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Today’s men are often just as trendy as today’s women. Most modern men like to stay up-to-date on fashion trends, and this is not limited to just their clothes. Hair, including facial hair, is an important part of fashion. Just as with ordinary hair styles, when choosing a facial hair style you need to take into account the shape of your head. Ideally, the way you style your facial hair should tie in with the way you style the rest of your hair and should set off your facial structure to the best possible advantage. The problem, of course, is that it can sometimes be difficult to determine what type of facial hair suits you the best. These suggestions should help give you some ideas. Hottest beard styles.

#1: The 5 o’clock Shadow

If you have an oblong or rectangular face, you may want to try the style known as the 24/7 5 o’clock Shadow. This style will help you make your face look a little thicker or rounder; it an also work well for men suffering from a receding hairline, since it minimizes the noticeability of the condition. Jake Gyllenhall, Ryan Seacrest and Bradley Cooper are all well-known men who have worn this facial hair style.

#2: The Circle Beard

The classic, traditional circle beard style is perfect for men with round faces. Be warned, however, that you should be careful how you groom a circle beard. You want to make sure you do not over compensate and lose the effect the beard is trying to create. For example, you will need to keep your sideburns trimmed back. A properly groomed circle beard can help make your face appear more oval as well as more defined. Men who have been seen sporting this style include Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio and George Clooney.

Amazing beard styles

#3: The Full Beard

Believe it or not, the full beard really can still be stylish. The main difference between modern full beards and the mountain man monstrosities of years past is that now you want to make sure that your beard is kept light and well-trimmed. The full beard works well for men who have a square-shaped face since it can help give your face a softer and more slender look. Harrison Ford, Ryan Reynolds and even Ryan Gosling have all worn this style of beard.

#4: Other Options

Of course, you might not want to use a beard to modify the appearance of your face so much as simply to give you a look that is stylish and modern. You have plenty of choices here depending on your personal preference. The rock music scene provides several popular examples, including the goatee, the petit goatee, the soul patch, the horseshoe mustache and the chin strip beard. If you prefer more of a clean-cut business look, a classic, neatly trimmed mustache or mustache and goatee combo never goes out of style. Frankly, no matter what facial hair style you prefer, the most important thing to remember is simply that you should always keep it neatly groomed. A scraggly or unkempt beard can counteract any look you are trying to achieve.

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