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Choose The Right Haircut For All Face Shapes

Have you ever noticed how tightly the haircut you have is connected to the impression you make? You may be the greatest guy in the world or the employee of the year, but with the wrong cut, nobody will notice it. The situation might remind you of the one with clothes, you know, clothes speak for men. However, things with hair are much more serious than with clothes, you can’t take it off whenever you like. We don’t want you to get into a hobble, thus prepared a comprehensive guide on the perfect way of matching the haircut to your face shape. Top facial hair styles.

What Haircut Should I Get?

So, there are several standard face types: oval, square, round, diamond, triangle and oblong. If you want to know what each of these different face shapes means, just keep on reading.

First, you need to ask yourself, “What face shape do I have?” To answer this question, you’ll need a soap, a mirror and a comb. Got them? Now, follow these steps:

Comb your hair back to see your face clearly.

Examine your face outline in the mirror reflection.

Run the contour of your face on the mirror using the soap.

Use the trace on the mirror to help you address the question “What’s my face shape?” by comparing it to the different shapes of head.

If you still can’t answer this question because you don’t know what types of face shapes there are, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the most common ones.

Haircuts For Oval Faces

The oval face can be considered a lengthened variation of the round face. The features of the cheeks, forehead and chin are soft without any noticeable sharp edges. The face exceeds the cheekbones in length, and the forehead, in turn, exceeds the jaw in width. If you don’t want to put emphasis on your curves, avoid cropped haircuts with bangs and fringes because you want to give your top hair some volume and length. Although it sometimes seems like the oval face shape lacks masculinity, it gives you tons of opportunities for conducting experiments.

Side Part

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As an oval is considered the perfect face shape, you are welcome to pick out from all of the men’s hairstyles available. The choice depends on your personal preferences and the occasion you are headed for. Thus, a side part is an ideal option for most situations, including formal and dressy events.


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With an oval face shape, you do not have to worry that any of your hairstyles, such as an undercut, for instance, will come out unflattering. Instead, an undercut look appears bold and contrasty, which works perfectly for an oval type of face. As you keep the focus on the top of your head, you can style it however you want.

For the oval shaped face, opt for the long on top and short on the sides haircuts, because they will make your face look longer and more balanced. To even out the round lines your face has, go with a slick back, undercut or the comb over with a fade. Also, you can try out the pomp, quiff, faux hawk or any voluminous hairstyle that’s short or medium in length. A beard will also add to the style, although it isn’t the most essential element.

Short length beard styles

Hairstyles For Square Faces

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Now, this is manly face shape. Guys with the square face shape have wide edgy jaws and high cheekbones. To make your symmetrical face features even more appealing, cut your sideburns short and make your fade high. To get the most out of your square face, choose the hairstyles that will make it a bit longer and narrower, like an undercut or a high skin fade. Avoid adding more thickness to your sides. As for the length, choose short to medium one.


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To draw attention away from your heavy jawline, resort to cuts that make your hair on the top of the head the focal point of the whole look. Thus, undercut styles are a perfect option for guys with the square face shape. It helps you not only to make your facial features softer but also gives you a plethora of styling options.

Side Part

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Side parted hairstyles look extremely flattering for square faces, as they accentuate your sharp masculine features while shifting the focus to the hair on top. You are free to choose any type of styling, from messy and casual to elegant and sophisticated. To soften your strong jawline a little bit, adorn it with a short stubble of facial hair.

To give you some ideas on the haircuts for the square-shaped face, we came up with the following options. The pomp will make the sharp lines of the face softer thanks to its natural textured look. The traditional side part will, on the contrary, enhance the strength of your jaw and cheekbones while keeping the look neat and clean with a vintage air. Also, you can try out rather short, like the buzz or crew cut, or a little longer, like a comb-over, a quiff or a slick back, haircuts. Ensure though that you pair them with a side undercut or fade. As a fun accessory, you can consider growing out a long beard.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

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The round face shape has a lot of things in common with the square face shape, except for the edgy lines and angles. The round face has an equal dimension in length and width, thus you’ll want to make it look slightly longer for added masculinity and sharpness. This can be achieved with short sides and back and voluminous top. In addition, regard asymmetrical hairstyles, like a comb over or a fringe swept to the side.

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A surefire way to elongate your round face is to go for a hairstyle with a quiff. It balances out the dimensions of your head and adds a stylish touch to the whole look. To draw attention to the quiff, complement the sides and back with a bald fade of any kind.


