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A strong jaw line is considered by many to be a hallmark of attractiveness for men. Some men with a weak jaw line are so determined to increase this feature that they turn to plastic surgery. Fortunately, there are other ways to enhance a weak jaw without having to go under the knife. Choosing a particular haircut or facial-hair style can be an effective and non-invasive way for men to increase their jaw line. Mens facial hairstyles.

Consider long hairstyles. Men who have weak chins or jaw lines are often encouraged to choose longer haircuts with added volume below the cheekbones. Hair should be layered and textured to avoid appearing too heavy. This haircut is best for men with straight hair, as curly locks can become too fluffy when worn long.

Grow a full traditional full beard typically consists of facial hair along the upper lip, chin and sides of the face, and is generally considered to be a good choice for men with a weak jawline as it can add extra width. Men who work in a conservative environment may want to think carefully about growing a full beard before committing to the process, as full beards may be considered inappropriate for some workplaces.

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Cultivate a goatee. Men who are not interested in, or who are unable to wear a full beard may want to choose a goatee instead. Dr. Barry Eppley states that "the goatee not only adds horizontal projection to the chin but also makes it look wider as well, giving it a more square and dominant look." It is important for men who are considering this facial hairstyle to note that it may require substantially greater amounts of daily grooming than a traditional beard. This may make it inappropriate for men who are especially busy with little amounts of time to devote to daily grooming.
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