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Men, the excuse of having the same hairstyle or haircut has run its course. Nowadays, there are many latest hairstyles for men that can specifically cater to any length and texture without sacrificing masculinity. From professional short haircuts, trendy fade hairstyles, dreadlocks, buzzcuts to funky long hair, men can have it all. Inspirations for the latest hairstyle for men can be found easily. Since black men tend to have kinky curls with a lot of volume their ideal hairstyles require minimal approaches. On the other hand, men with wavy and straight hair will need to use more hairstyling products to get the volume seen on kinky hair. Shaving style mens.

Latest male hairstyles in Kenya

It’s refreshing to know that despite the fact that women’s hair tends to get the most attention, latest male hairstyles in Kenya are still grabbing the spotlight. The different hair textures have resulted in trendy looks with numerous variations. So whether you have long or short hair, you can find your next hairdo by looking at the latest male hairstyles in Kenya at TUKO.CO.KE.

Mid fade with dreadlocks

Mid fade creates the perfect balance between a low and high fade. The haircut is ideal for men who are stuck choosing between the low and high fade. This fade usually creates an arc behind the ears which helps the dreadlocks to stand out regardless of whether your locs are short, long or medium.

Afro with a twist

An afro is here to stay. So what better way to join the trend than through an afro with a twist. The look is cool, classy and fun. The twist of this afro comes in when you allow the taper fades on the sides to grow so as to draw attention to the structure of the high top.

Sleek Line up hairstyles

Whether your sporting cool waves or a fresh buzz cut, a sleek lineup haircut will make your hairstyle distinctive. This haircut goes by many names such as shape up. Its main function is to accentuate the facial features and adds both structure and style to your hair. To get this style, a barber will shave a line across your hair outline to form box look that frames your face and accentuating the jaws. By framing the face, your masculinity will also be displayed.

Skin fade crew cut

Skin fade gives a very sharp finish and creates great contrasts making it perfect for pairing with other hairstyles such as crew cut. Both the skin fade and crew cut are easy to maintain so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your hair every morning. Since the crew cut is generally short, you can make it different by paring with a skin fade which leaves the top part slightly longer.

Side part comb-over hairstyle

A comb-over hairstyle helps men attain a professional look while remaining stylish. The comb-over can be amazing for hiding bald patches. To make this style, comb damp hair and separate part of the hair closer to the hair to create a natural line. Then comb the long hair on the top sections backwards and allow to air dry. Apply organic hair products to keep the shape of the hairstyle intact.

Shape up quiff

The quiff is one of those hairstyles that never leave the trend scene. While it may require serious styling and a bit of hair length on the top, an organic hair product that makes your hair damp can work wonders in maintaining the quiff. Shaped up quiff is perfect for kinky hair as it requires only hair clippers and rarely will it need any hair product. The kinky hair works best with shape up quiff hairstyles because it provides both volume and the vertical length that distinguishes the haircut. For a dapper look ask your barber to taper the back and leave the rest of your head with the buzzcut. Complete this classy look with a well-trimmed thick beard.

Short haircuts for men

Most men prefer short haircuts because they are easy to maintain and creates a fresh look that suits all face shapes. Mens haircuts short are easy to style and exude a youthful look. Low skin fade, buzzcut low fade and undercut are some of the best short haircuts for men.

Haircuts for men with thick hair

Who doesn’t like thick hair? Thick hair has volume and provides more hair for you to style in any way possible. However, this type of hair is hard to control so you need the right cut that will make use of the volume. Get ready to show off your thick hair by styling it in a way that puts your best features forward. Here's are the styles.

360 Waves haircut for thick hair

Waves are a distinctive style that looks amazing on thick hair. While your barber will need special tools to create the 360 waves, when you go home you will also have to use specific products including a wave brush to maintain the style. Before getting the haircut, consult your barber to make sure that you have the right hair for this look.

Slicked back with a side part

While slicked back hair looks impressive on men of different ages, it’s very challenging to achieve the same look on kinky hair. Those with this type of hair can control how they style their hair using conditioning gel for holding the hair in place and moisturizing spray. A side part works to help divide the voluminous hair. For best results use a gel that works best with your natural hair.

