Different beard styles for men. 10 Beard Styles That You Should Try In 2019,

10 Beard Styles That You Should Try In 2019 are as follows:– Top ten beard styles.

1. Full Beard

Growing a full Beard is a rite of passage up there with learning to drive, drinking your first pint (not at the same time, mind) and buying your first ‘grown-up’ watch.

But like skiing, losing weight or shooting hoops, it’s one of those things that’s decidedly harder than it looks. The fuller the beard, the more maintenance it requires and the more problems you’re likely to encounter.

Take time to look after it, though, and you’ll always have something to stroke when the dog’s not around.

2. The Short Beard

A dialled-down, neater and altogether less lumberjacky version of the full beard, the short beard is a more versatile, understated and office-friendly alternative – perfect if you’re fending off a boss who’s phobic of facial hair.

Guys like Ryan Reynolds, Jon Hamm and George Clooney have all used this style to add gravitas and insulation to their faces in recent years (and look what it’s done for them).

The ideal hirsute middle ground – kept tidy, but not overly preened – a short beard sits just as comfortably alongside a suit during the nine-to-five as it does down the pub at the weekend (where everyone will definitely have #BeardEnvy).

Beard styles for different faces

3. Stubble Beard

Back in the 1930s, stubble wasn’t quite the uber-cool style statement it is today. Back then it was a sign that a man was lazy or down on his luck (‘five o’clock shadow’ was a term concocted by a razor company to encourage men to shave twice a day so as not to appear slovenly).

Nowadays, it’s a widely accepted halfway house between being clean-shaven and rocking a full-on Seasick Steve.

Of all the facial hair styles available to man (you just have to stop shaving for a few days). It’s also the simplest to maintain; and the one that suits most face shapes.

Given that a study by Northumbria University found women prefer men with stubble and with research from grooming brand Remington showing that one in five men actually feel sexier with a few days growth, it might just be your secret weapon come that hot date, too.

4. The Goatee

10 Beard Styles That You Should Try In 2019, Short on effort, big on style, the goatee has long been the facial hair choice for rockstars, intellectuals and those with a wayward, rebellious streak.

Essentially, this refers to any style featuring hair above the lip and on the chin only, sometimes connected to create a frame for the mouth. In short, it’s the artistic, slightly villainous brother of the beard.

How to style men's beards

5. The Beardstache

It’s a polarising style that has been called everything from the hot new thing to the facial hair equivalent of a mullet, but when done right it oozes masculinity.

Those who have experimented with the style include everyone from designer Patrick Grant to actor Jamie Dornan and model-turned-DJ Chris Camplin.

Like the standalone ’stache, there’s something inescapably 1970s porno about the style, but it’s fun, shows you have an experimental side and there’s a practical aspect too since it’s the perfect lightweight alternative to a full beard come summer.

6. Short Beard With Mustache

10 Beard Styles That You Should Try In 2019 Suitable for men with square and oval facial shapes. The beard is allowed to grow down to the jawline. Sideburns are allowed to grow into the main beard and shaped with the chin. The mustache is then allowed to grow into an inverted form without coming into contact with the beard. They are then closely trimmed to appear clean and nice.

7. Mustache Style

The sideburns are allowed to grow and meet the chin beard. It is a very simple style and very clean. The growth time takes few weeks or even months. The sideburns near the mustache are shaved and curled at the ends by waxing the curls. The style appears very attractive to many men who are in fashion today.

8. Faded Beard

It is good for men with square and oval facial shapes. The beards are usually shorter; that is the sideburns are faded into the main beard. The main beard has a square cut and is allowed to grow down the chin, and then trimmed toe essentially become very flat at the bottom end or line.

Best beard styles

9. Balbo Style

Named after one of the fellows from Mussolini’s fascist squad; Italo Balbo, the Balbo beard style is a really interesting one.

It’s popular among men with weaker cheek growth but strong mustache & chin growth, but some men with full beard growth also sport it since it can give a slimming effect on the face. This style of facial hair suits multiple face shapes, but is considered best fit for the “diamond” shape.

10. The Yeard

10 Beard Styles That You Should Try In 2019, The yeard is a cool little project. A time-consuming one for sure, as it is what it sounds like…. is a years worth of facial hair growth without trimming or shaping. The yeard is is a full year of uninterrupted beard growth. The goal is to grow your beard for 12 months without shaving or excessive trimming. beard at this length have reached a milestone and are of course much fuller and longer than any regular beard.

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