Beard and hairstyles 2016. Top 5 Beard Trends of 2017 - Grow and groom your beard right. Saint Beard: Grooming products for men

A beard can never go out of fashion. That is precisely what makes it evergreen! But that being said, keeping a fully well- groomed beard has gradually become the defining fashion trend in the recent past. Hottest beard styles.

Here are the top 5 hottest beard styles of the year, that has been taking the fashion world by a storm.

Made famous by the one and only Robert Downey Jr, a balbo beard became the go-to trend for people after the famous actor appeared in his Iron Man and Avengers Movie, sporting the look! It’s fairly easy to maintain and looks best on men with a narrow chin!

This beard is symbolic of one’s true love for their beard. Popularised by Eric Bandholz whose love for his beard made him quit the corporate world so that he can grow a full beard and later on turn that into his business, the Bandholz is still going strong. Suits men with a triangular, diamond or oval shaped face, the bandholz requires patience to grow and keep.

Beard shaving ideas

This is the perfectly unkempt-kempt look. The Garibaldi is like a shorter version of a bandholz. It requires lesser management and lesser time to grow. With a precisely trimmed moustache, this look is best for someone with an oval shaped face.

The circle beard is a classic! It’s the most formal kind and suits people who need to look sharp and presentable without letting go of their beard. A circle beard is a combination of a stache and a rounded goatee and sits best on a round-shaped face.

The Imperial is ideally a look with just a moustache and no beard. But this trend has been made face by the likes of Mel Gibson who have kept the stache with side burns and chin beard. The facia hair should be such that it doesn’t take the attention away from the moustache. Best for men who have a rectangular or oblong face!

Different shaving styles for men

We hope this helped you get ideas about what to do with your beard now that you’ve started growing it. It’s always best to pick one that goes with your facial structure and the amount of time you can devote to maintaining. What's stopping you? Start growing your beard with Saint Beard now!
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