Beard look for mens. New Season New Style at Pall Mall Barbers of London

When we find something we like, we tend to stick with it. This goes for food, daily New face hairstyle.

routines, fashion taste and style too. Think about when you last had a change of hairstyle at a barber shop. For some of our more style conscious readers, this is likely to have been in the last few weeks. More and more men realise they are having to up their game to walk that job interview in style, or get the girl without too many mishaps. Image matters because it says something about the person.

Nevertheless, for too many men their last new haircut at the barber’s might have been years ago… even decades! For these men, going to the barber shop can feel like going to the dentist. It’s then too easy to get stuck in a rut with personal grooming habits that leave you looking like you have no real sense of style, self-esteem, or worse still can make you seem like a man who is careless in attitude.

With the changing of the season, as the colder temperatures creep in and the light is changing and nature is throwing off her Summer colours, now is the ideal time of year to let the winds of change blow through those tired locks. This is as good a time as any to seize that fading light of day to nip into the warmth of a friendly barber shop on the way home to update your image. Barbers offer great expert advice and take the discomfort and uncertainty out of getting a new cut that will take you through your Winter challenges, feeling like Spring is in your hair, if nowhere else in London!

Change Your Hair, How You Feel And Your Habits

Even the smallest of change of hairstyle from your local London barber shop can make a huge difference to how you feel about yourself and how others see you. Updating your look to reflect another side of your personality and bringing your style into step with the season will get you noticed and move you on from any lingering old lifestyle traces or habits you want to move on from. A new hairstyle can even encourage new habits as you begin to explore sides of yourself you never realised were there before. It can bring out the romancer, the entrepreneur, the serious student, the family man in you.

Stylish beard

At each of our four London barber shops, in Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate and Trafalgar Square, our teams of stylists are passionate about men’s personal grooming, men’s styling and making our clients feel good about themselves. We are all consistently up to date with the latest hairstyle trends and love to share our ideas with our customers. Our suggestions will fit your particular needs and be based on your lifestyle and aspirations.

We are trained in understanding how styles suit each individual, regardless of hair type, shape of face, bearded, moustached or even balding. We will take time to talk through what change of hairstyle will work best for you and give you a new hairstyle that you will be able to maintain without any real trouble and require little or no maintenance if that is what you need.

You might not be clear on the exact style you want, but we can help you through consultation to determine what will work best for you, taking into account your lifestyle, your sense of style and what will suit you best. Between us we can tease out qualities what the ideal cut for you looks like and we always ensure you’re completely happy with your decision before we get to work on transforming your look. You have to feel good about your change of hairstyle.

It’s amazing the difference a new haircut at a barber shop can make. If you are growing a beard, we also offer beard shaping and shaving services and can give you the whole works to really set you at your ease and enjoy the full luxury barber shop experience. Using only the best men’s hair grooming products and tools on the market, we can achieve the ideal look for you. After your first update to your style in a while, you will never look back and want to treat yourself more regularly to a haircut by professionals.

Big beard styles

Pall Mall Barbers offer both traditional and contemporary cuts at our chain of barber shops across the centre of London. We are so accessible, so can easily create a cut that reflects your sense of style and personality perfectly when you are ready to drop in.

Find A Nearby Pall Mall Barbers London Barber Shop

With stores across prime London locations, you can find us in Westminster, Bishopsgate, Trafalgar and Fitzrovia. All our barber stores are easily accessible by tube and train and often within easy walking distance of key locations in London. We are open late, so why not pop in after work for a restyle or on a Saturday too.

Offering male grooming products from your nearest barber shop in Central London complements our barber services and makes keeping your new style so much easier. We can offer trusted advice on men’s hair grooming, such as beard trimming, grooming your moustache to keep its shape, wet shaving and hair styling. We recommend the best hair styling products, meaning today’s gentleman who wants to step up his image and change his personal style is easier than ever before.

With our four stores in great locations, it’s easy to pop in and see us in our barber shops if you are near Fitzrovia, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Bishopsgate St. James Square, Westminster and other key areas in the heart of London.

Beard style for me

Book an appointment now with one of our talented barbers, via our downloadable app and choose a time convenient for you, or just give us a call. We will advise you on our wide range of high quality men’s personal grooming products to help you keep your new hairstyle or beard shape looking fresh and you feeling better than you did before you walked through your nearby London barber shop door.

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