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What’s up everyone. Happy holidays to you and your family, hope everyone is able to enjoy this time to catch up with your love ones ( I know I am). If at some point during the family gathering, you notice your cousin Earl is growing a beard, don’t think nothing of it. If later on your other cousin has a full grown beard, do not think this to be a coincidence. And if finally…your uncle walks in with a full beard, you know something is up. In the last couple of years, beards have been increasing in popularity. We found a article below from going over the new trend and popularity of beards. Continue reading below or at Today's beard styles.

Happy Monday to all of our fellow beard blog readers and face fur enthusiasts. Can you believe it is only a handful of sleeps left until Old St’ Nick squeezes his tight red pants down our chimneys all in aid of Christmas time? Oh, and turkey! Don’t forget there will be lots and lots of turkey too!

Today I wanted to express a few of my observative thoughts in regards to all things bearded, of course. As we begin with today’s blog topic which is titled – Here’s Why Beards Are Just About Everywhere…

Every now and again we see a fellow beardsmen titled a ‘hipster’in the press, or maybe ‘following the latest trend’. Whilst such labels are easily dished out to the masses with little to no thought going into as to why many of us bearded fellows actually choose to sport a little (or a lot!) facial hair. It appears that the media continue to throw silly titles at us until they stick.

Thankfully this hasn’t deterred many, as beard popularity continues to grow, pun totally intended, as more beardsmen than ever before grace our lands. So, as the media continue to find more made up stories than you could shake a stick at to fault our fashionable fuzzy faces, this won’t stop us as we will continue to ‘LET IT GROW!, LET IT GROW. LET IT GROOOOW!’

Beard cuts and styles


It is no secret that many ladies flock for a bearded man rather than a shaved face, studies continue to take place confirming such findings to indeed be true, although preferred beard styles do tend to differ in opinion. Many like a man to pack a full grown viking style beard, whereas another popular choice is a little light stubble. It seems it is different strokes for different folks when it comes to our bearded preferences.

Bearded men are believed to be considered as handsome, strong and rather manly when sporting a well groomed face forest. Many Viking and greek gods sported facial hair, kings, Egyptian pharaohs and many other males in our history hold an image of some form of facial hair. so it’s easy to see why many people see them as a symbol of power, strength and security.

If you happen to have a beard yourself you’ll have probably noticed many of your compliments and positive feedback comes from other fellow bearded men who also respect ones beard.

Beard and goatee styles

It’s true, there is an unwritten ‘Bearded Bro Code’ that says we share something rather special in common, so much so we don’t hesitate to offer a fist bump to a fellow beardsmen whenever we should meet in the street, at the bar bar, or anywhere else for that matter.

Maybe it is because we can respect the time, hard work and dedication that goes into trimming, cleaning and maintaining ones facial hair. Who knows, but whatever it may be, it seems to be a rather special bond that only the bearded share.

That sees Mondays blog come to a close for today my friends. As ever please be sure to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section provided below.
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