Beard styles haircut. 15 Best Beard Oils for Black Men in 2020

Maintaining, managing, and growing the beard or mustache can be tough if you’re black. Genetically, hair qualities of black men tend to be very coarse, thick, messy, and dry. Best beard.

And maintaining the beard with low-quality beard oil can only lead to catastrophe.

Beard itch. Beard pain. Dryness. Brittleness. Greasiness. Frizziness. These are just a few of what befalls a beard hair when applied with low-quality beard oils.

Nowadays, it’s hard to round up and find the best beard oil for black men due to marketing competition. As a result, others resort to making their own beard oils. However, this can still be quite burdensome.

But, worry no more! The most trusted and honest review of the 15 best beard oils for black men is finally here for your taking!

Top 15 Best Beard Oils For Black Men For 2019

The Bossman Essentials Beard Kit earns the “Best Value” title in this list as it embodies both superior quality and price. Nevertheless, it compensates.

Taking the top spot on our list is Bossman Essentials! This complete beard care kit stands out as the most satisfying of all. What makes it stand out? Its lasting effect does!

Complete to brim with all the necessary nutrients for making the beard hair as smooth as newly grown hair.

With its vanilla and other essential oils, the product guarantees to keep the beard hydrated and coated with the original scent. This should keep your beard smelling fresh!

In the same way, the essential oils present in the product maintains a good shape, color, and texture fitted for black men contour.

As pricey as it can get, the Bossman Essentials Beard Kit’s quality is worth every dollar.

What I think is most remarkable about the product is its relaxing beard balm quality. It’s cool to the beard and skin, neutralizing sensations to a heavenly feel.

With a 100% money-back guarantee, this complete beard kit product should earn your trust in no time. Outside of its expensive tag, I find the product perfect.

Let’s see how it fares with our pros and cons:

Complete beard kit package

Relaxing and neutrally scented effect

Cool and relaxing balm quality

Packed with essential oils- vanilla, butters, and all-natural oils

Fortified intense beard conditioner

High softening capacity

The Mad Viking Beard Co. is personally my “Best Pick” on the list. I recommend it as a major standout not just because of the brand, but because of the pleasure and the unmistakable results it gives to the beard.

Another standout in this list is the Mad Viking Beard Co. Premium Beard Oil! It’s particularly known for its classic tag for having graced the industry for decades. Fortunately, it has maintained a standard throughout the years, not faltering in quality even once.

Its 8 nutrient-rich base oils guarantee stronger and longer hold on the hair. Being thick in oil makes it an effective beard hair styler. With rich and natural scented-balm, it can bring you unmistakable pleasure.

Its all-natural oil package may also be its slight downfall though. Because of its high oil concentration, it can ( if applied more than required) grease out the hair. As a word of advice- follow directions regarding the right amount to be poured on your hair.

Other than this issue, I don’t find any more problems with the product.

Check out the product’s overall performance in a nutshell.

All-natural oil concentration

Certified classic brand quality

Excellent customer service performance

Excessive use greases out the hair

The Bossman Beard Oil earns the “Best Choice” in this list. It undoubtedly is a popular brand and, it works perfectly as a beard oil for black guys.

Another advisable beard oil brand that works effectively as an African American beard care is the Bossman Jelly Beard oil! Aside from its complete beard care kit, this product by the popular Bossman brand stimulates beard hair to grow faster.

But, what I find to be most ideal of the package is its ability to trim beard hair and neutralize coarseness. As you can see, the tendency of many hair growers is to instead produce a coarser and messier hair type. Fortunately, this product doesn’t, thanks to its high vanilla conditioning oil concentration.

The Bossman Beard Oil also holds the beard hair longer than other brands. Thus, I would advise that you wash it off every night before sleeping.

The main issue users have against the product package is its unstable rate. Some sellers of the products tend to rate it higher than usual. Another problem users complain about the product is its moldy scent. Albeit its claimed original Bossman scent tag, it still, however, tends to fall short in scent quality.

Get to know the product more through its pros and cons.

