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In the year 2018, it seems that beards are trending. Keeping a beard is stylish and staying in fashion. More and more folks from generation-X are now sporting a beard. This was not common previously. People of present generation love to flaunt beards of different sizes and styles. It is a lie if you say that you don’t get impressed by men with beards. We are indeed impressed by men with beards. But, no one likes that hobo-esque unkempt look. If you keep a beard, it should be well groomed. It is important to use beard accessories to come up with best styles of beards. Well-kept beards look awesome and are preferred greatly.

The ones who are beard enthusiasts, they can know about the best beard styles of 2018 from this section. Whether you want to sport classic stubble or wish for the look of Jim Carey Yeard, you will find every kind of look covered here. Celebrities cast great influence when it comes to fashion, culture, and grooming is no exception. We all tend to imitate the rocking hairstyle or rocking beard that celebrities sports. In short, stylists do copy the rocking styles of celebrities. This is why the section focuses on iconic celebrity beard styles. You will also get to know the ways to grow such beards, the kinds of faces for which they are suitable.

Yeard Style of Beard Is Popular in 2019

It is perhaps the best beard style which is easy to grow. Jim Carrey is the inspiration behind it who cared least for his beard and came up with a Yeard. It is the type of beard where you let grow a beard with minimum care, and after a year you shape it. This is a kind of wild beard which is easiest to grow. Actually you don’t do anything and the beard grows all by own. If you are confused about the look you will have, you may even give up before a year’s time and trim it the way you want.

The best part about Yeard beard style is that it is meant for every face. If you already have a style in mind, just let the beard grow wild and trim it after a year’s time or rather shape it.

The All Natural Beard Style Inspired By Keanu

Are you willing to grow a beard and are not sure of the style? The All Natural Beard is popular in 2018. This beard style is inspired by Keanu who is humble and doesn’t crave for too much attention. This is a beard style where you need to care for it and constantly trim it. No matter how much you care and trim, there is always the room for improvement.

When the facial hair grows, trim it and let it remain to a shorter length. Here you don’t need to shave the neck line. You can trim the front and sides. The beard style is the balance of natural and unkempt look but seems intentional. It is again meant for any of the face shapes. Indeed, you may adjust the facial hair to your face shape. Herein lays the beauty of this beard style.

Full Beard Style: The Style That Rules 2019

Brad Pitt, the Hollywood actor is known for sporting variety of styles like going clean-shaven, keeping a simple moustache, keeping a full on beard or rather having a goatee. Now he is up with full beard style, the best beard style of 2018.

This sort of beard is pretty easy to grow. The facial hair is trimmed much thinner and shorter towards the sides. The beard grows longer from the chin. Cut the side burns and let it grow towards the side of the beard. Brad Pitt loves to sport unkempt beard style but you may definitely tidy it up. It all depends on your style and preference. The ones who have much wider cheekbones can sport this style. The beard style has distinct depth which reduces prominence of cheeks. If you have a long and oval shape face, then this beard style is not suitable for you.

Beard styles for long beards

Keeping a Mustache

Mustache is again inspired by James Franco, the laid back artistic and a relaxed personality. Moustache suits the guy but may appear a bit of grease ball. Ultimately, it fits him well. He is the kind of guy who can roll or move with the kind of look he has.

Guys who can’t grow beard but want to have facial hair, they may grow a moustache. Franco may have stubble at times, but at other times he sports a goatee. When it comes to moustache, it is not restricted to any one kind. There may be several kinds. It works well for any of the face shapes. You have to trim moustache accordingly.

Lined Up Beard style

Drake loves to keep Lined Up beard in a crisp and fresh style. Drake is a Canadian export who is the most renowned recording artist in the entire world. A lot many eyeballs are hooked on him. When he takes the performing stage on tour, the look of Drake is always pixel-perfect. The style that Drakes love to flaunt is much different from that of Brad Pitt. While Brad Pitt loves to flaunt messy and unkempt beard, Drakes loves to maintain crisp beard.

Drake beard or Drake Lined up beard is not quite easy for anyone to grow. If you want to grow such beard, you have to make sure that lines are clear and flawless. Lined Up beard needs very good care and only then it seems its best. To get things lined up properly, you need to look for a good barber. If you are planning to have lined-up beard, look for a barber who is the best in your city.

On any of the faces, Lined Up beard can work. You have the liberty to adapt its lines to your face shape. Similar styles of beards are popular in 2018.

