Full beard designs. 20 Of The Best Barbers in London - From Gents That Have Visited Them Regal Gentleman

As lads that have grown up in London ourselves, the London barbershop became a big part of our journey to creating Regal Gentleman. The products that were used on us were the products that inspired us to start and the barbershop has continued to be a big of our part of our journey as the best London barbers have helped us to create amazing content on our YouTube channel, as well as being big hands in helping us create our first product the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. Beard stylist.

So as guys who've visited a lot of London barbers, and will continue to visit more in the future, as we produce more content with the best barbers in London, we think it's very fitting that we bring you our run down of 20 of the best barbershops in London.

P.S. We're looking for gents who would like to be get a free haircut with one of London's best barbers on this list and be filmed for our YouTube channel. If you're interested, fill out this form now.

Nomad Barber London (Shoreditch)

How do they describe themselves? "Nomad Barber London is an award winning barbershop located in the heart of London's famous east end. We opened in October 2014 and have become one of the most famous barbershops in the global barbering community, with customers from all over the world coming to visit on a daily basis. All shaves and haircuts run at 45 minute slots which is rarely seen outside of Mayfair. This allows us to offer a complimentary hair wash, hot towel and hot lather neck shave with every haircut and incorporate various massage techniques into the shaves."

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? We filmed one of our first ever videos here, and can speak highly on the quality of the cuts, beard trims and shaves these guys are putting out. They're one of our favourite barbershops to look to for hairstyle inspiration and are regularly featured in our favourite haircuts of the week feature on Instagram, especially Nick Barford and Ryan James. If you work close to Liverpool Street, Aldgate East or Shoreditch then Nomad is within walking distance of you, making it a great central location for your next haircut.

Cuts & Bruises Barbershop (Stoke Newington)

How do they describe themselves? "Cuts & Bruises Barbershop X Parlour, is a neo-traditional barbershop and Tattoo parlour (in the basement!). Housed by ex-skaters, tattoo enthusiasts/artists and professional hair people, the shop boasts a 90s+ inspired soundtrack of UK & US hip-hop, grime and metal. We also have a N64, Sega-mega drive & PS2 set up, in case you're caught waiting and want to take a trip down memory lane."

Where are they? 57 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 8EL.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? Kem, the owner of Cuts and Bruises Barbershop, has been a huge part of our expert driven YouTube content with us and he has an endless amount of knowledge on men's hair. He has also built a great, close knit team of barbers who are all putting out great haircuts consistently. If you like nostalgia and Nintendo 64's then you'll love playing a game of Super Mario beforehand, or maybe take a visit to their new tattoo studio below the barbershop for your next tattoo.

Murdock London (8 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "Opening our first store in Shoreditch, the capital's creative heart, we have since expanded across the city into London's dynamic neighbourhoods including Soho, Covent Garden and Chelsea. All of our spaces mix retail and barbershops. Our interiors blend time-honoured classics with a modern attitude, allowing you to relax, rejuvenate and unwind with a glass of single malt to hand"

Where are they? Soho, Covent Garden, Shoreditch, Sloane Street, King Street, Regent Street, Old Broad Street and Spitalfields.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? They have a team of very talented barbers in all of their stores and deliver a relaxing, gentlemanly experience. We've personally visited the Shoreditch, Liverpool Street and Covent Garden stores and have had our hair cut by Ben Vowles, Anthony Komodikis and Carl Taylor. All are high quality barbers, along with the many other talented barbers they have throughout their stores too.

Slider Cuts (Hackney)

How do they describe themselves? "A SliderCuts haircut is more than just a haircut. Whether you've been coming to me for years or it's your first time, I aim to leave everyone feeling their best. With over 14 years professional experience, I have built up a respected brand and a client list to match. When you take a seat in my chair, you get so much more than just a haircut; you get an experience. Nothing compares to catching up with my clients, hearing their stories and seeing them leave satisfied."

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? With a who's who of celebrity clients, Slider Cuts has built a large and loyal customer base. His client list includes Anthony Joshua, Stormzy and Tinie Tempah just to name a few. And while you might think someone who cuts celebrities hair may not care about his normal clients as much, that's definitely not the case with Slider Cuts. If you watch the man's Instagram stories you will see him up cutting at 5 or 6am most days and booked in solid until 8 or 9pm.

Pall Mall Barbers (6 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "Pall Mall Barbers is one of the oldest and most respected barber shops in London. For more than 100 years, barbers at 27 Whitcomb Street have been providing a traditional environment with a range of services and shaving gifts for the modern man. Our stylists are a diverse mix of local and international barbers. All are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their trade. Between them they surpass 300 years' experience in the art of male grooming."

Where are they? King's Cross, Bishopsgate, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Fitzrovia and Paddington.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? This is a great barbershop for those gents in the city looking to get their hair cut in their lunch break or after work. Perfect locations at not a bad price, and the Bishopsgate store is somewhere I've personally used to get my hair cut, when I used to work in the corporate world in Liverpool Street.