Comes in an economic pack

High conditioning ability

Stimulates faster growth of beard hair

The scent is too moldy depending on exposure

Can be too expensive due to changing sellers

When it comes to conditioning and styling beard hair, this product is a certified rock star! Beyond its conditioning abilities, the Viking Revolution Beard Hair Oil Conditioner stimulates beard hair growth. And, mind you- hair growth through this product means a more organized and manageable hair quality.

Filled to the brim with essential oils- Jojoba oil for instance and, a full row of antioxidants, this should improve your beard hair texture, strength, length, and overall quality in no time.

Having problems with frizzy and brittle beard hair and mustache, this product won’t disappoint you!

As per the honest review, this product turns out to underperform in its scent and oil concentrations. Other than that, I think the product is a major kick!

Let’s find out the product’s totality based on its pros and cons:

High conditioning quality

Stimulates beard hair growth

Comes with an economic dropper package

Low oil thickness/concentration

Seems to be unscented, in contrast to its claims

A 100% pure organic beard oil, this beard oil product by Leven Rose is a certified beard care kit! It’s the best trait I can emphasize is, perhaps, its easily-removable oil quality. Thanks to the perfect balance of essential oils, herbs, and water in its package, you can easily wipe it off from your beard when needed. But this doesn’t mean that it has a weak hold on the hair. In fact, it holds the hair longer than 24 hours.

Another great edge of this product is its capacity to make your beard hair glossy without making it greasy. This should prove to be a perfect setter for black men users.

For necessary improvements, manufacturers of the product can look to its sometimes overly-strong and offensive scent. Outside of that, I think the product is a wonder!

Kind of beard style

Find out more about the product’s performance summed up below:

It fights beard itch 100% better

Long-lasting hold/effect

Economic dropper package

Easily-washable oil quality

If you’re looking for one beard oil product in this list that has the complete set of essential oils, then you’ll be impressed with the Zeus Beard Oil for Men!

An organic beard conditioner, this product feels as light as water. Yet, it has the highest oil concentrations ever!

And since it’s all-natural, it takes care of the skin as well. It makes up a glossy and shiny hair fit for black men grooming. Partnered by a cool and mild scent, you’ll be walking like the best gentleman in the row. All will fall in love with your scent!

Zeus Beard Oil for Men is conditions and positions frizzy, dry, and coarse beard hair, thanks to its Moroccan Argan oil. This particular essential oil variant maintains beard hair quality for a long period of time. And because it easily smoothens the beard, you won’t have to take time styling it.

Other than its small quantity, I find the product to be perfect!

See how it fares in our pros and cons meter:

All-natural, complete essential oil additions

Protects skin from itches

Coats the beard hair with conditioning nutrients

Ergonomic product package

Needs constant shaking before and after use

Can be too expensive depending on the sellers

If you prefer a beard oil that doesn’t bother your nose with a strong scent, then you’re to purchase this unscented beard oil product. It works very mildly that you’ll hardly remember that you applied it to your beard. Its effect, however, is unmistakable once it absorbs in the beard and the skin.

With a product package complete with a beard care kit and tools, this product by the Gentlemen’s beard is sure to offer you grooming satisfaction.

The all-natural oils manage the beard with such efficiency. Its effects can last for more than 2 days.

Because of its strong holding capacity, it can actually end up drying up your beard/mustache hair. So it’s advised that you wash it up every night.

But, how damaging can it really be? Not that much, really! But as mentioned earlier, it can dry up the hair instead. While this is curable, it would still be best that you don’t let it stay in your beard hair longer than 24 hours.

Check out the product’s overall performance via its assessment.

High protein presence for stimulating hair growth

All-natural essential oils

Fast absorption capacity

May need a bit more balm effect

Lacks conditioning capacity

A bit too greasy on the hair

Can cause rashes to those with allergies

Unique for its citrus and spice scent, this product by Mountaineer brand is sensational to the skin! It proves to be the most skin-friendly product on this list.

I personally recommend this product because it doesn’t only take care of the beard hair, but it also nourishes the skin, keeping it itch-free and beardruff-free. It has high hydrating capacity crucial for trimming and managing coarse black man beard hair.

