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Actor Ryan Reynolds has become a style icon, with his beard styles at the top of our must-have looks for the 21st century. Ruggedly handsome, these looks can work for almost any man, whether you have relatively full or sparse facial hair and regardless of your face shape. If you want to find your inspiration in Reynolds’s iconic look, read on. You are sure to find a beard style that will work for you. Top 5 beard styles.

Top 5 Ryan Reynolds Beard Styles

If you are searching for a new beard style, let these looks be your guide.

#1: The Natural Reynolds

Here, Reynolds is wearing his beard in a slightly outgrown style, in the same length all over. The cheek area, chin and mustache are all roughly the same length, while his natural grey shows through. This is a great low-maintenance option that works for many face shapes, occasions, and styles.

#2: The Refined Reynolds

To take your Ryan Reynolds-inspired beard style to a more refined place, simply trim it down a bit. This style is still easy but wears well for a professional environment. We still see the same all-over length, which means no daily styling, but it’s trimmed a bit shorter.

Man face shave style

#3: The Casual Reynolds Beard

For a more casual, wash and wear look, simply leave your all-over Reynolds beard at a length that works for you; not too short, not too long. This look gives you versatility as you can opt to trim or let it grow out for a quick, easy change.

#4: The Fresh, Clean Reynolds Beard

For a more clean version of the Ryan Reynolds beard, shave the neck area. This creates a cleaned up look, perfect for nights out.

#5: The Hipster Reynolds Beard Style

If you prefer a more hipster take on Ryan Reynold’s classic look, allow your Reynolds beard to grow out a bit all over, leaving the neck beard intact. This will give you a look that works for every day. It says, I didn’t try too hard but I do care.

Beard options

Ryan Reynolds knows how to rock a beard. These variations on Reynold’s iconic look give you all the options you need if you are looking for a Reynolds-inspired beard style.

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