New latest beard style. Best Beard Combs Reviewed: Horn, Metal, Wood Plastic Combs, SPY

If you finally have the Viking-level beard of your dreams, good for you. However, keeping that thing looking great is no small task. Besides shampooing, oils and trims, beards need to be combed to stay healthy and look their best when you walk out the door. Best beard style for small face.

When it comes to beard combs, there are a few things to consider: teeth width, material and style. Teeth width is pretty straightforward; the bigger your beard, the wider apart the teeth on the comb have to be.

As for material, the four main candidates are wood, horn, metal and plastic. Wood is a favorite among beard grooming connoisseurs because it’s easy on beards, doesn’t create static and it’s fairly cheap, but the downside is that wood is harder to clean and needs to be replaced more often. Plastic is obviously cheaper, and a good one works great, but a plastic comb with a bad finish can snag your beard hairs. Then there’s horn, which is typically considered the highest quality for its anti-static properties, but those are a little harder to come by. Finally, there’s metal, which is the easiest to clean and typically lasts the longest.

You can also pick from a few beard comb styles, including folding combs, portable credit card combs and traditional handle combs. This is purely personal preference, although having a portable comb in your wallet can be very handy. Here are a few more pointers to know when picking out a beard comb.

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1. Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Our favorite beard comb is this one from Striking Viking because it showcases a premium wood construction and the small folding design makes it great for travel. The wood eliminates static in your beard while smooth, well-made teeth prevent any grabbing. Like all great grooming accessories, the comb has some serious style when you whip it out, and also features a sandalwood scent that reviewers love.

2. HAWATOUR Beard Comb

If you’re new to beard grooming or just want to be thrifty, go for this $4 beard comb. It’s made of 100% briarwood for zero static, and at four inches long it’s small enough to keep in your pocket or bag. Despite its low price tag, reviewers say the comb is actually high-quality and has a great timber scent.

3. Airisland Stainless Steel Comb

Looking for a beard comb to keep handy while you’re out and about? Pick up one of these stainless steel combs from Airisland. It’s just 3.3 inches long and very slim, so you can slide it in your wallet for emergency beard touch-ups. This is very convenient if you’re out all day and need to prepare for a meeting or date, and also makes the comb ideal for traveling. Plus, the metal construction means it’s easy to clean, which is essential for a travel comb that’s bound to get a little dirty. Just run it under some water and wipe dry.

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4. Beardilizer Horn Beard Comb

Horn is the premium option when it comes to combs, but you actually don’t have to shell out that much for the high-quality material. This comb from Beardilizer is just $13 and features horn teeth with a soft sandalwood handle. The horn contains keratin, a protein that naturally stops any static and provides a super smooth feel. Just be careful when washing it, as horn is quite fragile.

5. Cutie Academy Beard Straightening Comb

Okay, so technically this is a beard straightener, not just a beard comb, but it’s worth having in your beard grooming arsenal. It wrangles all those scraggly beard hairs into one well-kept mass, adding volume and making your fuzz look much more suave. We like this one because it heats up in less than a minute and features an anti-scald guard to protect your face from burns. It doesn’t take long to use, so you can add it to your morning routine, or save it for special occasions.

6. Kent Combs (Set of 3)

For a more complete beard combing kit, pick up this three-comb set from Kent. The wide range of teeth sizes means you can go over your beard multiple times with increasingly smaller teeth, resulting in a more well-groomed beard. While these combs are made of plastic, they’ve been hand polished and buffed to ensure a smooth pass and no static. Plus, the large comb can be used for the hair on your head as well (we recommend keeping your beard and hair combs separate).

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