One thing that makes this product the right choice for mustache styling is its natural tendency to promote growth and shape of mustache hair.

It easily penetrates into the scalp, nourishing the roots and the hair follicles to an optimum action.

For that, this product will have many more factors to improve on- its quantity, its incomplete kit and the absence of a dropper.

Find it if the product fares well with our standards:

Skin-nourishing minerals

Effective conditioning quality

Lack of beard care kit tools

Small product quantity does not compensate for the price

When it comes to protecting the hair from frizzes, dryness, loss, and other forms of damages, the Proraso Beard Oil truly delivers! It boasts of fast and effective results felt just a few minutes after the application. All these are made possible through its avocado extract, natural essential oils, and macadamia nut nutrients.

Continuous usage of this product deems less maintenance and management of beard/mustache hair. Its nutrients coat the hair shaft to sustain long-term. Because of that, the natural gloss and lustrousness in the hair are expected to stay in your beard for months.

Now, this is a major advantage for black men.

Why? Because it produces and maintains ebony quality in the beard and mustache. In that case, you won’t have to ponder on which beard oil to buy in the next couple of months. The product answers it for you!

The Cypress and macadamia nut presence in the product may cause future problems for allergic users. Thus, it’s advisable that you go see your dermatologist before applying one on your beard.

Check the product’s overall performance here:

Maintains and manages hair long-term

All-natural oil concentration

Provides great hair sheen

Has conditioning and cooling effects

Protects and coats hair shaft long-term

Not advisable for those who are allergic to cypress and macadamia nuts

The scent doesn’t resemble cypress at all

Little beard style

Small bottle size/quantity

While its 2-ounce quantity may seem not enough to cover beard hair care, this product’s overall effects say otherwise. Stunning the rest of the products on this list with its extra-cool effects, Billy Jealousy Beard Oil doubles the pleasure and delight any beard oil can offer. Thus, it has the right to earn its side name- Devil’s Delight!

Personally, I find its black pepper fragrance to be a heavenly feature. It instantly distinguishes this product from the others on this list. Given so, this unique scent puts the product on this list!

Another highlight by the product is its compact quantity/volume quality (meaning, it can work very effectively despite a limited amount), making it a worthy purchase vis a vis its price. Thus, given the circumstances, it should not matter how expensive the product could become, as long as its features remain intact.

You ought to be careful with Billy Jealousy Beard Oil though because it can be too strong for you. With extra high concentration, this may end up irritating your skin if applied without due moderation.

Here’s how you really know about the product’s performance:

Rich in vitamins and protein

Efficient package design and content

Strong and cool fragrance

Can be too concentrated for sensitive skin

May cause side-effects when used without moderation

The QQwow Beard Grooming and Care Kit for Men have a complete beard care kit. Its kit also includes beard comb, essentials oils, and other organic beard care solutions.

This product is known for its automatic beard/mustache styling ability. This should work best for black men’s very coarse beard hair quality and can be used along with mustache and beard wax

With high vitamin E concentrations, it protects the beard hair and encourages it to grow. Nevertheless, it also works best for sensitive skin.

Check out its pros and cons here:

Efficient beard comb included under such a low price

Efficient customer service

Also works well for head hair

The balm feels good on the skin

Automatically styles beard/mustache

Balm forms residue on beard

The effect takes time to absorb

Dries hair up when used without moderation

A very popular after-shave conditioner, the Cremo Beard Oil, Mint Blend also mitigates pain caused by skin rashes. It serves to also condition the hair and eradicate flakes.

What I find amazing about the product is its highly effective nature!

The Cremo Beard Oil is also perfect for shorter beard hair because it’s easily absorbed by the hair, thanks to its natural (argan and jojoba) oils and herb extracts. So, it ranks as one of the bestbeard products for black men.

Ultimately, it’s so cool to the skin you’ll be craving for its sensation! Albeit its minty feel, it promises not to be harsh. And so, it does base on experience. I would highly recommend this product to those with sensitive skin.

