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When it gets down to being manly, what is the one thing that you need to have necessarily? The beard! Yes! It is what makes you look all hunky and macho. However, many times you don’t understand what kind of beard you should have. Well, there are many aspects to choosing the right beard style for you, which includes your face shape and other features of that contribute to it. Moreover, with this, you also need to keep in mind the type of your hair and the amount of growth that it gets. So are you ready to have some Macho Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair? Well, then let’s jump into the topic! But before that read about these Miracle Hair Masks to Increase Hair Growth in Just 7 Days Mens hair and beard style.

How do I find the right beard for my face shape?

The number one goal of your beard is to add dimensions to the way your face looks. Therefore, each face type requires a different type of beard style. This is essential because having a wrong beard style on your face can make it look unattractive.

There are four common face shapes

Square shape– The forehead and the jawline of the men with this shape face are almost equal with a little length at the chin.

The styles that go for you are

Round shape- The structure of your face is round with all dimensions of equal length. Your hairline is like a semicircle.

The styles that go for you are –

Oval face- This face is similar to the round face but your face has a little more length at the chin.

Best hairstyle with beard

The styles that go for you are

Rectangle face- This face shape has shape jawline that is equal to the forehead width. Also, your face is longer than the oval shape face.

The styles that go for you are

Gunslinger beard and moustache

This beard style is rocking the town like anything! In this style, you need to have your hair faded from the sides. Then have a subtle beard that is a little fuller at your chin. If you want, you can also add in two cuts in your fades!

When it comes to short hair, fades are something that you should definitely try! They make you hairstyle elegant. In this style, keep the beard hair near your ear faded and as you ascend towards your chin, have a sharp edgy cut. This style goes well with the round and oval faced men!

Messy styles are one of the most adorable styles that are loved by women. Why? Simply because it makes your look more reckless. For this style, you need to let your beard grow without trimming it for at least two weeks. Later if you need you can trim it with a 3-4 in your trimmer setting.

Different styles in beard

Edgy Chinstrap With A Subtle Mustache

As much as women love the reckless hunk, the boy next door is also something that charms women. And keeping an edgy chinstrap look with the little mustache whose has equal length hair with the beard is charming. Go for a side fade look with this beard style.

Spikes are something that we don’t believe will ever go out of style. So have your beard styled in a way it goes with it. A faded beard with a dimension at your chin is what you should get. Keep the soul patch a little thicker and style your hair with gel.

In this look, you need to have a box beard that has fades as it goes down from your cheek to your jawline. Then match the side fades of your hair with the fades of your beard to have a subtle transition. If you are round face shaped man, go for extra volume at your chin.

Well, this is a style that you will get after every clean shave. It is called the 3-day subtle beard because the length of the beard should be like the one that grows naturally after 3 days when you have a clean shave. Opt for spikes with this style to have a hunky look.

Having a fuller beard is not a child’s play! Moreover, it needs a lot of care and attention! For this beard style, grow your beard to have a thick and fuller beard. Then just shape it so that it looks even all over. This style will help you hide any double chin that is making your face look fat.

Before having the grown-up man look, you will have your beard in this style. To have this look, have your hair styled in subtle curls. The beard and mustache in this style will be of some length with a messy touch to it. Use beard oil to create this look!

Good short beard styles

The no shave November had men growing their beard fuller like crazy, so much so that it has now become a trend without the November! This beard style will require you to have a hell lot of patience to grow and then even more to maintain. Keep your beard trimmed from the lower ends of the length so that this style looks sexy.

Is a chinstrap beard in style?

Well, yes! The chinstrap has always been in style. Started back in the 18

century, the chinstrap beard is one of the beard styles that have a modern-day awakening in the era that follows by. You can have this style to have a more classic look, which you can easily transform into a modern look with just proper fashion. However, achieving this style requires great art in the hand of your barber or stylist.

Did you like these Macho Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair? We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed putting it up here for you. Remember, beards need to be taken care of a lot. So use beard oil for it and keep it sexy! With this, here are some Catchy Silver Hair Color Ideas for Women that you can tell your partner to have!
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