Men's beard shaving styles. 30 Cool Marine Haircuts For Men to Try Out

A tending hairstyle among men for its simple yet stylish looks, the Marine haircut makes all the right noises. You don’t need to be a marine. These hairstyles will give you a contemporary outlook anyway. Trendy hair and beard styles.

Plus, this neat and confident hairstyle requires less maintenance and styling. Who wouldn’t want to sport this fashionable hairstyle if it does not require styling every day? For the same reason, this hairstyle is trending among young men.

If you are in the military or marine, then the variations in these hairstyles will give you an advantage of styling it within the military rules. Wouldn’t it be boring to always shave the head or have a buzz cut? Try these 30 amazing marine haircut styles to sport a modern outlook, and share with us about your experiences.

30 Amazing Marine Haircuts for Men to Try Out

The marine haircut gives you a charming look with less or no maintenance, let’s look at our hand-picked best 30 marine hairstyles. What are we waiting for? Let us just look at different ways to sport this stylish hairstyle.

The Skin Fade Marine Hairstyle

The Skin fade is generally the easiest and effortless hairstyle of all the other marine hairstyles. This hairstyle scraps your hair shorter in stages while moving towards the neck, and ends with completely shaven head. While you can learn to do this hairstyle by yourself, we would suggest you visit the salon to have a perfect look.

High and Tight Marine Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very common among the military men. You should not miss trying this manly looks. As the name suggests, the sides and back of the head are shaved completely, leaving the hair like a crown on top of the head. Therefore, the hair on the top of the head forms the ‘ high ’ part of the head. The difference in the high part and the scrapped part of the head is highlighted with a sharp line or pattern.

Masculine Marine Hairstyle

This hairstyle that looks like Mohawk in comparison has certain differences like the length of the crown on top of the head. The sides of the head are either shaved completely or scrapped to a considerable length. The crown on the top of the head extends to a long hair till the nape of the neck. Since it is a marine hairstyle, the length of the hair on top of the head is cut down considerably differentiating it from the Mohawk hairstyle.

The Flat Top Marine Hairstyle

The Flat Top marine hairstyle gives a distinctive outlook with a flattened crown. The sides and back of the head are either shaved in stages or shaved off completely. The hair at the top of the head that starts densely from the temple loses its thickness while it extends till the crown. The hair at the top is flattened to give a masculine look. This hairstyle definitely requires a professional touch.

Short Sides Waved Marine Hairstyle

The professionals can make a rocking version of this hairstyle. As the name suggests, the sides of the head are shaved off to the length that you desire. This hairstyle requires a lot of efforts and patience to get that stunning look. The length of hair at the top of the head is your choice.

Protect and Serve Marine Hairstyle

The Protect and Serve hairstyle is particularly for you, if you are seeking low maintenance yet stylish looks. You can have the convenience of shaving off the sides and back of your head completely in this hairstyle. The natural blending of the sides to the crown adds beauty to this hairstyle.

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Combat comb over

This beautiful comb over hairstyle gives you an added advantage of partitioning the hair. If you love to partition your hair in sideways, then why don’t you give a try to this astounding look? As you can see from the image, the images are shaved off from the sides and back to highlight the crown.

Bristle Top Marine Hairstyle

Just as you can see from the image, this hairstyle is a version of flat top marine hairstyle. This hairstyle is distinct from the flat top in the sharpness of the crown on the top of the head. A brush cut is done to achieve a sharp flathead. You can use gel and cream to style the crown.

No Nonsense Marine Hairstyle

The name implies the convenience of this hairstyle. You do not have any inconvenience like maintenance, styling or combing your hair every day. The back and sides are shaved completely, and the hair at the top is trimmed.

Crowning Glory Marine Hairstyle

This hairstyle might look the same as short sides wavy marine hairstyle, but you can find the difference if you look at the undercut carefully. The undercut is in a curved shape. Don’t you want to try this hairstyle and look like a royal?

Dapper Duty Marine Hairstyle

You wouldn’t want to miss this hairstyle if your main motive is to appear masculine and stylish. The crown is combed back while the sides and back exhibits fade cut.

Curl Styled Marine Haircut

Who said that only a straight hair or a styled hair can enjoy marine haircut? If you have that natural curl locks in your hair, then it is time for you to boast this stylish hairstyle. The natural curls on the top of the head give a messy feel.