Fringe undercut

The first thought that comes to mind when imagining an undercut is the 80s hairstyles, and when you combine it with a fringe or men’s bangs, you get a hairstyle with a hippie vibe. To recreate a fringe undercut hairstyle, allow your hair on the top section to fall on the forehead and combine that with an undercut. Ideally, its best to show your barber an example of the hairstyle you want so that they can advise you on how to maintain it.

Long hair men’s hairstyles

Long hair in men is often a sign of good health and proper grooming. Although most professional work settings require men to have short hair when long hair is styled the right way it creates a look that is hard to forget.

Beard short styles

Cornrows and dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are so versatile such that you can style them into cornrows. Braiding your dreads into cornrows keeps them out of your face especially if they are very long. The cornrow effect also prevents the locs from having an ordinary look.

High fade with curls

Are you looking for fresh fade haircut ideas? Then a high fade with curls might be what you're looking for. A high fade usually starts around the temple section of your forehead and gets shorter on the side. On its own, a high fade creates a stronger contrast, and when you opt for a curly top section, then the differences between the two hair sections will be highly noticeable.

Braids with a fade

If you love long hair but don’t have it, then braids are your best friends. Braids are not just women; men too can look masculine depending on how you style your braids. Incorporating a low or skin fade into your braid hairstyle is one of the best ways of creating visual interest. Keep your braids into a bun to ensure it doesn’t distract you.

Long micro dreads

If your patient enough to let your dreads become so long, then it’s only fair that you show them off. One simple way of styling your dreads is marking a part in the middle and allowing them to fall on your sides. The middle part also helps to frame your face. The best way to ensure that your micro dreads don’t have a wild look is always to keep them clean. Don’t forget to moisturise.

Classic afro

Simple yet elegant; a classic afro gives a youthful look to all men. Also, it looks good on boys. When styling your afro avoid combing with a narrow tooth comb as it will cause breakage. Your afro will be exposed to harsh environmental conditions so make sure you moisturise regularly.

Hairstyles for men

When choosing the best hairstyles for men, always consider your hair type and texture. A quick search on will give you a variety of hairstyles to suit your face shape and preference. Barbers and hairstylists are also pushing the boundary by coming up with new modern hairstyles. With so many haircuts and hairstyles to choose, you will never have to rely on one hairstyle for a long period.

Buzzcut haircuts

When you think about buzzcut words like minimalist, short, practical and sophisticated can best describe this haircut. It’s perfect for men with an active lifestyle as it needs very little maintenance. For a casual setting, a simple sideline can make your buzzcut unique.

Blonde frohawk

A frohawk is one of the best hairstyles for men. It's ageless, versatile and looks great on all hair types. The term frohawk comes about when you combine a Mohawk with an afro textured hair. Blonde colour takes the frohawk to a whole new level as it makes a man look stylish and fashion forward. Because of the shouting nature of this colour keep the rest of your outfit mute or complement with neutral tones.

Outgrown buzz cuts

When you’re too busy with work or you’re not in the mood to go for your next appointment with the barber, then a simple technique of looking stylish is to allow your buzzcut to grow. The buzzcut made by your barber during the last visit will form the basis of how your hair grows. The overgrown natural wavy or tight coils will require minimum effort which speeds up your morning grooming routine.

Skin fade afro

When choosing the best hairstyles for men, the skin fade afro has to be at the top of your list. Its trendy has a conservative yet modern look and best of all its unique. The contrast between the shaved parts and the full hair section makes the skin fade afro attention-grabbing regardless of your skin tone. The trick to looking good with this haircut is to ensure the hair becomes very short as you move towards the nape. If you want your fade haircut to pop out, then ask your barber to use lower clipper settings.

Drop fade with curly hair

A drop fade is a variation of the classic fade hairstyle for men. The drop fade creates a nice arc as it tends to follow the natural curvature of the head. If you’re looking to try something new with your curly hair, then add a drop fade, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a clean, distinct and classy haircut.