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Johnny's Chop Shop (2 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "Johnny's Chop Shop is a breakthrough barbershop and male grooming brand that fuses 1950s and 1960s retro style and modern day trend. It's all about crafting honest, slick styles for guys who want to be well-groomed with attitude."

Where are they? Soho (W1F 7ET) and Topman Oxford Street (W1W 8LG).

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? The guys at Johnny's Chop Shop are regularly featured in our favourite haircuts of the week on Instagram, and they deliver on a wide style of haircuts! Toastie Styles is an amazing barber and someone who would definitely be worth checking out if you book with Johnny's Chop Shop.

The Wild Hare (Tooting)

How do they describe themselves? "Hayley Kemm and Georgie Wynes-Devlin are the duo behind The Wild Hare barber shop and salon, which opened in Tooting in July 2017. With over 25 years cutting hair between them, and appearances in magazines like Monocle, Time Out and Shortlist and on TV, the pair are bringing their scissoring skills and passion for pruning to The Wild Hare and a little bit of the West End to Tooting."

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? A relatively new barbershop, but packed with over 25 years hair cutting experience in the two founders, Josh has been visiting Hayley to get his hair cut away from Regal for a while. We can't speak highly enough of the quality on offer from Hayley and the team, so if you're in Tooting we would definitely recommend that you visit.

Ruffians (4 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "Ruffians Barbers is an award-winning barber shop and store, giving the best quality haircuts and cut-throat shaves. Our staff are hand-picked for their exceptional skills and are carefully trained to guarantee you always receive our high Ruffians standard. We pride ourselves on our customer service; from our personable approach, with your dedicated barber taking you through your whole service; to our integrated vacuum system ensuring no hairs stray down the neck; to our bespoke whisky and coffee bar offering a rolling calendar of seasonal tipples."

Where are they? Covent Garden (WC2E 7JS), Marylebone (W1U 1PX), Shoreditch (EC2A 3QP) and Liberty (W1B 5AH).

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? Another that we've used a lot in our videos, and the guys are ultra talented, as well as also getting our hair cut here ourselves on a few occasions. We've been in all their stores in London, bar Liberty, and every one of them is delivering high quality haircuts with a great experience. The highlight for us has been the knowledge and consultations with Richard Tucker and Sam Norsworthy - both massively know their stuff. Not everyone will want to pay £55 for a haircut and that's cool, but if you can afford it then you'll likely get a great cut for your money.

Carter & Bond (Notting Hill)

How do they describe themselves? "Carter and Bond is the Notting Hill barbershop par excellence. Located on two floors at 215 Westbourne Park Road, we offer the finest quality haircutting, beard trims and wet shaves alongside a vast selection of premium grooming products and fantastic Workshop coffee. Our "Barber & Shop" is a unique and stylish space complete with vintage furniture and fittings."

Where are they? 215 Westbourne Park Rd, Notting Hill, W11 1EA.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? Carter and Bond is more of a traditional barbershop than a lot of the other barbers on this list, and it's nice to see vintage barbershops going strong. If you're looking for something a little more traditional in your choice of barbershop then Carter and Bond could be for you.

Cut and Grind (2 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "Cut & Grind is a barbershop with a twist. With their vibrant atmosphere, they have become a local staple, offering a unique approach to the traditional barber experience."

Where are they? Soho (W1F 8EJ) and Covent Garden (WC2B 5RR).

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? If you've ever watched any of Beardbrand's videos on YouTube then you've likely seen Cut and Grind already. We love the look of the Cut and Grind stores and with two very central locations at around the average price for a London haircut, Cut and Grind could be a very good option for you!

Rocket Barbershop (6 locations)

Where are they? Hackney (E2 8PP), Stoke Newington (N16 7NY), Peckham (SE15 4HA), Walthamstow (E17 4PP), Leyton (E10 6QA) and Finsbury Park (N4 2DR).

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Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? We know a lot of talented barbers that have, at some point in their journey, worked at Rocket Barbershop. They have locations all over London, and you'll struggle to find a haircut anywhere in London for under £25 so this is great value for a trim. It is walk-in only which does normally mean that your time will be limited, but if you're looking for a quick trim then Rocket would be a great option.

AONO (Knightsbridge)

How do they describe themselves? "AONO is a Brighton-born barbershop and streetwear brand headed up by Paul Hewitt, a master barber with over 11 years in the industry. Bringing traditional barbering bang up to date, AONO offers a full service from early till late, so you can drop in at your leisure, do your shopping and leave looking every bit as polished as your box-fresh brogues."

Where are they? Harvey Nicholls Knightsbridge, 109-125 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RJ.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? One of our favourite men's hair YouTubers, Robin James, swears by AONO and their barber Dom Williams and we can see why. A cool location within Harvey Nicholls in Knightsbridge makes it the perfect place to go relax and get your haircut while your partner goes shopping.

Barber Barber (2 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "The ultimate luxury for both scoundrels and gentlemen alike BarberBarber prides itself on impeccable service and extensive knowledge in the craft of men's haircutting and bespoke shaving, in luxurious surroundings, in the finest buildings in cities across the UK."

Where are they? Spitalfields (E1 6AA) and Soho (W1F 9SN).

