for queer and trans folx. Ryczko has created a new kind of barber shopthat is welcome to everyone who wants an amazing cut. The consistency in amazing talent comes from Ryczko’s passion to train every barber who works for her — she describes her current team as the best she’s had.

I met Ryczko at the Wythe Hotel restaurant in Williamsburg on a chilly January afternoon. Over tomato soup and grilled cheese, we talked about why queer hairstyles are so important, how hair can help represent to the world who you are, and how she deals with the current political climate. Get to know the badass woman behind these effortlessly cool barbershops.

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GO Magazine: Can you tell me a little bit about how you got into styling hair? I read that you’re self taught.

Magda Ryczko: 12 years ago, I went to hair school to be a hair dresser but I never thought of barbering. I was assisting at like 12 salons and I wasn’t learning that much– I was just shampooing. Randomly, someone I met at a bagel shop told me I should try to barber.

I went to apply at a barbershop in Williamsburg, but I thought it was weird because I’m a woman. But then I saw the owner inside, who happened to be a woman. She took a chance on me and I started working there.

When I opened my own barbershop, I trained so many women. It kind of paved a way for all these women barbers. Now, I’m thinking of opening new locations nationally.

GO: Yeah, I hear so many stories of queer people going to a barbershop and getting judged or not getting what they’re looking for. Can you speak to queer hairstyles and what it means to queer folx to have someone who understands what they’re looking for cutting their hair?

MR: Well, I think that when I opened the shop — it wasn’t a queer barbershop. But since I’m a lesbian I attracted a lot of different people. All of my clients range from everyone old people, babies, men, women, trans people. Because I’m very diverse in my friends and community — and then when we did attract more LGBTQ people, we created ads around that to spread the word.

Queer haircuts, in my opinion, are not super feminine or not super masculine — it’s something in the middle. It’s important to ask people cause sometimes they might look feminine on the outside, but they might want something masculine to represent how they feel on the inside. Everyone is an individual, everyone is unique. I think those kind of haircuts, something edgy, something versatile.

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We had the honor to be in the December issue of Curve Magazine! So great to get such exposure and inspire future barbers on gender neutral ways and providing a welcoming space for all. The story was in print but here is a repost from DAPPER Q. Enjoy!!

All kinds of beards

About: Hairrari Barber Salon was founded by Magda Ryczko, a queer immigrant woman from Poland, who has personally trained most of the Hairrari staff. Hairrari specializes in queer cuts curates a welcoming, relaxing, and fun experience for all genders and gender presentations. Owner Magda Rydzko states, “It feels good to create a space where everyone is treated as a unique canvas and we try to accommodate the best we can. Our clientele is very mixed and anyone that comes in knows that everyone and anyone are welcome.” Many of Hairrari’s staff members and artists are part of the LGBTQ+ communities and their personal experiences help separate Hairrari from mainstream, hyper-masculine barber shops. Some of Hairrari’s celebrity clientele includes Kiyomi McCloskey of Hunter Valentine and Camille Perri, author of The Assistants, among other high profile LGBTQ community members.

The vibe was East Village chic, yet welcoming. Upon entering, Magda immediately offered me a choice of a cocktail, beer, or water. After getting settled in, Magda began my consultation. Unlike traditional “men’s” barbers, Magda understood the aesthetic I was trying to achieve, but without judgement. I was anxious not to lose the length of my top bun, and it was an absolute must that my side shave be even, high, and TIGHT. I was in good hands. For the consultation, Magda recommends, “Bring photos! It’s the fastest and most thorough way to explain what you’re looking for.”

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Catch as at Lot 45 doing Free Haircuts at the Bad Habit parties by Hot Rabbit!!

Come dance… and get your haircut! ;D

Catch Maria at Hairrari Bushwick

We had the pleasure of training 1st Look’s former Pussycat Doll and icon, Ashley Roberts to cut hair! On this episode Ashley takes a cutting class with Magda and then cuts a “hipster’s” hair and trims his beard.

Such an awesome experience working with the amazing ladies from Autostraddle. Thank you for coming in and letting us chop your hair.

Communicating with your hairstylist what you want in a haircut and actually getting it can be surprisingly tough — especially so when your gender expression doesn’t align with what the person holding the scissors thinks it should be. Keeping this in mind, we collaborated with queer stylists to get six Autostraddle readers the queercuts of their dreams, and create helpful images you can show to your own stylist, too.

Easy beard styles

On Margaret: The Short-Banged, Spiky Pixie

“I just finished a long, intense coding bootcamp on top of my regular job, which made it hard to find time for taking care of me. So this was a chance for me to do something for myself, and I wanted to get a cut from someone who understands that when I say I want it short, I really want it short.”

“I’m so happy with the way my hair turned out! Vivian cut it all asymmetrical and funky, just like I asked for. I feel really great, and I can’t wait to go home and show it off!”

On Rebecca: The Flawlessly Faded Side Shave

“I love having long hair, but I also wanted the chance to do something dramatic with it. I recently started looking up side shave pictures, but worried that going for it might be too bold a move. And then I saw that this project was happening and I thought, ‘Well, I no longer have an excuse.’”

On Nora: The Soft, Long-Banged Pixie

“Since I’ve been working on embracing my less-femme-ininity, I’ve become super interested in getting a skater boi hairdo to match. Lurking on Ruby Rose’s Instagram helped me realize I wanted something short, but that still had length in the front. But then I started waffling on it because, well, who has Ruby Rose bone structure?”

“I love, love, love this hair! Magda was so fun to talk to, and it was especially nice to be in a less heteronormative space than at other salons (last time I got my haircut, there were a lot of assumptions about boyfriends). It was really exciting to go through a major change, and to be somewhere so supportive and safe during the process.”

Thanks to the stylists, models, and everyone at Autostraddle who got in touch about this project!
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