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When you undercut your hair, it allows you to bring attention to the hair atop of your head. Also, it makes your face visually longer. Thus, all undercut hairstyles are an ideal accompaniment for a round face. Besides, an undercut is so versatile that you can customize it depending on your personal style or preferences.

Different beards

To give your round face a more masculine look, go with spikes or a faux hawk on top while keeping your sides and back short. This will put more emphasis on the cheekbones and jawline. Besides, you can opt for the French crop, slick back undercut, pomp, quiff or comb over. Basically, any hairstyle with a side part or fringe will work great on you.

Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

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The diamond face shape is characterized by wide high cheekbones and a spiky chin. It’s quite sharp and long. This face shape can be complemented with hairstyles of different lengths, from short to long. If you want to soften up your edgy jawline, you’re welcome to harness a beard. Actually, you can grow out both, your head and facial hair, it won’t hurt at all.

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A diamond face shape and a quiff are literally made for each other. As your chin is pointy, a quiff creates a perfect balance for it. Disheveled or sleek is up to you to decide. However, if you want to accentuate the top, make it messy. To emphasize your prominent cheekbones, opt for a sleeker look.

Faux Hawk

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A faux hawk can help you to compensate for the narrow appearance of your forehead and chin compared to the cheekbones. Get the hair on the sides chopped off while leaving the abundance of locks on the top of the head. For more contrast, enhance the sides with a high bald fade.

For the diamond shaped face, it’s best to sport hairstyles with a lot of volume and fullness. You can make your jawline look softer while cheekbones stand out with a disheveled fringe. Moreover, comb over fade, brush up, faux hawk and long slicked back will look as good on you as any other hairstyle that has some texture. However, note that visually slimming your hair is undesirable, thus don’t go with a skin fade or undercut. Instead, choose a scissor cut or taper fade.

Hairstyles For Triangle Faces

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Another gem of geometrically defined men face shapes is the triangle face. The jawline exceeding the temple area and cheekbones in width is inherent in this face shape, which makes your appearance look edgy and angular. With this shape, you want to even out the massive chin and make the forehead seem thicker.

Side Parted

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If you have a triangle face, then there is no need for you to enhance the top. Thus, you can choose simple yet defined hairstyles, such as a side part, for example. The rest of the hair can be either tousled or neatly brushed. The style of it depends on the situation and your personal choice.

Fringe Up

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How to cut beard styles

As you have a prominent chin, you want to balance it out with the help of your hairstyle. Brushing the fringe up will fully give you what you are looking for. Do not forget to trim the sides and back shorter than the top to create more contrast and definition.

The triangle man’s face will benefit from the hairstyles that are short on the sides and long on top. To widen the temple area, choose tapered and low fade cuts. The perfect hairstyles for such a face shape are comb over, quiff, short pomp and the ones that include an angular fringe and side part.

Hairstyles For Oblong Faces

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The oblong face shape is often referred to as rectangular because it looks like a lengthened variation of the square face. The fun fact about the oblong shape is that you don’t need to balance it out as it’s already balanced by its even proportions. What’s remarkable about it is that its length exceeds its width greatly.

Side Parted

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You can never go wrong with a classic hairstyle no matter what face shape you have. Yet, for an oblong face, haircuts with defined lines are always a perfect choice. Thus, opt for a side parted style if you want to make your oblong face look more balanced and proportioned.

Fringe Up

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To point out that you are totally okay with your oblong face shape, you can go for a hairstyle that will make it even longer. Thus, a brushed up fringe can visually elongate your face and make you generally seem taller. For an added emphasis, the sides can be trimmed much shorter than the top.

If you have an oblong face, don’t get the hairstyles that make it even longer and avoid much volume on top and long beards. In case you want to shorten your long face a bit, think about getting a textured French crop or any hairstyle with a comb-over, slicked back or side part. If you’re after a really easy-to-maintain haircut, a buzz or crew cut will be the best choice. The same applies to your facial hair. Stick to a short beard or dense stubble, not more.

At the end of the day, all face shapes men have are unique, thus you’re welcome to experiment with your hairstyle as much as you like. Though, keeping in mind our recommendations will help you to get the most out of your face shape. And, of course, if you’re in doubt, you can always ask your barber for professional advice.
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