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? Barber Barber is the brainchild of well respected industry figure, Johnny Baba. We love the design and feel of their stores and their slogan of "for scoundrels and gentleman". With two great locations in Soho and Spitalfield, they're easy to get to and have a full range of services on offer.

Thy Barber (Old Street)

How do they describe themselves? "The connection between a man and his barber is a privilege for both. The aim wasn't to have just another neighbourhood barbershop, but a place to relive, and build new cultures. For the team and I, Thy Barber isn't a place of work, its a place of passion. A shop built with the client in mind. For patrons, for friends, for brothers.. For family."

Where are they? The Bike Shed, 384 Old Street, EC1V 9LT.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? If you love motorcycles and haven't been to The Bike Shed before then you're in for a treat! We love the vintage feel of this barbershop situated within it and the classic haircuts that they are recreating for the modern gentleman.

Man Made (Marylebone)

How do they describe themselves? "Man Made is a place where the conscientious gentleman comes for male grooming. More than this, it is a professional environment with a members club look and feel, where men of principle and poise can enjoy a drink in a sophisticated, masculine setting. Our award-winning grooming room offers hair and shaving services tailored to the individual needs of every man, whilst our Aesthetic Clinic provides a comprehensive list of treatment."

Where are they? 23 George Street, Marylebone, W1U 3QA.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? One of the only barbershops on this list to include a full grooming service as well as barbering and hairdressing services. They offer scalp treatments, wrinkle reductions and skin treatments on top of your normal haircuts, beard trims and shaves. In a clean looking store, it's a beautiful place to unwind, relax and come out feeling fresh. I've personally had my hair cut by owner, Dan Gregory too, and can 100% recommend them for a personalised consultation and a great haircut.

Joe and Co (Soho)

How do they describe themselves? "Tucked away on a popular street in London Soho, experience an informal male grooming space and gentleman's barbers in one smart package. Committed to providing the best men's haircut, wet shave and beard trim in Soho, a team of specialist men's hairdressers will be able to guide and advise on the best men's haircut for your style, life and habits. Delivering haircuts that will impress, last and grow out well, their mission is to ensure you leave feeling relaxed and looking your best."

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? This was the first place Josh and I ever went to get our hair cut away from the cheap high street barber, and was actually one of the first places we originally saw some of the products we used to sell at Regal Gentleman. Tucked away in a quiet street away from the lively Soho streets, Joe and Co is a great barbershop with a salon vibe.

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The Barber Club (Croydon)

How do they describe themselves? "The Barber Club was founded in early 2017 by Dimitri Lois, previously a partner of the UK's largest growing hair dressing group, Rush. Dimitri has formed The Barber Club with an experienced team of barber's to provide the best quality haircuts, cut throat shaves and beard trims. They are here for their exceptional skills and are carefully trained to guarantee you always receive the best experience possible, whilst within a warm and welcoming environment."

Where are they? Boxpark, Unit 7, 99 George Street, Croydon, CR01 1LD.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? Croydon has started to see massive development with the introduction of Boxpark and a Westfield soon to come. The Barber Club have taken full advantage of this, by opening a store in said Boxpark. We like the look of the quality of the cuts, the design of the store and think it's a great barbershop to visit for those of you in South London.

Bucks Barbers (2 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "Quality cuts, good music. No appointment needed - just rock up!"

Where are they? Shoreditch (E2 8AG) and Hackney Wick (E15 2GW).

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? Another on the list that falls under the £25 mark for a haircut, and if you're looking for somewhere that you can just walk in with no appointment then Bucks could be the one. For the price in London, we really like the quality of the haircuts on offer at Bucks as you can see below.

The Refinery (2 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "Founded by two city dwellers over 18 years ago, The Refinery encapsulates the art of traditional barbering combined with a contemporary attitude towards the busy lifestyle of the modern-day gentleman. Our expert team of world-renowned barbers based in Mayfair and Knightsbridge, have mastered the art of creating an unrivalled experience, exuding quality and refinement, offering you a bespoke and personalised approach to men's grooming through our complimentary consultations."

Where are they? Mayfair (W1K 4QQ) and Knightsbridge (SW7 1EX).

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? If luxury is what you're after and you want the full Mayfair experience then The Refinery could be for you. With complimentary consultations you know you're getting time spent on your haircut that is tailored to you.

Jones and Payne (2 locations)

How do they describe themselves? "With two London hair salons, our flagship salon in Shoreditch and boutique salon at Convent Garden, you'll enjoy the finest hairdressing that London has to offer including cutting, colour and speciality treatments. Complete with luxurious seating, tall gilded mirrors with a beautiful London-Vintage feel throughout."

Where are they? Shoreditch (EC2A 3BS) and Covent Garden* (WC2N 4HX) *note - Covent Garden store doesn't offer full barbering service just a cut and finish.

Why did they make the list of best barbers in London? Although not technically a barbershop, we thought it would also be good to include a salon that offers barber services for those gents that do want more of a salon experience. If you're looking for colour options on top of barber work then Jones & Payne is a great option with two fantastic locations.

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