Balbo: Inspired by Christian Balbo

We can say that Christian Bale is the greatest of actors of this generation. Christian Bale is more popular nowadays for making some insane transformation to his body and style. In between the movie shoots, he has gained and lost many a pounds. Apart from this, his beard has also undergone several transformations. The Balbo beard is something which perfectly suits Christian Balbo. In order to grow this sort of beard, one has to shave the sideburns completely, leave out blank space in between the beard and hair. The moustache thereby floats and it is time to disconnect that from the beard. This is exactly what Balbo is. Along with the lower neck, the cheeks are also shaved.

When it comes to face shapes, Balbo is suitable for variety of them including round shape, heart shape, diamond shape, etc. If anyone has a triangle shaped face, Balbo will not suit him. In that case, it will just highlight the large jawline.

Extended Goatee and Bend It like Beckham

Extended Goatee is another popular style of beard in the year 2018. We cannot say that Extended Goatee really helped David Beckham to win the spice girl, but it also did not hurt things. Extended Goatee is the style of beard whereby the moustache is connected to the beard and there are no side burns. The style of beard is a lot different from Balbo. This is so because the beard is connected to moustache and is not detached. There is no floating moustache here. If you want to grow Extended Goatee, grow the beard first and then trim it to suit the face and style.

Face dadhi style

If you have oblong face shape, it will suit you well. It is also preferred by the ones who have patchier growth of hair on the face. This is so because you shave off most of your hair in the meanwhile.

George Clooney’s Touch of Scruff

Thepopular beard style, namely, Touch of Scruff is inspired by George Clooney which you may sport even when carrying a formal look. Whether or not you are a style icon, you can always have that touch of scruff which looks well cared for. There is no need to appear messy or full on mess when you can have touches of beard on face and look stylish.

The short and thick beard looks well cared for. It is not the kind of beard style where you have to trim and maintain the beard rigorously. The kind of beard style gives you room for breathing while looks sharp at the same time. It is even more suitable if your hairstyle is sleek. You can say that the beard style is pretty messier but it is very much in contrast to the hairstyle you have.

This sort of beard can be kept by anyone. It hardly matters what the face shape is.

Salt N Pepper Beard Style: The Rocking Beard Style of 2019

There was a time when Ben Affleck used to be clean shaven but no more. At present, he rocks 5’ O Clock shadow the most. Salt N Pepper is a popular beard style and it seems that this beard style has grown with Ben. It is a matured kind of short beard that looks good. This sort of beard style is perfect for men who can grow thicker beard. Here in the style of beard, there isn’t any extra length to compensate for any patchiness. If you have thin beard, don’t go for this. You may just grow a long beard. Only when you can grow fuller beard, you should go for Ben Affleck Salt N Pepper beard style. Apart from this, it is the beard style that merges well with short hairstyles. For those strong defined lines, you should have well-trimmed beard and moustache.

It is again the beard style that works well for any of the face shapes. Although the beard style is short, you may still sculpt it.

James Harden’s Fear the Beard

You already know how James Harden performs. He is indeed the beast of the ball court who knows no stopping. As the man is so very imposing, just any kind of beard won’t suit him. Look at his pictures years ago and he looks so incomplete without a beard. His now-iconic Fear the Beard suits him the most.

When asked during the interview how James Harden cares for the beard, he replied that he has a personal barber who looks after his beard. He shampoos, combs and trims his beard and takes best care. In order to grow this kind of beard, you may just have short hairs initially that moves down thicker and bushier. Drake beard is bushier.

Best mens beard styles

Maintain a Uniform beard

Uniform beard is the kind of beard where the beard has uniform length or shape. This is the sort of beard where the length is not too much. It can be 2 inches from the chin having a rounded and well shaped tip. For all the working professionals, this sort of beard is perfect. This kind of beard is just perfect for face shapes like round, square and oval.

Bandholz: Beard Style Popular Among X Folks

This is the beard style which is extremely popular among the generation X. If you like to go with the flow and keep changing the beard style, then this style you must try out. It can take at least 6 months for you to grow Bandholz beard. After the beard grows long, you may trim it to the desired length. It suits people with triangle faces, oval and diamond face shapes.

The Razor Edge Can Never Move Out of Style

This is one of the best beard styles that can never go out of fashion. To grow Razor Edge beard, you need to get rid of sideburns. The beard must get a full scope to grow. The edges of beard should be kept in shape all the while. Curl the moustache in the upward direction for sure. No matter what the face shape, it will suit everyone.

Apart from the above mentioned best beard styles, there are several others. To gain some inspiration about the trending beard styles of 2018, you may also have a look at the men’s fashion magazines.
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