Mini pompadour curls

Celebrate the 1950s era with a mini-pompadour. Although curls were also popular during this era, men love this hairstyle because it works well with African textured curls. The stunning nature of a pompadour occurs when hair is combed upwards and backward. If you have thin hair, use a styling gel to keep the pompadour in place.

Temple fade with twists

Are you looking for a trendy hairstyle that can be made with curly, straight or afro-textured hair? Then a temple fade is perfect for you. Since this hair includes a shape up, it will frame your face allowing your best features to be seen and your natural twists will also be eye-catching. Complement this hairstyle with a clean shaped chinstrap beard.

Beard styles for little facial hair

Short taper fade

Because of the versatility of a taper fade, you can combine it with other best hairstyles for men. It complements all hair textures including thin hair, afro-textured curls, straight and coarse hair. Since the hairstyle needs short hair, it cuts down on the morning grooming and maintenance.

Best men’s hairstyles

Choosing the right haircut can be a challenge if you don’t know which the best men’s hairstyles are. By understanding which haircuts work for your lifestyle, you can be able to have more than one style that makes your hair look good. Since the hair is a crucial part of a man’s image, your ideal style should make your neat and groomed. The classic cuts are incorporating modern twists, and the choice of a specific hairstyle is a matter of your own preference.

Fade haircuts

Lately, the fade has been getting a lot of popularity making it one of the best men’s hairstyles. Some men prefer a gradual fade while other go for the bald fade. The taper fade tends to occur in the bottom which works wonders to give the undercut a modern and natural style. If you’re not sure about the kind of fade haircut, you want then save a few of your favourite fade hairstyles and show your barber.

Criss-cross cornrow hairstyle

A crisscross cornrow hairstyle for men depicts a bold, stylish and playful character. This style is ideal for bold men who love experimenting with their hair. The patterns are made on your hair which means that you must wear it with confidence.

Twisted dreadlocks

Gone are the days when men used to have common dreadlocks. Nowadays, there are so many ways you can style your dreadlocks, and a twisted pattern is one of them. To get your next dreadlock hairstyle inspiration feel free to view the browse through the various images of twisted dreadlocks available on TUKO.COKE.

Skin fade pompadour

Thanks to Elvis the pompadour has become one of the best hairstyles for men. You can notice this hairstyle by its upward bulge. The skin fade adds a modern twist to this timeless hairstyle and gives it an edge. By opting for a skin fade, you can create a neat pompadour with short, medium or long hair. The illusion of more height at the top is great for men with short hair.

New hairstyle for boys

Nowadays the latest hairstyles are not just for ladies. Over the years boys and teenagers have been looking to get inspiration for their next haircut from the latest hairstyles. Fades, undercuts, Mohawk and locs remain the reigning kings due to their low maintenance, clean cuts, and easy styling options. Also, it’s not just about new hairstyles for teenagers; of late we’ve witnessed a huge revival in classy haircuts. By knowing the new hairstyles, boys can become aware of their look and choose those that make them look attractive.

Disconnected undercut

Boys with natural curly hair will look stunning with a disconnected undercut. This hairstyle is characterised by a longer top and shorter side which creates a contrast. The contrast can also be enhanced by a surgical line. A disconnected undercut is best done on men with hair length that reaches the eyebrows or at the bottom of the chin.

High top with stripes

Do you want to look different? A high top with stripes hairstyle for boys will make you a head turner. This haircut is not just for men, boys and young men can opt for this style as its timeless and ageless. What makes this hairstyle one of the best for boys is that it can accommodate double stripes on the fade. Instead of the stripes, you can add a star or your name initials. A little moisturiser will go a long way in ensuring that your hair remains healthy.

Bald fade top

A bald fade top features a classic high top and a shaved side. While it may look simple, the high top gives the hairstyle an eye-catching factor.

Dreadlocks in a bun

Boys with long dreadlocks can style them in a high up-do or as a simple bun. While the styling itself helps the hair to stand out, you can go further and dye the ends of your dreadlock to create a dramatic look. Permanent colours such as blonde, gold, red, maroon, purple or any other bright shade need to be done with a professional. Henna is also an ideal option for those who want to strengthen their hair. However, its colouring speed is low, so you’ll have to be patient. If you have baby locs allow them to grow before you can consider any permanent colouring options.

