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There is no denying that guys are digging beard fashion these days with endless beard styles to choose from. Having a beard will sure turn heads on the street and we all know the chicks dig men with beards. Growing a beard allows you to show off your personality and personal style – plus a beard looks sick with a trendy outfit! Hottest beard styles.

An important fact to acknowledge about a man’s beard is just how precious it can become, understanding this and treating it with care is essential. Beards come in all shapes and sizes and require varying beard maintenance and beard grooming techniques to accurately style to perfection.

We are delighted to have educator expert Matthew Jessop from London School of Barbering share his tips on beards in this exclusive article. He gives tips on how to achieve specific beard looks and general tips that all guys should be following for stellar grooming which will result in beard success!

The Rugged Stubble

This is a relatively easy look to achieve and maintain. Minimal effort at least once a week with a quick trim to make sure you do not go past the rugged look and into the unkept caveman realm.

Using a decent beard trimmer set to a low grade and rubbed all over the growth area is as simple as it gets with this type of beard maintenance.

The Mid Length Sharp Finish

A common look for the bearded masses requiring somewhat greater clipper skills and introducing a razor for that clean lined finish. This mid length beard is a good look for guys who want a subtle beard.

Latest short beard styles

This will require a longer grade on the clipper, no doubt with a bit of finer detailed work around the lip line for the moustache. Matt recommends a disposable blade shavette for the razor work on the exterior to achieve a solid line for that sharp finish.

Run the long clipper grade all over for a consistent length that will hug the natural face shape, remove the clipper guard and use the naked blade around the edges to create the exterior shape, before refining with the shavette. When using the razor blade; be sure to handle with care as they can be very unforgiving, but are very efficient at achieving the look. Matthew’s preference is to use a shaving gel over cream, as it is a lot clearer to work with. Make sure you pull the skin in the opposite direction of the movement of the blade to create tension in the skin, take your time and keep checking you are balancing the shape in the mirror.

The Hipster Wedge

This is a super strong and manly look that all beard enthusiasts long to achieve, but lack the patience to produce.

Matt’s preferred technique to use for this beard look is free hand clipper work to achieve that boxy shape. A large toothed comb will allow you to get through those pesky matted knots and is an essential tool allowing you to pull all the hair out to reveal its full potential before sculpting.

Once fully combed out, start by reducing the length and weight in the sides by carefully working the clipper downwards from the sideburns to the bottom corners to create the outside shape. With chin lifted high work the wedge shape by keeping the belly of the clipper blade facing up, starting at the front and working towards the neck to achieve the bottom of your wedge. Keep combing it out to check the shape as you work around the beard, it is important to use the mirror to build balance. Use a smaller comb for the moustache and trim into shape; small scissors are commonly used for finer detail on longer moustaches.

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Top Things To Keep In Mind If You Have A Beard:

Be patient, sometimes beards can take time to grow to the desired length you want. The trick is to keep it trimmed and to keep applying products to it to help it grow.

Trim it regularly, this is extremely important to stimulate the growth and to keep it in shape. Trimming it regularly will also avoid your beard getting into a bad state and becoming patchy in places. There is a misconception that letting your beard grow for weeks and not trimming it will help it grow quicker, but this will only damage the quality of it.

Take care of it by using oils and creams. Applying these products onto your beard will make it look and feel clean and healthy. It will also ensure that your beard doesn’t dry out – this is not a good look! Applying oil onto your beard is important, as the oil from your face won’t reach the full length of your beard.

Wash it and comb it regularly for your beard to stay strong and healthy. Washing it regularly will also ensure that your beard doesn’t smell.

Be careful with razor blades, as you don’t want to cut your skin or take off too much hair that may make your beard look out of proportion or that you’ve had a bad cut at your barbers!

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