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Switching from a traditional shaver to an electric razor can be a revelatory experience. They make shaving a much quicker experience, make it unnecessary to regularly stock up on replacement blades, and let you shave without worrying about slicing open your face. Of course, not all electric razors are created equal, so you want to make sure you pick up the right one. Mens shaving style.

First, you need to choose between a foil or rotary shaver. A foil shaver has oscillating blades that move back and forth at high speeds, while a rotary razor has round spinning blades. Next, you’ll want to think about the price, which can be all over the map. The more expensive the electric razor, for the most part, the more tricked-out it is, with trimming attachments and self-cleaning options. Some work best when used on dry skin, while others are great with shaving creams and gels.

And here’s a tip from Dr. Jeremy Fenton of the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York on how to get the perfect close shave: “Cleanse the face first. Soften the beard. I highly recommend either shaving in the shower or immediately after the shower. If you choose the former, a good investment is a small, anti-fog shower mirror. If you want to really soften the beard, take a towel and wet it, warm it in the microwave and let it sit on the skin for several minutes prior to shaving.”

With that in mind, here are some very popular electric razor options, at all price points, to fit all your electric razor and beard needs.

Pros: You can use the trimmer with or without power. The electric razor and trimmer also comes with three combs, each a different length, so you can experiment with various beard and mustache styles until you find whatever it is you love. And you can use it in the shower.

Cons: It tends to get clogged, and you don’t get the options and add-ons of higher-priced razors.

Pros: You can choose between five personalized shaving modes, to decide whether you’re going for a smooth look, or some stubble. This foil shaver has 8-D contour adaptation, meaning it has a flexible head and floating shaving elements to adapt to your skin and capture hair in less obvious areas. You clean it with running water.

Cons: It’s a solid, comfortable razor, but the replacement blades are not cheap.

Different types of beards

Pros: For an electric razor with over 3,500 reviews, a 4.1-star average is damn impressive, particularly at a price way lower than that of other beloved options. There’s also the fact that it’s easy to rinse out under the faucet and recharge on the included stand.

Cons: Some reviewers have said that the foils on this shaver can wear out quickly, which can defeat the purpose of going with a budget model.

Pros: We love the five-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge station that removes gross shaved stubble to clean the shaver hygienically. Plus, it automatically lubricates and charges your shaver, meaning every day our razor feels brand new. The average shaving time is 50 minutes. And this foil electric razor weighs two pounds.

Cons: The verdict seems to be that some people have to go over the same spots multiple times to get a truly close shave. Plus, the cost isn’t exactly optimal.

Pros: The bottom line is, this rotary electric razor charges fast in just an hour, gives you a close shave, and is easy to clean. It comes with a c lick-on beard styler that lets your choose between five length settings.

Cons: The cutter heads need to be replaced most frequently than in other razors. And you have to manually clean it.

Pros: The price! Plus, it’s waterproof, has a pop-up beard trimmer that trims sideburns and your facial hair. You can use it in the shower. It has a USB charger and universal voltage so it’s great for travel.

Modern men's beard styles

Cons: You get what you pay for, because the charging capabilities are iffy at best. And the battery can stop holding a charge on a whim. Plus, this razor is harsher on your face than its competitors, so not ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Pros: It’s cordless, which is a major win. It has five ultra-thin, ultra-sharp blades cut hair evenly. The foil electric razor charges in just 40 minutes, and fans swear by its consistently close shave.

Cons: It uses lithium ion rechargeable batteries, meaning there’s no charging or cleaning station, like you get with more expensive models.

Pros: The price is right, and this is what barbers use. It has a heavy-duty eight-foot cord that gives you plenty of movement. This is meant for guys with beards, looking for beard styling and management.

Cons: No bells or whistles. And blade replacement is no joke. You need to do this manually, using tools, and you need to oil the blades before and after each use.

Pros: This portable shaver comes with a twist cap which not only protects the foil when not in use, but also acts as a handle extension for a comfortable grip when you’re shaving. It even has a slide-out long hair trimmer, so can keep the ‘stache stylish.

Cons: It’s battery-operated, which can be a headache when your batteries inevitably die.

Choosing a beard style

Pros: This dual-function shaver has ultra-thin and hypo-allergenic gold titanium foils and staggered, independently floating cutters. Meaning, you get a close, smooth shave that won’t torture your skin.

Cons: It can scratch the skin, and it can be too loud for some guys.

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