Male beard model. How To Wear Your Beard, Beard Styles for Men in 2016

Deciding between all the different beard styles can be difficult so we have summed it up into 4 basic options.

Though there is no wrong answer to your personal style, one might be a better than the other for your face structure. Whether you prefer Gandalf the Grey’s Distinguished two foot long wizard beard or Ryan Gosling’s five o’clock shadow, we have the beard advice everyone needs. Maintenance and grooming are required or you could cross the line between dashing and devastating. New beards style 2016.

The Rules of the Perfect Beard

1. If you already haven’t, you will eventually see your first grey hairs in your beard. You can dye it if you want, but in a lot of cases you are better advised to just deal with it. If you run hastily for the dye you could end up with an unnatural shade that would look much worse than a little bit of gray.

2. The beard should be trimmed and well-groomed but the more detailed the style (thin beard lines or ‘creative’ goatees) the higher the “loser” factor. Harsh to hear but true.

Mens beard shapes

3. If you have a fuller face you might be tempted to trim up to the jaw line. This doesn’t slim your face, in fact it will make your double chin more predominant.

4. The hair on your face should be given the same care as the hair on your head. Yes, that means washing and conditioning.

Round beard styles

5. Your hair shade and beard may not match. We have a guy on our team here at that has dark black hair and a bright red beard. If this is the case with you, a decision has to be made. This can look good on some and terrible on others. If you can’t decide for sure, we recommend you find a couple of strangers (since friends and family can sometimes have a hard time being honest) and get their initial opinions.

Here are the 4 basic beard styles and how to get them. Go through them and decide for yourself which style is better for you.

Current beard styles
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