Stylish men’s haircuts

Stylish men’s haircuts are characterised by a clean, fresh and chic finish. Every new hairstyle has a unique look that is meant to define masculinity. Cool short haircuts are always trendy while modern, stylish haircuts such as an undercut and quiff are getting reinvented. The best way to know if a stylish haircut will suit you is to ask your barber.

Wavelength taper

A wavelength taper hairstyles combine professionalism and edginess. Their maintenance is also low which is a plus for busy men or those who want to keep their hair fresh during cold seasons. Those considering this hairstyle should ensure that they have a longer hair length on top. Give your wavelength taper hairstyle a glossy finish by spraying with a light oil product.

How to beard designs

Coloured dreadlocks

Colouring your natural dreadlocks is one of the best and easiest ways to make your hair unique. If you’re not sure about the shade, you want then start with temporary dyes that last a few days. Before colouring your dreadlocks, you need to prepare in advance by first checking the health condition of your hair. Avoid colouring thin or damaged hair and do at least five hot oil treatments weeks in advance.

Baby locs and Mohawk

Having baby locs is the first step for anyone embarking on the dreadlock journey. Show your creative side by combining two hairstyles: a Mohawk and baby locs. Combining baby locs and a Mohawk shows you care about looking stunning.

Taper fade with a Mohawk

This is one of the most popular hairstyles with African men. Both long and short Mohawks can work with this hairstyle. However, men with afro textured hair will look good with a short Mohawk. For a modern effect add sponge twists to your taper fade Mohawk.

Hairstyles of older men

As men get older, the hairstyles that once worked in their 20s and 30s suddenly doesn’t fit their age anymore. But that doesn’t mean that in your old age you’ll be stuck with baldness or short hair. Growing old comes with more opportunities to make use of your changing hair colour and the shape of your hairline. While the classic haircuts such as quiff, comb-over, undercut and classic taper underside are the most preferred hairstyles of older men, other hairstyles that make use of modern approaches will give you exquisite looks. Embrace the changes in your hair colour by going for haircuts like two-toned hairstyles, the buzz, grey dreadlocks and comb over grey hairstyles.

Latest Hairstyles for men with round faces

Just because you like a specific haircut doesn’t mean that it will look good on you. Your face shape and texture will determine the right haircuts for you. When it comes to choosing the latest hairstyle for men with round faces, the trick is to avoid any style that makes a face appear fuller. Hairstyles that add height on top are perfect for creating the illusion of a longer slimmer face. Recommended beard styles for men with round faces include growing a circle goatee, sideburns, and a full beard. Pyramidal, horseshoe and pencil moustaches go well with round faces.

Hairstyles for men with receding hairline

As men age, their hair can get thinner. Young guys can also experience hair loss. This doesn’t mean that you get discouraged and shave off all your hair. There are a ton of hairstyles for men that specially cater for thin hair and receding hairline. Hairstyles such as comb-over, side part, and taper fade are great for creating an illusion of having more hair on your head. If you don’t want the focus to be on your hair, then make use of a beard and sideburns to enhance your facial features. A quiff, fade, side parts and pompadour are some of the best hairstyles for elongating the face.

Hairstyle for men with square faces

Did you know when choosing the latest hairstyles for men you have to consider the face shape and skin tone. A square face has a flat chin, prominent high cheekbones, and a broad forehead. Go for styles that soften these features such as side swept bangs, loose waves, crew cut and fade, man bun, fringe and swept back styles.

With a square face, you have the luxury of experimenting with various haircuts that bring out your best facial features. An undercut will also provide a layering effect, and if you don’t want to choose any hairstyle, then a clean-shaven head will make your face flawless. The right beard styles or moustaches can also enhance the prominent features of this face. Avoid narrow beards as they can get lost in the large surface area. Instead opt for thick beards in shapes like boxed, inverted T and pointed beard.
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