The product, however, can tend to be too expensive when sold by various sellers. Sometimes it comes in repackaged items. We advise that you buy it from the accredited sellers (those with legit customer service links).

See how the product fares with our pros and cons.

Fast absorption quality

Sometimes comes in repackaged items with watered-down qualities

Small volume/amount/product quantity

Curls the beard unnecessarily when not aided by a beard comb upon application

The product’s classic brand name alone deserves a place on this list!

It functions beyond the characteristics of its essential oils, it promotes its own nutrients. For one thing, the product has an organic vitamin booster. So, it boosts its own quality with every use.

For decades now, the product has maintained the standards set by its brand. Manufacturers of the product maintain its essential oil configure and, at the same time, adds more and more herbal oils in the process. Thus, this whole process makes the Honest Amish a dynamic beard hair care kit!

Complete with various types of oil -moringa oil, apricot kernel oil, black cumin seed oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, kukui oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil for black men beard.

Excessive use of the product can cause the hair to become greasy. You’d better apply it with procedurally.

Here’s how the product fares with our pros and cons:

Has natural vitamin booster

All-natural organic ingredients

Can grease out hair with improper application

Lacks the necessary sheen

Has an inferior conditioning effect

It has a high oil concentration and can be a bit oily

This product makes it on the list because of its waterproof coating. Meaning, you can spill water over it and it still won’t lose its powerful effects. It may not be as powerful as the rest of the beard oils in this list, but it sure does offer pleasure to the beard and skin.

It’s known for effectively conditioning the toughest beard hair types- even that of a black man’s. However, it has more than one factor to improve upon.

Effective conditioning quality

Prevents dryness and beard itch

Doesn’t hold the hair at all

Scent lacks power/sensation

Lacks oil concentration

This all-natural beard care product requires no rinsing at all. Above all, it truly delivers to its claim of “zero side-effects”.

Round beard styles

Proving to be very smooth on the hair and skin, this product encourages easy and fast styling on the beard and mustache- that’ even an understatement!

What users find problematic about the product though, is its lack of oil concentration, lack of scent, and almost plain solution.

To sum it up, here are its pros and cons:

Styles the beard fast and easy

Doesn’t hold the hair after an hour, so you’ll have to apply it again for styling

Lack of oil concentration

Top Essential Oils Crucial Among Beard Oil Products

Since we’re talking about beard oils, it’s highly crucial that we know which organic essential oils make up an effective beard oil product.

Let’s have a peek into the top essential oils crucial among beard oil products.

Why’s it important to get to know them? Because you can actually make your own natural beard oil! So, knowing the right essential oil combinations will certainly lighten up some load.

1. Argan Oil

Sourced out from Morocco’s argan plants, this oil extract proves to be another powerful healer of skin rashes and other forms of irritations. It nourishes, heals and maintains hair and skin with its linoleic, omega and fatty acid nutrients.Argan oil couldn’t miss a place in your favorite beard oil.

2. Grapeseed Oil

Very rich in antioxidants, Vitamins E and B and many more nutrients, the grapeseed oil helps in moisturizing and hydrating the hair. While it does so, it also encourages hair growth as it boosts the skin’s protective layers.

3. Jojoba Oil

A highly crucial essential oil extract, you can find this in almost all beard oil products. A natural extract of the jojoba plant, beauty experts consider this a treasure because of the oil it produces.

The oil it produces isn’t any ordinary oil for it resembles closely (it’s the closest resemblance, in fact) to human skin oil “sebum.” So, whenever the skin runs out of natural oil to protect itself, Jojoba oil comes to the rescue!

Thus, Jojoba oil should be a crucial ingredient in beard oil because it takes care of the skin.

4. Apricot Kernel Oil

An extract of the Prunus armeniaca, the apricot kernel oil is an oil base rich with saturated fats. It has high Vitamin A,Vitamin C and, Calcium contents. It also encourages protein production necessary for hair growth.

