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It seems beards are trending in men’s fashion in 2017 as keeping a beard give more of a machos appearance. Apart from being cool and stylish in what they wear, most of the men like to be famous for their unique and highlighted beard styles. Top ten beard styles.

There are numerous trendy beard styles for all men with different face shape and skin tone. These modish beard styles have always drawn inspiration from people who are not cautious to push the boundaries. Some of the top trendy beard styles being unique in look help men to have an attractive personality.

So for all those men who like to have a featured look by modifying and modernizing their beard styles here, we are listing down top 10 trending beard styles for 2017 which completely make over your look.

Most Trending Imperial Styles 2017

This is one of the most preferred beard styles popularized by Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand. It was just a community that provides information to enthusiasts who like to experiment with beard styles and want to keep their beard at its finest condition. What’s so nice about the Bandholz is the freeness as you can keep it freely unlike other beard styles.

This particular beard style suits best to Triangle, Oblong, Oval, Inverted Triangle, or Diamond face shapes.

ADDRESS: B-35 Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar-IV New Delhi

As the name itself suggests, it is as plain as its name that is a uniform length throughout. This is one of the perfect beard styles for young professionals with an indistinguishable and classy look.

This beard style suits square, oval and round shaped face with elegance.

ADDRESS: Malviya Nagar, 45/1, Corner Market, New Delhi – 110017

Nowadays, the Balbo beard style is touching the sky after being the most famous beard styles. The credit for making this look famous goes to Robert Downey, Jr., a renowned American actor who excelled the top grossing films like The Avengers and Iron Man. He has been maintaining this look for years. It matches his features quite well as he has a thin chin. It is one of the most famous beard styles in Hollywood.

Yes, this is one of the beard styles that suit all with thin chin.

ADDRESS: A-41, Lajpat Nagar-II, Next to Metro Pillar No.17 New Delhi-11002

Different styles of beards and mustaches

Most of the middle-aged men wish to have a specific look, that’s circle beard the “standard” one. It is a combination of mustache and rounded goatee beard styles. It looks organized and presentable, making it the perfect option for all men who like to look charismatic without letting go of their beard. Maximum of the stars in Bollywood carry circle beard styles.

People with oval and round shaped faces must carry this beard style without any second thought.

ADDRESS: A-206 Krishna Market Lajpat Nagar 1

The mannish and much-favored beard style by men among all the beard styles is the full beard. It is certainly something a man must not miss this 2017! A well-groomed full beard is much more eye-catching than any other as it accentuates the features better.

This beard style is perfect for the men with Diamond, Triangle or Inverted Triangle face shape.

ADDRESS: J-13/44A, Opp. ICICI Bank, Near Nucleas Gym, Major Sudesh Kumar Marg, Rajouri Garden Extension, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

This is the simplest and one of the trending short beard styles among. The short stubble beard style is something that you can easily maintain. No “special” method is required just to achieve the look. Along with looking tidy, it helps achieve the manliest look.

ADDRESS: S – 23, Ground Floor, Janta Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027

Well, if you don’t like to trim the short stubble, then the one that is left with you is medium stubble. If not make you look scruffy a little bit it will surely bring out your machismo image. For this, you have to maintain it properly.

It is also suitable for all face types and one of the best beard styles for boys.

ADDRESS: Shop Number – 2, Jwala Heri Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi – 110063


With about 6mm, the long stubble is quite a tricky to retain as compared to its short and medium alternatives. A man willing to carry this particular beard style has to trim the beard well to get rid of stray hairs, especially from those growing on the cheek. Go on and groom yourself with this most trending beard styles.

A maximum number of men with macho personality prefer this style. This has made it one of the preferred beard styles for men. Yet another important reason is it suits all face types.

ADDRESS: B-1/20, Paschim Vihar (Near Jain Mandir, Main Road) New Delhi – 110063

This beard style depicts the elegance and sophistication among men as it belongs to royal class people. Derived from a popular Flemish painter from the 17th century, Anthony Van Dyke, it has huge followers. Being his signature look, it is famous among young men preferable and is a mixture of beard styles goatee and mustache, with a much delicate precision.

Image Source:

ADDRESS: G-17/1A First Floor, Back lane Market, Above HDFC ATM, New Delhi-110027

You can get an idea about its title only. Well, this is the important beard style for anyone who doesn’t have the time to maintain their facial hair regularly. If find the route for this style, celebrity David Beckham is the one who carries this look all the time. This style carries an independent mustache, trimmed and pointing down towards the rest of the beard.

This is also suitable to any face type.

ADDRESS: J-13/50, Ground Floor, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110027

Taking care of the beard is a prominent step and this should be done appropriately. If you are with longer beards then you are required to do thorough care to keep it resplendent. It is important to keep it clean at all times as it can be a good haven for bacteria. Hence, it can make you susceptible to infection.

Wash it regularly using a mild shampoo and conditioner so as keep it clean and smoother.

Beard with short mustache

After washing, gently dry it using a soft cotton towel.

Use a wide-toothed comb to resolve any tangle.

Also, use beard oils and waxes to keep it well-groomed.

Apply ammonia-free hair coloring agents to attain shades in beard styles.

What has been found in a study is that some people like employers, parents, and people who matter in somebody’s life still don’t like the unkempt hobo-esque look. Still, beards are in a trend that expresses the uniqueness of a man’s personality. Also, a properly groomed and well-kept beard is still favored and truly looks awesome among the men who are cleanly shaven.

Well, we hope that you have picked one of the coolest among these trending list of top beards style and sooner going to follow it as your distinctive persona.

For more information about the stylists who can help you get-up-and-go with such amazing looks without much hassle, visit Olready!

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