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Ever wonder about how kings got these wonderful and lovely exquisite moustaches? Now you can make this happen in your own barber saloon and hair shop. This is the new amazing and lively games which include many stunning, amazing collection of hairstyles, beards and face styles for our fun loving gamers, customers and kids. Short beard long goatee.

If you want to play with the old and wrinkled face and transform it into a Goatee, Long beard, Short Beard, French Style, or Clean and neat shave. You can try this with our new old people Salon app!!

This App is for barbers, stylists, inventors and hair dresser to unleash their creativity and imagination to transform an old, wrinkled face into something exciting and funny.

Old People Beard Salon is an exciting, fun loving, entertaining and learning game to learn about new styles, moustaches, hair styles, old face beard and good looks for the old generation.

Play the game and choose the perfect old man out of our models for your salon

• Clean his messy beard and then wash it

• Get our infinite styling tools and choose the best one that suits your taste and imagination

• Choose from a variety of makeup tools such as Curling Irons, Blow Dryers, and Accessories with just a touch of your finger

• Cut his hair, style his beard, comb his curls, Brush his mustache or make the beard into something fashionable or just shave the face.

• Change their beard and moustache color, add and choose from variety of styles to their look, and after these you can give your model a complete makeover with a new moustache, sunglasses, tattoo or style.

• The best part is that if you make a mistake and cut too much hair then you don’t need to worry!

Is beards in style

• With this app, you can choose from a variety of beards once done with the beauty salon tasks and get that beard back again.

• This Barber Salon gives you an endless assortment of tools to choose from!

This exciting new app Old People Beard Salon gives you so many exciting and your favourite tools to play with. After your model is ready and fashionable, you can share your happiness with your friends, and you can boast your creative, fashionable and makeover skills.

The game is Simple and intuitive, your little girl and your stylish boy and kids will have lots of fun with this beautiful game and they can play it for hours!

This app comes with the following exciting and amazing Features:

- Top Quality graphics which are appealing to all age groups including toddlers, School and preschool students and adults of Old age as well

- Kids play this with each other to show their creativity and also play this with parents, Dads and grandparents play it with their children too

- Take the models out and style them in princes and kings so that they can get their dreamy and beautiful haircuts and can dance with their queens and princesses.

- After the Makeover you can always use sunglasses, shirts, and tattoos, hats as funny and colourful accessories.

- Different old and exquisite models to select from, Pick an old model and get the best out of your imagination and makeover skills

Trendy beard styles 2016

- Scissors, Shaving foam, beard washer, beard trimmers, comb, hairdryer, electric razor; select your favourite tool from the variety of tools and use it as per your ease.

- Tons of beautiful styles, give these Kings and Old Guys the haircut of Your dreams

Barber yourself and create styles either hairstyles of face styles fit and suitable for fathers,, Grandparents, Old People, Boys, Kings and Dads. Use your imagination and get the best out of the millions of different combinations and styles you can create and combine!

Give your Old Model the best makeover and make him look like a celebrity, a model, a star and a King for all the Queens. Take out your inner artist, stylist and barber out and just start the game by applying shaving foam and choosing from our tools to play

Design your model in the most exciting and amazing way and be the best artist to run a Barber shop. This is for all.

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Bundle ID:com.bitbytestudios.beardsalongrandpamakeover

兼容性:Requer o iOS 7.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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