5. Moringa Oil

Juiced out from the horseradish or more commonly known as the drumstick tree, the moringa oil is essential to hair and skin maintenance because of its rich antioxidants. It’s known to slow down movements of free radicals in the body.

A Complete List of Essential Oils

The Essential oils in this list may not always be added to a beard oil product. However, they still prove to be equally rich in nutrients needed for the beard hair and skin.

Deep knowledge of these essential oils can help you unlock recipes, DIY projects and, beard grooming routines! Apparently, you can make your beard oil recipe and put in your favorite essential oil additions with the help of this list.

However, always keep in mind that the top essentials are not to be missed in your beard oil recipe.

Now, let’s hop into another crucial part in securing the best products- the buying guide!

Finding the Best Beard Oils for Black Men

Buying the beard oil that works for you is flying like Icarus. You can soar high but not too close to the sun. It’s like conditioning the beard, but not really flattening it. Glossing it, but not necessarily greasing it. Shaping it, but not harden it.

There is a perfect balance installed in every beard oil standard. This is where black men buyers should be conscious of.

This balance determines, and is in turn, determined by the black men’s beard aesthetics. Such aesthetics include the balance of health and the looks.

Here’s our most practical guide for finding the best beard oils for black men:

1. Certified All-Natural

When a brand claims that its beard oil is certified all-natural, they’re actually just projecting 70-80 percent of the reality. Of course, artificial chemicals are used to maximize the effects of these essential oils.

So, what’s the point? Get into the details. Does it include many essential oils in its solution? Does it highlight a jojoba seed oil or argan oil in its front? Well, then- you should buy it!

So, the next time you encounter the claim “certified all-natural,” you won’t instantly hop into conclusions.

2. Balmy And Scented

Simply said: the best beard oil is also a beard balm. If you need dedicated beard blam you can check this content. The balmy feature of the beard oil cools the skin, keeping it from irritation. The scent, provided that it’s not too strong, completes the grooming routine, makes a black man more attractive and of course, calms down your nerves.

3. High Oil Concentration For Conditioning And Moisturizing The Hair

A beard oil won’t be a beard oil if it can’t condition and moisturize the hair. That’s obviously the product’s main essence. In this case, beard oils and balms with added grapeseed oil extract warrant attention.

4. Long-lasting Hold

Such ability by the beard oil makes it a perfect tool for styling the hair. But this feature also deems caution because it actually hardens and brittle out the beard hair if unrinsed for an undesirably longer period of time.

5. Promotes Hair Growth

Effective beard oil should also promote and encourage hair growth. A beard growth, provided that it has gone refinement by the oil, would look very attractive among black men! By then, it should have earned the title for being the best beard growth oil for black m

Top FAQs On The Best Beard Oils For Black Men: Sharing Intimate Knowledge!

Here are important queries on beard oils that may have potentially crossed your mind.

It’s high time to go over it again. Learn everything about beard oils now!

How long does the beard oil’s effect last?

Depending on the brand, the beard oil effect can last for an average of up to 24 hours.

Can beard oil eliminate beard pains?

Yes. It can. But the beard balm does it more effectively.

Can beard oil help me style beard hair/mustache?

Yes. It does. But it’s more known to condition and moisturize hair.

What is the best beard oil for black men?

There are a lot, actually. The best one to determine should be the user himself. Brands like Viking, Bossman, Zeus, Honest Amish, etc. should serve up.


Not all oily beard oils better the beard. Others cause the hair to become greasy.

Not all products that say “all-natural” actually mean what they say.

Beard oil should at least include a balmy effect in its solution.

The best beard oil should have a mild scent.

You can make your own beard oil.

There are a number of essential oils for a beard oil ingredient.

Not all organic beard oils are side-effect free.

The top beard oil brands include Bossman, Mad Viking, Zeus, Proraso, The Gentlemen’s Beard, etc.

Effective beard oil should also promote hair growth.

Beard oils are expected to help you get rid of beard itch and other skin irritations.

Black men can best benefit from beard oils certified with high oil concentrations and an ability to fully condition coarse beard/mustache hair.

Now that you know what beard oil is the best for you, let’s shop!
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