Layered with Lift Marine Haircut

The layered marine haircut does not actually meet the norms of military guidelines. It is generally not recognized as suitable for military, as the crown of the head is styled to a lift. However, this stylish outlook must be tried to get that masculine appearance.

Sharp Parting Marine Haircut

The Sharp parting hairstyle involves sharp partitioning of the hair on either the left or right side of the head. You can use a razor or brush cut to achieve the sharp partitioning while the side of the head is shaved completely.

Smooth Fade Marine haircut

The smooth fade marine haircut is one of our favourites in the marine hairstyles. The sides of the head are trimmed and blended naturally to the crown hair. The hair at the top of the head is styled into a wavy look.

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Wavy Side partitioning Marine Haircut

The hair is partitioned either to your left or right with a razor. The side with less thickness is trimmed in stages. The wavy hair styling towards the crown gives a contemporary look.

Sheer Perfection Marine Haircut

As the name implies, this haircut relates to the perfection of style. This unique outlook is obtained by shaving off the entire head while trimming the hair near the temple into horse-shoe shape. Though it might sound easy, this haircut requires a professional’s touch.

All in Order Marine Haircut

The All in Order Marine Haircut is very similar to a side-swept wavy marine hairstyle. But the only difference is it is perfectly combed on both sides of the head to give you the elegant look. This hairstyle is suitable for formal occasions.

Style Scout Marine Haircut

Style scout involves shaving off the sides and back of the head while shaping the hair from the temple to crown. This style requires daily maintenance as you will have to trim the excess growth of hair on the sides, to highlight the haircut.

Front and Center

The Front and Center haircut involves side-partitioning of the hair with the styling of locks into waves. The front locks are combed back while the hair on the sides is combed towards the center.

Spiky Marine Hairstyle

The Spiky Marine Hairstyle does not fit the norms of military services. But this stylish look involves transforming the hair on the crown into spikes. Shaving off the beard and moustache could give the perfect style sense.

Ivy League Marine Haircut

If you are looking for an extensive personalized haircut, then this Ivy League Marine haircut is the right choice for you. Starting from the density of hair to the trimming of sides, anything and everything can be personalized according to your preference. This haircut is more commonly called as Princeton Cut or Harvard Cut. Doesn’t it look cool?

Bristle Buzz Haircut

This haircut requires a talented hairdresser to attain the perfection of this style. The styling of this haircut involves shaving of sides and back leaving hair on the top of the head. The hair on the top is brushed towards the sides, to give the perfect trim without any spiky hair.

Military Marine Haircut

As the name of the haircut implies, this hairstyle is preferred by military personnel. The back and side of the necks is scrapped off or shaved leaving hair only on the top of the head. The brush cut is done on the top to limit the hair length from the temple to the crown. This haircut doesn’t require any maintenance.

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Quiff Marine Haircut with Tapered Sides

The hairstyling of marine haircut basically involves, scrapping of hair on side and back sections of the head, to style and highlight the top of the head. This hairstyling, instead of shaving the back and side regions, involves trimming it in levels. It is low maintenance styling but you will have to visit the hairdresser every 2 weeks.

Burr Marine Haircut

If you are looking for an effortless and low-maintenance, this is the perfect styling for you. The hair on top, back and sides of the head is uniformly shaved to achieve this style. It gives you a tough look, and you did not have to care much about your hair after the haircut.

Shaved Sides and Short top hair Marine Haircut

This haircut is one of our favourites as it is one of the sophisticated hairstyles in the list. Though it looks simple, only a talented hairdresser can achieve perfection in this haircut. The sides of the head are shaved off completely. The hair on the top of the head undergoes brush cut, and therefore, the styling gives an outrageous look.

High and Tight Recon

The High and Tight Recon hair is a stylish, low-maintenance haircut that gives you a charming look for any occasion. You will need a razor to scrape off the sides and back of the head, and a brush cut to limit the hair from the temple to the crown.

Butch Marine Haircut

This is one of the cute hairstyling and is absolutely one of our favourites. This hairstyling involves the uniform brush cut to avoid any spiky hair.

Brush Cut and Spiky Top Marine Hairstyle

Just because this hairstyling is at the end of our list, do not think low about this haircut. A super-cool haircut like this will definitely get you attractive glances from women. You can choose the spike length according to your preference and style.

These are the hand-picked best styles of marine haircuts that we prefer. Please feel free to share in the comments section below about your favourites.
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