Stubble beard styles. 5 Of the Best Beard Styles to Try This Year

Coolest Beard Styles We All Men Want to Copy Famous beard styles.

Though some years ago keeping beards was considered like neglect of the essential grooming routine, nowadays beard styles are some of the prettiest styling options for men. Besides, scientific studies have shown some ladies are more attracted to men with beards!

However, with an unlimited number of beard styles out there, how do you choose a beard style that suits your face shape and personality? Don’t panic. We are here to give you the best and trendiest beard styles of 2019 to assist you in choosing one for a perfect masculine appearance. Take a look.

Our list starts with Balbo which is one of the most famous beard styles for men at the moment. Hollywood celebrity Robert Downey has been rocking this bearded look for a while now. It is like his signature hairstyle.

To achieve this style, you need to grow out full beards so to get enough hair to create this type of beard style. So, don’t bring razor close to your beards for at least four to five months until you have fully grown beards. Remember that you will also need to shape moustache which needs long hair and proper sculpting to accomplish the right look.

Cool mustache and beard styles

This beard style came to be known during the time of Eric Bandholz, who founded the famous Beard brand. It will take you some patience and determination to achieve bandholz, but your patience and dedication will soon pay off. It is one of the most beautiful beard styles around. Just as Balbo, you will have to keep razors and scissors away from your beard and grow them for at least seven months. After seven months have elapsed, you can now cut and shape your beards. You can also choose to retain it as it is. It all depends on your preferences.

Also called a standard beard, this style of beard is a combination of round goatee beard style and moustache. It is among the most popular short beard styles at the moment. It looks neat, hence making it a good choice for men who would prefer to look more presentable while keeping their beard.

To style this kind of beard style, allow your hair to grow to a reasonable length and do not over shave or trim it. Due to the technicalities involved in cutting the circles and shapes, it may not be appropriate to DIY this beard style at home. So, it is advisable to get a skilled barber to style it for you. Once you have the style, you can do maintenance and trimming at home.

The manliest and most badass amongst the modern beard haircuts, the full beard look is something you cannot afford to miss in 2019. A well-groomed and maintained full grown beard is gorgeous because it highlights your facial features excellently. It is suitable for guys with triangular or diamond faces.

Top 10 facial hair styles

Dull beard is to a great extent determined by your ancestry. Not all men can grow beards all over their face. But if you can, then this is a perfect beard style to opt for. Just let your hair grow to a medium length and then shape it using a razor. Stop trimming it for seven months to achieve this look. Then you can trim it from time to time to keep the shape.

If you struggle to get enough time to maintain your beard well kept, then Garibaldi is the best option for you. It is relatively shorter than the bandholz style so you may trim it more occasionally. To grow the necessary length, allow your beard to grow for at least four months.

Trim the hair at the bottom to get a rounded appearance. Remember that the length of your moustache should be well maintained since a lot of attention will be on beards. The best thing about this look is that you can effortlessly achieve it home since it should be maintained as natural as possible.
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