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Growing a beard requires patience and resilience. But if done the right way, a beard can change your look! There are an incredible number of styles that you could experiment with and from these roster of beards are, a few quirky best beard styles that are worth trying. Latest mustache and beard styles.

With numerous iconic men who have perfected these styles, you shouldn’t fall far behind.

Here is a list that will give you an insight into the overall appearance of the style so if you intend to explore a little, take your pick and head to the barber for a quick trim.

• Side whiskers

Mutton chops or sideburns, the side whiskers are suitable for most faces. The sideburns are a beard style that have been popular for a really long time now. With years of association with the X-Man, the sideburns usually complements blokes with angular faces.

Short mustache styles

• The clean shave

The clean shave, as the name suggests is tidy, hygienic and the simplest one to maintain! Not everyone is blessed with a hair growth and density that would seem like the follicular gods have showered their blessings upon you! Resorting to a clean shave as your go-to beard style for the year would be keeping yourself in sync with the trend and staying comfortable at the same time.

• Clooney beard

The Clooney beard is a style that is a popular choice for someone who wants to look more refined and kempt. This beard focuses attention on the mouth because of the round shape that gets formed giving definition to your lips. It denotes maturity and wisdom and is a trend that you will spot in 2018 on older men. The George Clooney beard style is one that changes regularly but is purely renowned because of the salt and pepper colour.

• Balbo

The Balbo beard is a beard style that you would probably want to sport in the coming year for its style, its ability to add fullness to your face and the number of variations available! This style became incredibly well-known after Mussolini wore it during the Second World War. The classic Balbo has stayed true to its form and is represented by a tailored moustache with a soul patch and chin beard combo that will be in fashion throughout this year!

Beard designs

• The Hipster

Probably the hottest trend of the New Year, the hipster can be worn with long hair. A beard style that requires high maintenance, the hipster can exude an aura of nonchalance and gives off a contemporary, new-age vibe. This is a beard style that everyone young will want to sport.
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