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You may have heard about this thing called “ No Shave November.” The movement has been gaining popularity every single year since it started in 1999 in Australia. Originally called “Movember” from the combination of the words mustache and November, it got its current name when it became popular in the US. It started out as a simple movement to grow your mustache for a month to raise awareness for cancer but grew to include beards, too. If you want to participate, it’s easy! All you have to do is not shave your facial hair from November 1 to November 30. Those who are new to the facial hair game may be wondering how to look fashionable with whiskers. Here are a few suggestions. Goatee facial hair styles.

Achieving full facial hair greatness will probably take you longer than a month. Most full beards take anywhere from six months to a year to grow in. However, if you’re already rocking some facial hair by the time No Shave November rolls around, you will probably be able to get a full look by not shaving or trimming. One such style is called the Verdi Beard. This is a full beard on the bottom and an even more exciting mustache on top. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a handlebar style, but it should look kind of old-timey. The full natural style is also a great choice. You just have to grow out the hair and let it flow, no work required.

If you’re going from clean shaven to not shaving at all, a short or partial beard style is certainly going to be more suitable for you. A chinstrap might remind you of NSync star Kevin Fatone during his glory days. It consists of a thin line of hair around the face, usually with a goatee and a short mustache. A round beard creates a circle shape of facial hair from your nose to your chin. It includes a mustache and beard with a goatee too. All you really have to do to get this style is shave the sides of your face.

Short hairstyle with beard

Get creative with your No Shave November antics. Try a pair of sideburns for a while, or grow your beard in a creative shape with line work that will make people want to go to your barber, too. Some brave participants enjoy putting accessories like Christmas lights or a beard braid in their locks to make an unforgettable style. They both will turn heads and bring awareness to the important cause of the month, cancer.

Guys, if you have more hair to work with in your beard than on top of your head it might be time to do something about your hair loss. At Transitions Hair Loss Centers, we offer all proven hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for men. To find the Transitions location nearest you click here.

Awesome beard styles

Beard styles for men with less facial hair
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