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Coimbatore May, 2017: IPL is the one cricket tournament in the world that goes beyond cricket and deep into the glamour, fashion and over the top celebrations. We are now witnessing the Indian cricketers become trendsetters with their fashion sense this IPL season. New thadi style.

It all started with Sir Jadeja breaking the dressing room boredom and the country’s beard fascination with his #BreakTheBeard look that stands tall on style quotient and uniqueness.

Ravindra Jadeja says ‘’Everyone in the dressing-room looked the same, so I thought chalo, I will try something different. something that is unique to me. Once, Anil Kumble walked up to me when I was sitting with my face down, he thought I was KL Rahul and started speaking in Kannada. Beards in general have created a lot of confusion in the team’’

Hair and beard style for man

Giving a quirky response to Jadeja the dashing young Mumbai Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya too changed his look. This dapper guy revealed his new look with absolute flair.

Hardik says ‘’I completely agree with Jaddu’s point. Sometime back almost all of us in the team had a similar kind of beard and this created a lot of confusion. Men need to have unique looks and try different things with their facial hair. I think this helps maintain individuality and look different also at the same time.’’

Nice beard shapes

Captain cool, MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina were also seen Breaking The Beard and looking sharp and classy in their new look.

So, get your razor out and this summer, get rid of the fuzz, experimenting with sharp styles that will keep the heat at bay. You can even go for the classy clean shaven look like our captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Is facial hair in style

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