Top ten beard styles. How To Grow A Beard IN 2019 – A Complete Guide To Full Facial Hair

Beard is considered a sign of masculinity, power, fertility, leadership, and even wisdom. It didn't start today - men like Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and even Leonardo da Vinci all have beards styles women found irresistible. Every man desires an opportunity to show off a thick and luxurious beard that will get them the sexy, manly look women find irresistible. Facial beard.

While some achieve perfect beard, not every man who desires to grow a beard actually achieve this objective. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and improper skin care techniques may be the reasons why you haven't been able to grow a lovely thick beard like every other male figure you admire.

Growing a beard is relatively easy but growing the "perfect" beard takes more work. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for what feels like an eternity to grow the type of beard other men grew effortlessly. In fact, most people have given up on the hope of ever growing a perfect thick full facial hair. If you have tried and failed before, this article won't fail you. Congratulations, you will finally learn what it takes to grow a perfect, thick, full facial beard in this article. Keep on reading to find out more.

Why You Haven't Been Able to Grow Full Thick Facial Beard?

Some men just can't grow beards, no matter how hard they try. There are tons of reasons why you may be struggling to grow a thick beard. Some of the reasons include:

You don't have the right genes

You don't have the right hormone

You have low testosterone

You don't know how to take care of your skin

You don't use the right skin products

Beard trimmer

You don't get enough exercise

You are suffering from a certain illness

You are expecting too much too soon

If you are a victim of any of these problems mentioned above, you may find yourself struggling to grow a beard. Don't worry, with the right guide, you can finally break the jinx and grow a beard that will be the envy of hipsters and catapult your social life to "Ultima" level. Just so you know, there are tons of beard styles available. However, all perfect beards have some qualities in common. These qualities include:

Thickness: This is the number of hairs in your beard

Length: the longevity of your beard

Fresh: A shiny beard that looks clean and groomed

Liveliness: a beard that looks full of life

Guide: How To Grow A Thick Beard Fast

Different long beard styles

Now you know why you are not growing a beard, let's take a look at how you can actually grow a thick facial beard fast. Follow the guide below to grow a beard fast:

1. Increase Your Hormone Levels

Every man needs hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to grow a beard. If you have been unable to grow a beard or it is happening too slowly for you, it means you have a low supply of these important hair hormones. It could also mean that your body's sensitivity to these hormones is low.

Since both testosterone and DHT occurs naturally in the body, you will need to use natural methods such as eating more proteins, carbs, and vegetable to stimulate the production of these hormones. You can also eat good fats and hit the gym as soon as possible.

2. Keep Your Face Clean

Your face needs to stay clean at all times to grow a thick beard fast. Buy a moisturizer with eucalyptus and make use of it to clean your face daily. Keep your face moisturized and conditioned every time you step out.

3. Avoid Touching Your Beard/Face Too Often

Stop pulling your beard all the time, it won't make it grow any faster. In fact, you stand to lose some beard hair when you constantly touch it. Besides, there may be bacteria in your hand that can impede the growth of facial hair if you touch your beard or face constantly.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress isn't good for your health and not good for beard-growth either. So always get enough sleep and do whatever you can to avoid stress. This will help you fasten the growth of your facial beard.

5. Take More Beard-Friendly Foods

Some natural foods can give you the nutrients you need to grow a thick full facial beard faster. Ideally, you can focus on eating a well-balanced diet. But if you want to see a faster result, make sure you eat foods that are rich in:

Beta-carotene such as sweet potatoes

Biotin and iron such as liver

Types of beards and facial hair

6. Give Your Skin A Weekly Treat

To grow a full facial hair, your skin needs to be clean and healthy. This is possible only if you practice weekly exfoliation of your skin. This will help you to remove dead skin cells from your face and stimulate new hair growth. You can easily exfoliate your mask by wearing a facial exfoliating mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then remove and rinse off the mask with lukewarm water.

7. Reduce Alcohol and Smoking

While you are trying to grow a thick facial hair, you should consider reducing the amount of alcohol you take and quitting smoking. Both works against your facial hair growth. Studies have shown that smoking can lead to hair loss.

8. Drink Plenty of Water and Get Enough Rest

Dehydration is bad for your health and definitely bad for hair-growth. It is recommended you should have at least 7 glasses of water every day as an adult. Take a water bottle with you everywhere you go to ensure you never go dehydrated. At the end of the day, make sure you have at least, 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Staying hydrated and getting enough rest will lead to a significant improvement in your health and beard growth.

9. Take Biotin Daily

Researchers recommend intake of biotin for faster beard growth. This dietary supplement helps hair and nails to grow faster. Take 2.5mg of biotin daily. Fortunately, it is over-the-counter medication, you can even get it online. There are also other FDA-approved supplements that can help your beard growth.

10. Hit the Gym

Remember, you need exercise to grow hair faster. As a man hit the gym and lift weights. This will help you produce and circulate more testosterone. Exercises aid circulation. You will see an improvement in your beard growth with more exercises such as weight-lifting and aerobics.


As you can see, how well your beard grows depends on the number of efforts you are willing to put into it. There are tons of beard styles available. Before growing a beard, you should already know the style you want. This will help you groom your beard properly. Choose a beard style that accentuates your jawline to give you a more formidable manly look. As your beard starts becoming more prominent, don't forget to invest in beard oil to keep it clean, fresh, and well-groomed.

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